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Fallen Rosemary Guide

Fallen Rosemary Overview

(Applied to SS Rank)

Fallen Rosemary is an S-rank quantum semi-dps support type Valkyrie. She is the latest addition to the hybrid support-DPS valkyrie series. She's a Quantum type Valkyrie that specialized to do one thing only, ascending lightning DMG into the broken tier or one could also say, a support that was made to solidifies HoT's dominance. As she is really gorgeous to look at, her main attraction is not only her looks that can shake any man's deepest desire but her supporting ability while putting out a considerable amount of damage as well is what made her a solid choice for anyone who wants to maximize their lightning DMG dps potential. Insane sp regen while on stand-by, gather, tons of TF, reducing enemy's CC tolerance, paralyze, and excellent team synergies are just some of the factors that made her into one of the best semi-dps support characters. In short, FR is an excellent semi-dps support Valkyrie that specialized in supporting lightning DMG while dealing with a considerable amount of dmg by herself as well.


Special Mechanics

1. Runes

  • AOE debuff that made enemies take more lightning DMG


2. Suspended Ultimate

  • Able to maximize ult's damage by allowing other Valkyries to cast buff and debuff on the enemies


3. Disir

  • Energy to use for turning into Valfreyja form and to cast god hunter/devourer


4. Valfreyja Form

  • The form that made FR able to cast her Runes by summoning different types of spirit


Specific Skill Rundown


1. Leader Skill 

Team deals 22.5% TDM if there are 3 different types of battlesuits. Team's combo charged atk and ultimate deals more 17.5% lightning DMG


2. Special Attack - God Eater 

God Eater

hold ATK button at: 
    100 Disir: Cast God Hunter

  • Summons Gramr and deals 600% Lightning DMG towards the enemy

    200 Disir: Cast God Devourer 

  • Gramr debuff enemies to take 18% Lightning DMG for 20 sec
  • Grants invincibility
  • Gather enemies 
  • Resets Valfreyja form duration
  1.  Bite of the Serpent
    Charged ATK deals 30% bonus lightning DMG that would also paralyze the enemy for 2 secs. This attack is tier 3 paralyze trauma attack
  2. Feast on the Damned 
    When there's Stain of Trickery, every rune will make enemies take 5.0% bonus lightning DMG
  3. Gorging Spirit
    Charged attack will boost the team's elemental DMG by 14.4%


3. Ultimate - Helvegr

Unleashing the trickster god himself, Loki, from the shackles of the lantern. The total time casting of her ultimate is 9 seconds. Yes, I know that may be bad if you're taking a look at it as a dps. However, for support, that's actually a good thing as there's enough time frame to cast buffs and debuffs from the other supporting Valkyrie, such as AE's ultimate. Also, by the time Loki dropped his lightning bolt, there should be enough time to unleash a single strike from your main dps Valkyrie. Thus, creating a powerful nuke to deplete enemy's HP in a single moment. 

This AOE ultimate deals 1200% ATK of lightning DMG and triggers 1 sec of TF. Also, she can inflict Quantum Collapse with this ultimate

  1. Free from Franangr 
    Loki will devour all runes present; each rune will buff his attack by 500% lightning DMG. Assuming there will be 3 runes presents, the final boost from this skill will be 1500% lightning DMG.
  2. Dark Edda
    I won't talk about this skill as this is an exclusive SSS rank skill. However, it buffs Loki's attack by 20% Total DMG when Stain of Trickery presents.

4. Basic Attack - Vaettir Mistress

Note: P = Physical ATK; L = Lightning ATK
1st seq: 30% P + 40% L and 3 Disir regen on hit
2nd seq: 90% P + 90% L and 9 Disir regen in total on hit
3rd seq: 80% P + 105% L and 8 Disir regen
4th seq: 120% L and 28 Disir regen
5th seq: 160% P + 170% L and 12 Disir regen


Valfreyja Form:

  • charge attack at 100 Disir deals 400% lightning DMG ATK and enter a 20 sec of Valfreyja form
  • 3rd seq summons Garmr that deals 350% Lightning DMG with paralyze trauma while restores 10 Disir
  • 4th seq: Summons Linnorm that deals 420% Lightning DMG with paralyze trauma and restores 48 Disir



  1. Garmr

    (Summoned by 3rd seq. or QTE)
    Summoning the wolf that will create the Ulf Rune. Ulf Rune: Enemies near FR will take 15% lightning DMG, weakened, deal less 30% DMG, and suffer from reduced Interrupt for 15 sec. 
  2. Linnorm 

    (summoned by 4th seq.)
    Summoning the serpent that will create Ormr Rune: Enemies near FR struck by lightning and take 50% lightning DMG/sec for 15 sec.

  3. Strix

    (Summoned by evading. Evasion does not need to be ultimate evasion)
    Summoning the owl that will create Strix rune. Strix Rune: boosted team's Lightning DMG by 15% Lightning DMG and restores 0.5 sp for 15 sec


5. Evade - Night Seeres


Evasion deal 2x40% ATK lightning DMG and summons Strix.
Strix CD: 8 sec.


Ultimate Evasion: Triggers 3 sec TF, refreshes, and summons Strix. (CD: 15 sec)

After Strix is summoned, evasion can be chained into 4th seq basic attack to summon Linnorm. 

  1. Water of Hel
    Ultimate evasion CD reduced by 4.0 secs.
  2. Long Darkness
    Strix recharge time reduced by 3.0 secs
  3. QTE: ASH of Hekla
    Triggered by float or ignite. 
    FR enters Valfreyja form and triggers 3 sec TF
    Summons Garmr to attack with 800% Lightning DMG and restores 50 Disir immediately


Hot tip: After landing QTE, immediately evade to summon Strix (OwL). Then do 4th seq. of basic ATK to summon Linnorm (Serpent). While the animation of the serpent is still there, hold the [ATK] button to cast God Devourer immediately. By far, this is the most efficient way to get every rune to buff FR's ultimate.


6. Passive - Unbound Flyting

  1. Well of Urd
    Combo and charge ATK from teammates restores 65 Disir and 12 sp for FR (CD: 5 sec). This means that FR can restore her own sp while in standby. Thus, she can almost immediately cast her ult after she enters the field.
  2. Clairvoyant Night
    Entering Valfreyja Form restores 10 Disir/0.2 Sec for 2 sec. Can only be triggered once per battle
  3. Vapor of Souls
    In Vlafreyja Form, FR deals 22% more TDM and takes 19.8% less TDM.


Gears Recommendation 


1. Optimum Build

Iris of the Dreams & Irene Adler Set

FR is the pinnacle of lightning support that could deal a significant amount of DMG as well. To maximize her supporting ability and her own damage, it is necessary to give her the best gear possible. The classic combination of TDM and elemental DMG should provide plenty of buff to her own DPS. Also, her own signature set didn't forget her role as support as well. Irene Adler has an overall elemental supporting ability of 161%. Which is 126.50% that is refreshable but not stackable and 12% that is always readily available.

After trying FR by changing her equipment with various other supporting gears, I think Iris of the Dreams is something that is indispensable for both her own dps and team's as well. By using the active she enters Valfreyja mode immediately and made the enemies take 50% bonus lightning DMG from the Ormr Rune's lightning DMG. This particular scythe also boosted the team's TDM by 15 % towards enemies that are affected by the stain of Trickery. Losing these multipliers means losing quite a significant amount of dps and that could lead to a lower abyss or memorial arena score. Also, the active of Iris is 0-sec cast animation on the FR which means we can immediately switch in other support to cast buffs and debuffs on the enemies. Hence, a better timing to land a nuke in a single moment.

In conclusion, Irene Adler and Iris is the top-recommended build for FR as it has the property of boosting her own dps and supporting ability. It has the right mix of TDM, Elemental DMG dealt, and Elemental DMG taken. However, fear not as everything is available for you without pulling anything from gacha. Just needs a ton of material.


2. Alternative build



Ogier T Mei: Beach Party M Newton B


Out of the three options I listed above. The most sensible one is probably JST full set as it provides a longer duration for the buff compared to the two other options. However, that doesn't mean that both JST TM Newton B and Ogier T Mei: Beach Party M Newton are obsolete. We have to remember that FR's ultimate has ~9 second total cast time which means there will be enough time to delay the proc of JST TM, Mei M, and Newton B. which means that we can create a small time frame to allow our main dps to nuke the enemy.




Fallen Rosemary is a Lightning Quantum Type Valkyrie that is a hybrid between a sub dps and support. She is specialized support that will be a perfect addition to any lightning team that plays in the abyss. FR also has the right amount of Lightning DMG supporting abilities while not forgetting her own damage output as well. Ultimately, FR is a solid addition for those who wanted to dominate their game content with the lightning team.


I have included a video to demonstrate FR's supporting ability and team synergize in the coming exalted abyss.


I hope you find this article helpful in any kind of way. To those of you who are still debating whether to get her signature gears or not, fear not as it is obtainable in many kinds of ways without doing any gacha. That includes FR herself, you can procure her from exchanging her card with ancient willpower and ancient heritage.


Thank you very much.


Jail Slayer