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Irene Adler Stigmata Guide


Irene Adler stigmata sets are the new stigma that were released in version 4.2. This set can be count as both offensive and support that focus on Lightning and Elemental DMG only. Support Valkyrie may benefit a lot by equipping these stigmas, but to be frank Irene Adler are the sugar and butter for the new battlesuit [Fallen Rosemary] that came out in the same version.




[HP: 423; ATK: 51; DEF: 47; CRT: 24]

Irene Adler (T): Electrifying Show
Boosts Lightning DMG by 20%. With host on standby, team deals 12% bonus Elemental DMG.


[HP: 459; DEF: 199; CRT: 11]

Irene Adler (M): Titillating Scandal
Boost Lightning DMG by 20%. Host takes 20% less Total DMG.


[HP: 423; ATK: 51; DEF: 47; CRT: 24]

Irene Adler (B): Shocking Deceit
Boosts Total DMG by 15%. Charged and Ultimate ATKs Bedazzle enemies hit and make them take 15% bonus Elemental DMG for 18s.


2-pc bonus: Startling Victory 
Boosts Total DMG by 15%. Team deals 18% bonus Elemental DMG against Bedazzled enemies.

3-pc bonus: The Woman 
Charged and QTE ATKs boost team Lightning DMG by 10% on hit for 20s. When equipped by Rita, her Total DMG is boosted by 25%.




Irene Adler (T): Provides Lightning DMG buff and Elemental DMG. This is a very straightforward buff; combining a decent amount of Lightning DMG for the host, and a great amount of Elemental DMG for the team while the host was away. Because of the benefit for being versatile, this piece became the second most impactful out of the 3 pieces.


Irene Adler (M): Provides Lightning DMG and DMG-protection. Very similar to the T piece in term of Lightning DMG boosts. Besides that, provide a fair amount of Total DMG protection for the host only. The difference between this two pieces is that T piece lead to both offense and support while M piece are for offense only. Due to being on the offense side with ordinary buff and no support whatsoever, this piece became the most mediocre out of the three and possibly even most Lightning DMG stigmata.


Irene Adler (B): Provides TDM bonuses and Elemental intake-debuff. The last piece is the most impactful piece of the set. The B piece provides a solid good amount of TDM bonus to host for the whole battle. And because of the tremendous long-lasting Elemental DMG, it can only be triggered through Charge ATK and Ultimate. This piece can be used for quick rotation playstyles or just normal pace as it cannot be stacked but easily refresh-able. Not much of a problem as 18 second is still a long duration. Due to being easy-to-activate and being the most versatile (Elemental DMG) that can be pair with any Elemental teams, the B piece easily conquered the 1st place in the set.



2-pc bonus: Provides TDM bonuses and Elemental DMG buff. The 2pc effect provides yet another TDM also only for the host in which, if stacked with the B piece's TDM bonus, will gives significant amount of DMG unleashed by the host. The 2pc effect also comes with support buff which are the team will deal tremendous amount of Elemental DMG to Bedazzled enemies. Keep in mind that you will need to have either B piece or Iris of the Dreams to Bedazzled enemies by performing Charge ATK. The best combination for this 2pc set is definitely the T and B pieces.


3-pc bonus: Provides Lightning DMG buff and TDM bonuses. The final 3pc effect gives the final Lightning DMG bonuses one last push and provides the host (Rita-only) with yet another excessive amount of TDM buff. With that much amount of TDM provided, it is safe to say that Rita battlesuits have a very high compatibility toward this stigmata sets.




This comparison is only for Support Stigmata combining both Omni-Element and Lightning Element Support:

Provided above is the DPS comparison between Support Elemental Stigmata. The score for "Highest 5s DPS Burst" are from this strats:

 Fallen Rosemary's Charged ATK > Herrscher of Thunder's QTE + Weapon Skill + Charged ATK 


As we can see, the highest amount of DPS are from support buff by Jin Shengtan TM Isaac B. Prior to version 4.2, Jin Shengtan TM are the most sought stigmatas for supporting Elemental Team. And while this is true, the appearance of Irene Adler could be seen as a rival for Jin Shengtan. In fact, Irene TB surpass the buff of Jin TM in term of duration. 

First of all, let's take a look at Jin Shengtan skills first (only for the team, buff for host is not included); 

  • Jin Shengtan(T): Allies in Blue Phoenix Field gain 15% All Elemental DMG.
  • Jin Shengtan(M): After exit, team gains 15% Ice DMG.
  • 2-pc bonus: Create a Blue Phoenix Aura after attacking that lasts for 6s. Allies within aura gain 30% All Elemental DMG, while enemies within take 10% more All Elemental DMG.


45% more Elemental DMG and enemies take 10% more Elemental DMG is a MASSIVE boost, but stated there it is only for 6s. While it is not as short as Mei Beach M (4 second), 6s can only do much. You need to be very precise with the timing or all that buff will just be a waste. This stigmata suits the best for team that relies on very quick rotation playstyle and definitely not with Damage Dealer that have a long Ultimate-Burst duration.

Meanwhile, Irene TB can provide 30% bonus Elemental DMG (12% permanent boost + 18% after performing Charge ATK and Ultimate), and enemies take 15% bonus Elemental DMG. And all these buffs can hold for 18 second, this is triple the duration of Jin Shengtan's skill. For Elemental Team that use Ultimate-Burst Damage Dealer (HoR, HoT) It is best for them to use Irene Adler TB to provide the sufficient amount of boost for the whole burst duration.




[Fallen Rosemary]

[Iris of the Dreams]

Irene Adler are extremely functional when equipped by Fallen Rosemary alongside Iris of the Dreams, which is obvious since Phantom of the Fog was designed specifically for her. The reason I mentioned IOTD is because of both active skill and passive skill get along so well with Irene stigmata. 

With just 0 SP, FR can use weapon's active skill to enter Valfreyja Mode instantly where she can perform her Charge ATK to create Stain of Trickery; making enemies in range take 18% bonus Lightning DMG for 20s that goes really well with IOTD's passive skill that allow team to deals 15% bonus TDM to enemies affected by the Stain

The most important part is that at the same time, the active skill will also unleash a mist which will make enemies within it Bedazzled thus taking advantage of Irene B and 2-pc bonus that will make them take 15% more Elemental DMG and boosting team Elemental DMG by 18%


For Captain who want to equip Irene and IOTD to FR for Lightning Support, I highly suggest to swap Irene M to Tesla Band M as she will provide 15% more Lightning DMG permanently after the host exit.


Below is the damage comparison between Support Elemental Stigmata that were mentioned in the Score Comparison before.

For better understanding, Instance 1 is a test to compare the DPS that Fallen Rosemary can do with each stigmata set. While for Instance 2, it is a test to see how much DPS a Damage Dealer (Herrscher of Thunder) can do after triggering the buff and bonuses from each stigmata set.


With that being said, I will not imply that Irene is not strong for dealing damage, in fact, while Irene TMB could not defeat Benares Awakening TMB or Monet T Ishikawa MB, Irene set is still a good offensive Lightning DMG.

Demonstration Irene Adler set equipped by Fallen Rosemary as Damage Dealer:




Here I will talk a bit about how to obtain each of the Irene Adler piece. While Irene Adler and Iris of the Dream can be obtained through Gacha by sacrificing your crystal, there is another two ways on how to obtain it.


First is the Rosemary Garden. Each piece can be bought with 6000 Stigma Resonance. And to get 1000 Stigma Resonance, you will need to Salvage rare stigmata or you can acquire it from Adventure Tasks for a few 100-200+ per week. Yes it will be painful for F2P Captain to collect it as it might take a whole few months just to get 6000 Stigma Resonance so the fastest way to get Stigma Resonance is by salvaging unused rare stigmata.


The second way is from Elite Works where each piece will be cost in 12 Fallen Crystallum. For each version of the game, every Captain can get up to 4 Fallen Crystallum, and by 3 version, you should have 12 of it. 


Now for the real question, with the limited resources that you have, which of the pieces that need to be prioritize more?
I would recommend Irene Adler B > T > M. As repeated many times before, Irene Adler is a great offensive and support stigmata, mainly on support at B and T pieces. The M pieces can be replaced with Tesla Band M or other powerful Lightning DMG stigmata. Albeit a bit pricey, both Irene TB are a very good support stigmatas, especially if you want to boost damage from Herrscher of Thunder that were already gigantic.


That is all from me, thank you very much for reading. This is Captain Hoshina and have a nice day!