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Shuhadaku of Uriel Weapon Guide

“Destined to burn out all the stars, this greatsword brings nothing but destruction. As its flames devour the heavens, every soul will be claimed. This is the sword that transcends the end.”


[ATK: 420; CRT: 20]




 Active Skill – Ravaging Flame 

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] A mighty slash dealing 100% + 900%/1600%/2500% ATK of Fire DMG at 0/1/2 charge(s) respectively and igniting enemies to further deal 50 Fire DMG per 0.5s for 3/5/9 seconds at 0/1/2 charge(s) respectively. Wielder loses 8% of current HP per second for 5s after casting weapon active (will not cause death). Weapon active unusable below 10% HP. Weapon has 1 initial charge and gains 1 charge when at least 25 SP is consumed in one action.

When cast at 2 charges, weapon active can be cast again in 2s to deal 2400% ATK of Fire DMG. For 45s after, wielder deals 80% less Total DMG, loses 20 SP per second, and cannot use weapon active again.


 Passive Skill 1 – Solar Flare 

Wielder deals 35% bonus Total DMG. Weapon active inflicts 23% Fire DMG Vulnerability on enemies for 10s. Wielder has 30 bonus initial SP, but this effect does not work in Open World.


 Passive Skill 2 – Stellar Crown 

After weapon active, wielder takes 30% less Total DMG and deals 50% ATK of Fire DMG per second to enemies nearby for 15s. Casting weapon active twice in succession will remove this effect.


 Key of Destruction 

In co-op raids, team attacks gain 18% Total DMG Multiplier and the team heals 7% HP for 5.1s whenever a character uses a weapon skill.



I will call Shuhadaku of Uriel as Uriel for short


It is obvious how MASSIVE the bonuses that will be granted to Fire Damage Dealer (cough Vermillion Knight cough). Let me explain it one by one, it will be quite long so if you want to see the short from or the most important bit, please click here:


  • First of all, let's talk about the mighty slash. It will deal devastating amount of Fire DMG to enemies but will depends on how much charge your wielder has.

  • There are 0/1/2 charges. To gain a charge, you will need to consume 25 SP in one action. This is an easy method if you have Greatsword-user battlesuits that use very little SP to unleash their Ultimate such as Vermillion Knight and Blueberry Blitz. But be assured as at the start of a battle, Uriel will have 1 initial charge. At the same time, after triggering the weapon skill, it will also ignite enemies to deal more Fire DMG per 0.5s for a few second, the duration also depends on how many charge(s) you have. 
  • When casting active skill at 2 charges, it can be cast again to deal another gargantuan ATK of Fire DMG. Seriously, this is kind of cheat to be honest by how powerful Uriel's active skill. But don't worry, as this bonus is an extremely powerful advantages for a battle, there will definitely be a disadvantages lurking behind it that I am going to explain later. 


Perfectly balanced… As all things should be.      - Thanos


  • Now, to explain the difference between casting the active skill at 1 charge and 2 charges that you have to understand. After casting the weapon skill at 1 charge, the wielder will lose 8% of current HP for 5s only. While after casting at 2 charges, the wielder will lose HP, SP AND Total DMG. Oh and the wielder cannot use the weapon active again for 45s
  • To be more precise, after casting at 2 charges, wielder lose 8% HP for 5s, deal 80% less Total DMG and loses 20 SP per second for 45 second. The meaning of ‘cannot use weapon active again' is that at the 45 second cooldown, the wielder will lose SP way too quickly that it is impossible to use Active Skill or Ultimate. This is the disadvantages mentioned before that can hinder one's performance.



Average DPS after Weapon active 1 Charge  |  Average DPS after Weapon active 2 Charge


That's all about the active skill, now moving on to passive skill where all the fun and buffs begin:

  • It will provide 35% bonus Total DMG permanently during the whole battle. We all know how dependant VK with her Special Combo ATK and Ultimate, now with this effective buff, her two main sources of DPS can take full advantage of this damage increase.
  • By the power of passive skill, the active skill will also inflict Fire DMG Vulnerability to enemies for 10s. While VK herself can deal massive Fire DMG, this buff can multiply her damage and make it even more devastating.
  • Instantly gives wielder 30 bonus initial SP. While it may seems little, it is very effective for VK because her Ultimate use exactly 30 SP. This bonus gave her the chance to accumulate SP faster and unleash Ultimate easier to reset the cooldown of her Charged ATK.
  • Wielder takes 30% less Total DMG and deal a decent amount of bonus Fire DMG per second after casting active skill, the latter especially is very good in taking advantage of Fire DMG Vulnerability that were also inflicted to enemies.
  • Last but not least, the bonus for co-op raids, the whole team will gain generous amount of Total DMG and are healed for 5.1s whenever wielder use the weapon skill. While the buff is very good but the duration is quite short so you need to time it perfectly such as when teammates were going to launch Charged ATK or even Ultimate.


To anyone who is still confused, here are the the most important bit:




Real Red Knight·Lunar Eclipse Standing Painting.png

[Vermilion Knight]

I had hinted a few times beforehand that Shuhadaku of Uriel have the best wavelength with VK. Compared to Might of An-Utu, Uriel contains a variety of upgrades:

  • Increased base stats and Active skill damage
  • Bonus Total DMG Multiplier from 30% to 35%
  • Fire Vulnerability on enemies increased from 20% to 23%
  • New bonuses for casting Weapon skill; take 30% less TDM and deals another 50% ATK of Fire DMG


Shuhadaku of Uriel have so many bonuses that unsuprisingly beat Might of An-Utu and another new PRI-ARM Surtr Muspellsverd in term of damage output for VK:


Here are demonstration videos of VK dominate the battle with the use of Shuhadaku of Uriel:

AE VK FS vs HEPHAESTUS (37696pts):


VK BR FS vs Rita (31733pts):


AE VK SN vs Dark Jixuanyuan (31520pts):



[Blood Rose]

In the hands of Blood Rose, while Uriel is a very powerful PRI-ARM, there is another one that is more compatible with Blood Rose and that is Surtr Muspellsverd. The reason is because with Uriel, she can only do one Special ATK after activating the weapon's skill and Ultimate before her HP become very close to 0 and become incapacitated. While for Surtr Muspellsverd, Blood Rose's Ultimate will not cost any of her HP during the duration of using SM's active skill which is very convenient and easy to spam her Special ATK (main source of her DPS).


For these two Valkyrie below, they do not have any Fire DMG in their Core Power category, but the reason they can also use Uriel is because the enormous raw power of Uriel's active skill and massive buff from the passive skill. I have provided the demonstration video for each of them on how they can use Shuhadaku of Uriel.


[Scarlet Fusion]

AE FS SF vs Rita (31520pts):


[Blueberry Blitz]

AE BB FS vs Rita (31466pts):


KMB CH BB vs HoV (31466pts):




You have Might of An-Utu but do not want to upgrade it into PRI-ARM Shuhadaku of Uriel? Shame on you. I'm just kidding. This weapon might as well be a hack for this game by how powerful it is. Memorial Arena SS-rank Rita looks like B-rank when are face with this weapon. That's how mighty this PRI-ARM is.

If you are still confused whether to use your limited resources on Uriel or not, I would say it is up to you, this PRI-ARM is powerful but not to the point every Captain have to spent thousand of their Crystals just to pull for Utu and upgrade it. But those who decide to upgrade It into PRI-ARM, you will definitely not regret it as it worth all the resources you sacrificed.

That is all from me Captain Hoshina, thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!