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Higokumaru Stigmata Guide

Higokumaru (Higo) is a first-generation Fire Damage stigmata set, released alongside Flame Sakitama. It is also slated to be introduced to Bounty Marks in patch 4.3. It has seen play on many Fire Damage valkyries before taking a backseat after the introduction of stigmata sets like Thales and Leeuwenhoek (Lee). In this guide, we will go over the function of the individual pieces, and stigmata set, which valkyries will enjoy the set the most, and how it stacks up against the other alternative options.


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.


Higokumaru (T)

5★ HP: 495; ATK: 106; DEF:70

Flame Breath: The user gains 45% Fire Damage. When the user's basic attacks break a shield, Higokumaru is summoned onto the field, dealing 6s of continuous damage, of 320% Fire damage of Higo's 600 Atk. Summon has a shared 10s CD.


Higokumaru (M)

5★ HP: 507; DEF: 158; CRIT: 7

Flame Pillar: The user takes 30% less Physical Damage from enemy hits. Upon an Ultimate Evasion, Higo is summoned to unleash a flame pillar dealing 500% Fire damage of Higo's 600 ATK. Summon has a shared 10s CD.


Higokumaru (B)

5★ HP: 507; ATK: 42; DEF: 53; CRIT: 9

Blazing Wreath: For each ignited enemy, the user gains 6% Attack Speed. Stacks up to 3 times. Deals 60% ATK of Fire Damage every second to surrounding enemies.


2-pc bonus:

Fox Flame: For each Combo Hit Count, the user and Higokumaru's attacks gain 1% Fire Damage. Stacks up to 40 times.


3-pc bonus: 

Fox Shadow: Upon entering the battle, if the Combo Hit Count is less than 50, instantly increase the count to 50. CD 30s. Fox Flame 2-pc bonus can gain 40 more stacks.


Stigmata Skill Review


Higokumaru (T): Provides 45% Fire Damage to the user. The summoned Higo effects from T and M are pretty gimmicky and simply are not too relevant. The 45% Fire Damage makes it the highest Fire Damage multiplier for a T stigmata, even when compared to newer stigmatas like Thales and Leeuwenhoek. In comparison, Thales provides up to 25% Total and up to 15% Fire damage, and Lee provides 20% Fire and up to 16% Total damage. This makes Higo T the strongest when considered in a vacuum.


Higokmaru (M): Provides 30% resistance to Physical Damage. This is a very weak stigmata. It's main purpose would be to fulfill Higo's 2 and 3-pc bonuses which are both pretty strong.


Higokmaru (B): Provides up to 18% Attack Speed, dependent on ignited targets and an AoE 60% ATK of Fire Damage every second. Both of these effects are also very weak. Once again their main purpose is to fulfill the set bonuses.


2-pc bonus: Provides 1% of Fire Damage for each Combo Hit Count, maxing at 40%. This is essentially 40% Fire Damage, provided you can maintain the hit counter. This makes the lesser Higo pieces more desirable.


3-pc bonus: Provides a Combo Hit Count increase to 50, and increases the maximum stacks of 2-pc bonus to 80%. Essentially another 40% Fire Damage, with hit-count support. This seems strong on paper but there are typically better options than the 40% Fire Damage it would provide. This is occasionally seen on support valkyries to abuse the 50 Hit Count effect, to enable valkyries that depend on a high hit count.


When compared to other stigmata alternatives, the toll of having two “useless” stigmatas in M and B slots do not outweigh the benefits of its good 2 and 3-pc bonuses. Another key detail is Higo is completely Fire Damage Multipliers. While the numbers, especially when combined with Nuwa M, are high, it is also heavily diluted. Different multipliers are multiplicative, therefore it is best to have a combination of both Fire and Total Damage Multipliers. This is where the two newer Stigmatas outshine Higo. When it comes down to it, Higo is simply weaker than its competitors.


Recommended For

Fire Valkyries 


As previously stated, Higo stigmatas are not a good investment. At best, a Higo T could tide you over until you obtain Thales T/M or Lee stigmatas. However, due to the valkyries' own innate multipliers, only Flame Sakitama (FS) would even prefer Higo T over Thales T, even as a standalone stigmata. Thales stigmatas are planned to arrive in Patch 4.3, alongside Higo stigmatas. I would strongly advise skipping over Higo stigmatas for Thales and Lee stigmatas whenever possible.


Closing Thoughts


Higokumaru stigmatas are the 3rd best option for Fire Damage valkyries; that is simply not good enough. Their increased accessibility for being in Bounty Marks in patch 4.3 will likely not change much, since Thales are also geared to be introduced in Bounty Marks. Currently, it is not efficient to craft a G1 stigmata in preparation for their G2 counterpart, meaning there will be very little incentive to craft Higokumaru stigmatas at all. Despite its decent Fire Damage Multiplier numbers, this stigmata set should be avoided.

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