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Surtr Muspellsverd Weapon Guide


Surtr Muspellsverd Weapon Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new PRI-ARMS Greatsword weapon released in v4.2: Surtr Muspellsverd.

Weapon Intro

6★ ATK: 393; CRIT: 43
With one mighty swing, the sword flames will consume the world and scorch Asgard. It marks the Ragnarök, the downfall of gods, but amidst the ashes of the old world, seeds of hope start to sprout.

Weapon Skills

Stats below are all Lv.65 figures.

Eldr of Ragnarok
[SP: 0] [CD: 25s] Consume 50% HP, ignite enemies to deal 20.0% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s, and create a shield that can absorb damage equal to 80% of max base HP (5000 max). Shield lasts for 12s, during which: Blood Rose's Ultimate costs no HP; Vermillion Knight: Eclipse's Ultimate restores 8.0 SP and her Charged ATK and Ultimate deal 30.0% bonus Fire DMG. Weapon active unusable below 20% HP.

Rivener of an Era
When Ultimate or burst mode attacks hit, wielder deals 12% bonus Fire DMG for 13.0s. CD: 1s. 4 stacks max (subsequent procs reset the duration).

Rekindled Fire
Wielder gains 20% SP recovery, 20% Attack Speed, and 30% Total DMG.

Skill Review

Eldr of Ragnarok
Pay half of your current HP to gain a strong shield and ignite enemies in a large AOE for 12s. While the pay for HP is hefty, the wielder gains a massive shield and an even more important large ignition AOE. This skill is best suited for Blood Rose and Vermillion Knight. 

For Blood Rose, she no longer needs to worry about losing HP while this weapon's active skill is in effect. During the effect of this weapon's active, which lasts long enough for two full sets of Blood Rose's full Burst swings, she will not be drained of HP from her ultimate. This is extremely important for Blood Rose when she has less than 50% HP, when she is very vulnerable to losing all of her HP. In addition, the absurdly thick shield almost guarantees that Blood Rose won't be losing any HP while she's attacking.  

For Vermillion Knight, she gains a great 30% Fire DMG bonus and slightly increased SP recovery during this weapon's active. Vermillion Knight could always use some more Fire DMG and SP to continue her charged ATKs and Ultimate playstyle.

And last of all the benefits, the ridiculously large ignition AOE ensures that any ignite-related DMG boosting effects that Blood Rose and Vermillion Knight have and/or have equipped will always be in effect (given that the enemies can ignite in the first place).

Rivener of an Era
Buffs wielder with temporary Fire DMG bonus when Ult or Burst Mode attacks hit (12%/24%/36%/48%). The only Fire DMG greatsword wielders are Blood Rose and Vermillion Knight. For Blood Rose, this is great since her ult casting is one hit, and she can easily max out the rest of the stacks while in Burst Mode. In Vermillion Knight's case, her ultimate hits too fast and can only gain 2 stacks per ult-cast, thus preventing her from making full use of this skill without ult-ing twice in a row. This can time badly with temporary support from the rest of the team.

Rekindled Fire
Provides SP Recovery, Attack Speed, and Total DMG bonuses. Pretty straight forward buffs; Wielder gains 20% SP recovery, 20% Attack Speed, and 30% Total DMG, which are all great. In Blood Rose's case, she can execute her Burst Mode attacks faster meanwhile Vermillion Knight can invoke her already fast Charged Atks faster.

Differences between Godslayer and Muspellsverd: 


PRI-ARMs upgrade Chart

A reminder to readers that here is the upgrades materials chart if you wish to obtain Surtr Muspellsverd and upgrade it.


Damage Comparisons:

Let's take a look at the comparisons in DMG where the final total DMGs are recorded. These are the following constant variables for the testing:

  • Both BR and VK are tested on boss Wendy (typeless, 255 Eh Red Lotus)

  • Both BR and VK are tested with 90 initial SP and are SSS ranked.

  • There are no friend support and ELF

  • The team only consists of either BR or VK

  • A short run for BR is ulting next to enemy and performing two sessions of swinging

  • A short run for VK is performing 4 sessions of charged ATKs, with one ult in between every 2 Charged ATKs

  • A long run for BR is ulting next to enemy (total 3) and performing two sessions of swinging per ult and 1 session of swinging in between ult CD.

  • A long run for VK is performing 8 charged ATKs, with one ult (total 3) in between every 2 Charged ATKs

Do note the different Titles and Y-axises (DMG Output) per chart.

From the observations, it's evident that Surtr Muspellsverd performs better than Godslayer: Surtr. However, it can be seens that Surtr Muspellsverd improves BR's performance the most from its non-PRI-ARMs counterpart than it does for VK.


Recommended For

Blood Rose (BR) and Vermillion Knight (VK)

Leeuwenhoek TB + Thales M



Thales TM + Fuxi B 


Surtr Muspellsverd, designed for both Blood Rose and Vermillion Knight, is obviously most recommended for these two valkyries. In all cases, Leeuwenhoek TB + Thales M does not bring too big of a change but always results in the slightly better DMG output. This improvement can be ignored for the most part since not everyone can freely pull what they desire. 

The important aspect is total improvement in DMG output. In BR's case, the change of weapons from Godslayer to Muspellsverd results in an extremely significant improvement. Her DMG output improves by around 40-50% in every case.

However, while keeping in mind the existence of the Might of An-Utu and its new PRI-ARMs Shuhadaku of Uriel, Surtr Muspellsverd might not be the best-in-slot for VK. While yes, Vk does do better with Surtr Muspellsverd than Godslayer: Surtr, her DMG output barely improves. VK can equip and do well with Surtr Muspellsverd but Surtr Muspellsverd is better off as known as the second best-in-slot for VK.

Now does this mean Blood Rose is better than Vermillion Knight? 
Not necessarily. While VK deals less DMG than BR, she can deal more DMG than BR if given the same amount of (short) time. Meaning VK can utilize short lasting supports better than BR. And when compared to PSY-valkyries, there are currently much better and stronger PSY (Lightning) Valkyries than BR. So in game modes that do not care about time fracture, such as the Abyss, Blood Rose would stand a chance to shine.

That being said, here is a gameplay demonstration of Blood Rose's performance with the new Surtr Muspellsverd:



The new PRI-ARMs Surtr Muspellsverd gives Vermillion Knight and especially Blood Rose a massive power boost. For those who enjoy playing Blood Rose and/or those who have enough materials, I recommend getting Surtr Muspellsverd. Blood Rose's playstyle, alongside with the PRI-ARMs, works well in abyss the best due to Blood Rose's somewhat slow fighting style. Otherwise, save your materials for other PRI-ARMs such as Shuhadaku of Uriel, the sister weapon that Vermillion Knight would utilize greatly.

You've reached the end of this Weapons guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!