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Swallowtail Phantasm Guide

Hi, Captains~ Today we are throwing out some tips on how to best command the new A-rank battlesuit of Seele: Swallowtail Phantasm.


Battlesuit Intro

As Seele Vollerei's 1st battlesuit, Swallowtail Phantasm is Quantum-type and starts at A-rank. Dealing DMG from close range, she enters the unique Phase Warp state after evasion, and her Ult triggers burst mode with massive bonus damage. Certain moves including Ultimate Evasion can restore her Veil and prolong her Ult.

v3.2 features a brand new type - Quantum. QUA-type counters none of the PSY, MECH, or BIO types. Rather, it's self countering, meaning QUA-type battlesuits deals more DMG to same-type enemies. QUA-type will form more counter relations with a future type.




★ Basic ATK: Shear of Phantasos ★

Swallowtail Phantasm's main source of DMG & Veil regen.


★ Charged ATK: Fluttering Ripple ★

Hold the ATK button during Basic ATK to perform Charged ATK at the cost of 250 Veil, dealing massive physical DMG and sending enemies into Vibration Mode, where they are slowed and take more DMG from Swallowtail Phantasm. Charged ATK also restore extra SP.


★ Evasion: Blinking Flash★

Swallowtail Phantasm can evade continuously to dodge fatal attacks.


★ Ultimate Evasion: Plane Warp ★

Ultimate Evasion restores Veil and procs Phase Warp, where Swallowtail Phantasm take less DMG and can move freely through enemies.


With Ult active, perform Ultimate Evasion or tap & hold ATK to trigger Ultimate Evasion effects, restoring Veil and procing special Shuttle Attack to deal tons of physical DMG and send enemies into Veliona's Binding state.


★ Ultimate: Veliona's Torrent ★

Her Ult costs 125 SP, deals tons of physical DMG, triggers burst mode, and instantly restores lots of Veil. The last sequence applies Veliona's Binding to enemies. The burst mode comes with strong DMG reduction and bumped-up DMG for the 5-sequence Basic ATK. The burst mode costs Veil continuously and ends when Veil bottoms out or after a certain duration.



Recommended Weapons

★ Undine's Tale ★

Undine's Tale powers up Swallowtail Phantasm like no other weapons.

Undine's Tale's active deals high physical DMG and weaken enemies. When Swallowtail Phantasm's Ult is on, the active offers extra Veil regen and makes her Ult last longer. The active's assault effect makes for easy follow-up attacks, and its low SP cost, short CD enable Swallowtail Phantasm to be much more agile and flexible in battle.

The attack speed boost from its passive means faster SP & Veil regen, while Swallowtail Phantasm's flexible combat style also positions her well to make the best of the passive's bonus total DMG.



Recommended Stigmata

★ Dirac Set ★

Dirac (T) packs permanent bonus Crit Rate plus extra bonus Crit Rate after entrance. Dirac (M) boosts Swallowtail Phantasm's total DMG when her Ult is active, and extra bonus total DMG every second during burst mode. Dirac (B) offers bonus physical DMG and a long period of boosted SP regen after evasion.

The 2-pc bonus takes physical DMG up a notch. The 3-pc bonus impairs enemies during burst mode, which can work wonders alongside Swallowtail Phantasm's passive Fragile Flight.


Zorro (T) & (M) + Dirac (B)

Zorro (T) boosts total DMG and restores SP after Ultimate Evasion. Zorro (M) boosts Crit DMG and offers bonus Crit Rate after Ultimate Evasion.

The Zorro 2-pc bonus does not only help Swallowtail Phantasm to easily proc the skills of Zorro (T) & (M) and Dirac (B), but also boost her Veil regen and keep her Ulti active for longer.


Elizabeth Bathory (T) & (M) + Attila (B)

Elizabeth Bathory (M) and the 2-pc bonus both amplify melee Physical DMG, while Attila (B) provides bonus physical DMG after reaching certain combo hits.



Team Lineup

★ Swallowtail Phantasm + Divine Prayer + Yamabuki Armor (augmented) ★

With Bronya on the team, Swallowtail Phantasm's leader skill boosts total DMG permanently and Crit Rate in burst mode for the team.

Yamabuki Armor's shield protects Swallowtail Phantasm and makes her less vulnerable in combat. The bonus Crit Rate & physical melee DMG from the shield help maximize Swallowtail Phantasm's DMG output. Yamabuki Armor's Ult rounds up and weakens enemies for Swallowtail Phantasm to deal DMG freely.

Divine Prayer's Ultimate Evasion can proc Swallowtail Phantasm's QTE to deal decent physical DMG, restore Veil & SP, and send her into Phase Warp.

This lineup can start a train of consistent and high DMG: Divine Prayer's Ultimate Evasion → Yamabuki Armor's QTE + Ult → Swallowtail Phantasm's QTE + Ult.


★ Swallowtail Phantasm + Celestial Hymn + Yamabuki Armor (augmented) ★

Celestial Hymn packs powerful round-up & impair effects to constantly proc Swallowtail Phantasm passive Fragile Flight. After casting her weapon's active, she can boost physical DMG for the team. Also, her passive offers the team bonus Crit DMG on impaired enemies.

Yamabuki Armor's shield empowers Swallowtail Phantasm with bonus melee physical DMG & Crit Rate, as well as sturdy protection from enemy interruption.