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Iris of the Dreams Weapon Guide

“It appears to be the embodiment of [grace] and [mystery], enchanting every living being with every move like its current master. Those who have had the privilege of glimpsing its true form fall for its beauty, yet they do not its ruthless metonym lost in the era of mythology: Lady of the Fallen.”


[ATK: 275; CRT: 29]

Iris of the Dreams are the only new weapon (excluding PRI-ARMs Surtr and An-Utu because they are not new, but improvised) that will be released in version 4.2. It is designed specifically for the Valkyrie released in the same patch – Fallen Rosemary.



 Active Skill - Lady of the Fallen 

[SP: 0][CD: 30s] Fallen Rosemary enters Valfreyja Form immediately and unleashes soul-drinking mist around her dealing 200% ATK of Lightning DMG. Enemies in mist are Bedazzled and take 50% ATK of Lightning DMG from Ormr Rune's lightning for 15s. Each Charged ATK boosts host's Total DMG by 15% for 15s.

100 Disir restored was NOT by weapon's skill but Fallen Rosemary's passive skill [Clairvoyant Night]


 Passive Skill – Scent of the Dead 

Wielder's Charged ATK and Ultimate deal 15% bonus Lightning DMG. Team deals 15% bonus Total DMG to enemies affected by Stain of Trickery.



Bonus that will be received by Fallen Rosemary:

  • First of all, the Active Skill will instantly allow Fallen Rosemary to enter Valfreyja Form, all the while indirectly restoring 100 Disir by FR's passive skill [Clairvoyant Night]. In normal situation, if you want to make FR to enter Valfreyja Form, you will need to gradually restore 100 Disir which equal to doing Basic ATK 2 times, which will slow down her damage cycles. But now with IOTD's active skill, right from the start of the battle, FR can instantly enter Valfreyja Form.
  • Secondly, at the same time FR enter Valfreyja Form, she will also let out a mist dealing 200% ATK of Lightning DMG while make enemies in the mist Bedazzled and take 50% ATK of Lightning DMG from Ormr's lightning for 15s. Keep in mind that only enemies near FR will take damage but it is a needless worry as FR is a melee damage dealer and will always be in touch with enemies.
  • Right after performing weapon's active skill, FR's Total DMG will be boost by 15% for 15s by doing Charged ATK. The only way to take advantage of this boost is performing God Hunter right after entering Valfreyja Form or fill another 100 Disir to perform God Devourer. The latter is definitely the better one.


  • For the passive skill, wielder's Charged ATK and Ultimate deal 15% bonus Lightning DMG. This is such a basic multiplier that does not need any explanation. 
  • And last but not least, the last buff effect the whole team as team will deal 15% bonus Total DMG to enemies affected by Stain of Trickery. While this also works for FR, it is best to use Damage Dealer to take advantage of this buff.


To fully utilize the weapon's active and passive skills, I recommend using this strat:

 [1. Iris's active skill > 2. God Hunter]


 [2. God Hunter > 3. God Devourer]


[3. God Devourer > 4. Damage Dealer]

GIF file are originally 1 files to show the sequence of the moves but because the files is too big, it need to be separated into 3 smaller GIF. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.


Fallen Rosemary

No argument needed, Iris of the Dreams are definitely crafted for FR. Even the first word of the weapon's active skill was ‘Fallen Rosemary'. 
The only battlesuit that can fully take advantage of this weapon's kit are FR. Both Active and Passive skill were pointed toward her. 


Phantom Iron

NOT RECOMMENDED at all toward any others scythe-user including Phantom Iron whom actually even if being equipped with IOTD, does NOT have that much effect.  The only skills that PI can take a bit of advantage from this weapon were the passive skill where wielder's Charged ATK and Ultimate deals 15% bonus Lightning DMG.

But if you equipped IOTD to any scythe-user other than FR only for its basic stat [ATK + CRT], then use it on your own risk as the basic stat for most of the Gacha-only scythe was almost the same.


In term of offensive(damage output), IOTD were almost on the same level as others scythe such as Aphrodite and Genome Reaper, but in term of support, clearly we can see that IOTD surpass others:




First of all, the only place where you can get Iris of the Dreams is at the Rosemary Garden (Can be accessed by BP Elite Works).

To purchase it, you will need 4000 Weapon Resonance. And to get 1000 Weapon Resonance, you will need to sacrifice Gacha or Forge-able by Bounty Marks weapons. Beware that Forge-able weapons by AE Imaginons will not be accepted to exchange Weapon Resonance. Other than that, you will also need 40 Reson-Convert, but don't worry as this item is not rare and can be bought in Asterite Shop for 2000 Asterite per 10 Reson-Convert.


Weapon Resonance on the left   |   Reson-Convert on the right 



Next is the upgrade, after purchasing it, the weapon will be Level 10 automatically. And to upgrade it to full 5⭐, you will need the following materials.


In conclusion, the formula to obtain and max out Iris of the Dreams, you will need:

  • 4000 Weapon Resonance 
  • 40 Reson-Convert 
  • 3 Honkai Cube 
  • 6 Twin Sakura Will 
  • 29 Phase Shifter 



In case you are in dilemma whether you want to get Iris of the Dreams or not, please think carefully as what function are you getting Fallen Rosemary for. As all know by now, FR can be used as both offensive and supportive if being equipped with the right weapon and stigmatas. If you are getting FR for Support, then clearly you should try and get Iris of the Dreams from the store. 

But if you are getting FR for a Damage Dealer, then you can save your resources from buying this weapon and use PRI-ARM Skadi of Thrymheim for FR


Demonstration of Fallen Rosemary as main Damage Dealer:

LE AE FR vs Assaka (31040pts):

LE AE FR vs Ice Boar (31253pts):

LE AE FR vs Padrino (31466pts):


 That is all! Thank you for reading!