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Beginner Guide of Blueberry Blitz

Beginner Guide of Blueberry Blitz

By 99Night  6.05.2019 (V3.1)

Q: I see some blue number popping up in Liliya’s attack. Is Liliya Ice DMG DPS?

A: Baka Captain. Don’t say sth stupid like what Roza will do. Liliya is the master of the great sword and I can deal tons of damage in proper timing. Liliya is a sharp girl and I understand the concern of captain because of following skills I have. 

           Lol. How am I supposed to fight with Honkai beast with 300 Ice damage per hit. In addition great sword is heavy to Liliya, it takes me 4s to perform the whole set of basic attack (9 hits totally), so I can’t make frequent attack like Roza whose brain is jam-pack with muscle. Furthermore, damage that’s not in percentage is like a joke and I already see Homu laughing hard at the corner.  Overall it doesn’t help at all.

           O.K. Now I have a skill that can make ice damage in percentage. Captain may not understand. Perform ultimate evasion is stamina consuming and Liliya only can do it every 10s after you give me money to max out the skill [Speedy Recovery].  You don’t fight in the battle field, so Captain may not understand 10s is a big time window. Actually if you gives me 10s, I can knock DXY down for you.

           And Liliya doesn’t even have any built-in multiplier to increase ice damage at all. Homu is laughing even harder now. Mihoyo does this kind of design on rank A battlesuit a lot. Probably the pathetic low amount of ice damage is just for match the color of Liliya’s battlesuit. It successfully makes Liliya blue now.


Q: Liliya, u look amazing. So how you are different from other physical DPS?

A: Captain. Liliya doesn’t look amazing. Liliya is truly amazing. Let me show you the moves I can perform.

          Look, how cute I am. Liliya’s normal evasion can teleport through enemies just like GK’s, and I can even do it twice consecutively. No need to worry about Liliya will be trapped by group of enemies.

          Perform ultimate evasion can generate a big blue circle that can pull enemies in and make them suffer small amount of ice damage. I understand the pull in effect is weak. But you got to give chance for other Mecha type Valkyrie to be deployed in the field.  

           Opposed to Rozaliya’s charged attack which needs to stay in the field, Liliya’s charged attack can leap into the air and being invincible for max 2s.During this period, Liliya is mobile and the circle’s moving speed can be buffed by Stigmata that increase movement speed.

          Release the attack button, Liliya will perform a strong strike on the ground. Enemies with no shield or broken shield will be lift and suffer 1000% physical damage. Captain, you are supposed to know how to amplify powerful attack with big time window. It’s Schrodinger T!

: My hair

          Finally, it’s Liliya’s ultimate sword art, the first counter attack type skill in the game. Firstly Liliya will pose a defense stance for 1.8s. For any coming attack, Liliya can negate it and perform counter attack, Retaliation, with totally 990% physical damage. Liliya is invincible during this whole process. If Liliya performs the ultimate skill right after the enemy makes an attack (about .5s after enemies’ attack), Liliya can perform stronger version of counter attack, Retaliation EX which can deal 1550% physical damage totally and have some bonus as reward. Successfully perform Retaliation EX can trigger time fracture, recover sp and reduce the next ultimate skill’s CD by 9s. This bonus extends to [Swan Lake]. It will refund 9sp and restore one charge.

          The bonus is tempting. But on the other hand, the penalty is also painful. Fail to trigger perfect counter will result in longer waiting for the next ultimate skill and it will casuse big drop of DPS eventully. Vakyire is not only the one need to be stronger, so does captain.

          Captain may not know that Liliya can choose the target to apply the counter attack. Press the direction key and ultimate skill key at the time will lead me to hit the enemy in the direction you input.

           Unfortunately, Liliya’s ultimate skill belongs to burst attack. So Schrodinger (T) won’t work in this case. No need to worry. True power grows inside the body rather than riling on the gears. Liliya does have some strong built-in multipliers.

          Look captain. If you can perform Liliya’s ultimate skill perfectly, my counter attack’s damage can enjoy all the increases from the above- physical attack, critical attack, total damage and critical rate. Basically that’s what physical DPS needs. And the condition is not hard to trigger and it’s easy to maintain. In addition, Liliya’s ultimate skill also apply weaken debuff to enemy for 6s. It makes my charged attack after my counter attack stronger since [Maneuver Warfare] is activated.


Q: Oh, now I understand how strong Liliya is. As a DPS character, Liliya must be doing badly in support?

A: [Sign]. I can understand if Rozaliya say sth like that because she uses her head as weapon to hit enemies a lot. But I don’t expect it happens on captain.

           For captain who can’t reveal my true power as main DPS, Liliya can be support instead.

           As Liliya said above already, I am the one support Rozaliya.

          Furthermore, if Liliya reaches rank SS, I can expand my support function to other physical DPS. Of course, it also works on Rozaliya. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who the older sister is.

Q: Is Liliya f2p friendly? I invested on Rozaliya already because she is base S.

A: Baka Captain.  (Captain: “Again?”). Rank doesn’t really mean anything. Just look at her.   It is literally scam. If captain work hard enough, I am already rank S by the time we are talking now. If you keep your hard work up on P.O.A and future events, I can reach rank SS before Seele come to say hi to me. So captain doesn’t even need to spend a crystal to have me, and my battle skills are at expert level at Rank SS already.

          In gear-wise, Liliya will appreciate captain if you give me my exclusive weapon, [Swan Lake]  Besides its good passive skill which can greatly increase my next ultimate skill damage, its active skill is good at gap closing and giving enemies impair debuff for 8s. And Liliya will be invincible during the execution of Swan Lake’s weapon skill. And it has 2 charge, no need to worry about the CD.

          I know it’s not day one that captain is short in crystal. Since you invest on Rozaliya already, I can use her exclusive weapon, [Sleeping Beauty]  instead. It a piece of good gear and it will be a waste putting it on Rozaliya. Even though its passive skill won’t help me a lot, its active skill which gives decent amount of increase on both critical rate and critical damage are awesome. Furthermore, the skill has no motion/animation and using it won’t interrupt the flow of my attack.

          What? Rozaliya refused to hand over her sword. Fortunately you have Liliya who is kind and strong. You can give me what auntie Himeko left. Personally I prefer Surtr the best after Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. The passive skill, “The Burnt One”, has 3 types of bonus and they all fit to Liliya. “Aesirs’ Bane” also works well on Liliya, but fully use this passive skill is quite challenging.

          I made a list for captain. Just give me whatever you have.

Supportive Stigmata:

Offense Stigmata

Q: So how good Liliya is without her sister- Rozaliya?

A: Captain, you just give me another chance to say Baka again. Unlike Rozaliya who always needs my support, Liliya is big girl and I can totally handle Honkai beast without Rozaliya. 

          The following is Liliya’s line up in Dirac Sea. You see. No Rozaliya at all. And my line up in MA also doesn’t require the present of Rozaliya. I will talk about that later.

Actually Rozaliya is the one who can’t live without me. Proof: 


Q: How long does it take for Liliya to recover BE naturally and manually?

A: Liliya can recover Blitz Power naturally, but it takes about 25s to reach the max amount from zero. It’s time consuming, but it works when Liliya is not deployed.

          Time is valuable in the battle. For captain who can’t wait, Liliya’s basic attack can speed up the process. 3 sets of basic attack can gather max Blitz power, and it takes about 12s. (52% faster)


=================MA Line up===============

  • Require BE Elf ‘s help to break the shield
  • Also require SS CH to break the shield. S CH works, but it requires lots of reroll to do so.
  • No need to instant deploy CH’s cross.
  • Require SSS GK’s skill, “Suspended Space”, to make delay Time Fracture.
  • Using S GK works in this strategy. But Liliya need to carry DXY sword.
  • Require critical hit of Elf’s ultimate and Liliya’s charged attack
  • Process: GK dodge -> Elf ult -> CH QTE -> deploy cross -> switch Liliya -> Liliya’s charged attack
  • No need to perform Liliya’s ultimate skill here. So Plank (M), which doesn't’ buff burst attack, is not a bad choice.




  • Simple and powerful strategy  (LE: weapon skill -> switch DP -> DP's ult -> switch Liliya -> wait for Padrino drop down -> perform Liliya 's perfect counter attack -> charge attack)
  • Pulse Katana's weapon skill is similar to the raid gloves which can chase enemy. So it can hit the enemy and apply the debuff from LE's even though LE is not deployed.
  • Whale set up: Requires many stacks of buff and debuff
  • Beethoven (T) and (B) fits DP perfectly in this set up. Beethoven B offers enough sp for DP to use ultimate skill which can slow the game time (higher score), trigger Beethoven's 2 set effect and trigger Liliya's skill (+40% total DMG) at the same time.




  • F2p set up but require good skill and hard work.
  • No need to have SS CH and FuHua- Pride (b) can replace Lier (b)
  • Process: DK blocks Jizo’s attack->CH QTE-> CH’s charged attack to apply impair debuff on Jizo->    switch Liliya -> Liliya’s charged attack / Retaliation EX. Keep doing this cycle, but in different pace.
  • The most outstanding performance in this video is to control the damage on boss’s HP and the shield bar. In the video, Jizo puts Shadow Barrier on when his HP is at 50%. More damage on Jizo will make it enter phrase 3 which happens when Jizo’s HP drop below 50%. Yama uses laser to shed the shield to the point that the shield is almost broken. Switch Liliya and keep shedding the shield bar. The magical moment is Jizo makes an attack when there is only about 1 or 2 point left in the shield bar. Liliya use basic attack to break the shield first, and use Jizo’s attack to trigger Retaliation EX immediately. Because Jizo will receive more physical damage when the shadow barrier is broken, So Retaliation EX can make tons of damage (about 230k) and Jizo is defeated before it can wake up from the stun.




  • In this line up, Liliya is being support here. So it  requires SS rank Liliya
  • This line up can keep CH free
  • It’s good for people whose GK doesn’t have her BIS set.
  • DXY sword’s time fracture helps improving the score
  • Apply Picasso T & M’s 2 set effect is time consuming, but they are free. For veteran players, they should have 2 set already.
  • VC’s job is to break shield here rather than do decent amount of damage.




  • It’s an good example of how Liliya solo the boss
  • Using DP is for the constant impair debuff.
  • Using DK is mainly for her leader skill. And apply weaken debuff at the beginning which can trigger Liliya’s skill, “Maneuver Warfare”. (+40% total DMG)
  • Fu Hua: Musician t and b just boost Liliya’s attack at the beginning.




  • Same procedure as the one above, but it with totally f2p set up.
  • Ranger Sawtooth’s effect: If other teammates are equipped with [Ranger] series weapons, character attacks deal 12% more Physical DMG. weapon. 




  • All f2p setup. Not suggest for captain mimic this play. It’s challenging.
  • There are two rotations of attack, and each rotation is performing Liliya’s basic attack, charged attack, ultimate skill after DK blocks an attack.
  • In the first rotation, GK’s HP has been dropped to 50% within 12s. It’s due to King Cobra’s passive skill which provide sp to Liliya at the beginning of the battle. And Liliya can use her ultimate skill to burst damage on GK.
  • In the phrase from rotation 1 to rotation 2, after Liliya’s ultimate skill, which will trigger DK’s QTE, the purpose of switch DP first is for not to extend Liliya’s switch CD.




  • Most of the stuffs are f2p.
  • Attack cycle:  VA dodge -> DK QTE -> DK blocks an attack -> Liliya’s QTE -> basic attack to gain sp/ charged attack to make some damage /perform perfect counter attack.
  • The first challenge is to trigger all Valkyrie’s skill that causes time fracture. So it requires perfect timing on dodge and the counter. And this process need to be repeated multiple times.
  • The second challenge is Liliya need to perform Retaliation EX to break the last shield slot. So Liliya can enjoy the boost from her built-in skill and make her charged attack more critical.




  • It’s the same procedure as the one of fighting with Kallen.
  • As S tier stigmata, Thales M gives solid boost on total DMG.
  • Do not use Plank m. It doesn’t work on Liliya’s ultimate skill.





 Thank you for reading