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Danzai Spectramancer Guide: How's she in 4.2?


Hello and welcome to this Danzai Spectramancer's guide, in this guide I'll explain the skills, equipment and more stuff of "Herrscher of Thunder - Battery saving version".
This guide was made in v4.2 beta-v4.2.

*Due to the delay of Danzai Spectramancer's signature gear (Justus/Liebig set and the katana Nue of the Shadows) release, this guide will just work for v4.2. The guide is based on SSS 6* Danzai Spectramancer, also in the entire guide I'll use valkyrie acronyms (Like DS: Danzai Spectramancer), you can check them here

Danzai Spectramancer/Battery saving version HoT, DS from now, is the new A rank Augment battlesuit that we'll be getting in v4.2. She comes from Shadow Dash (the non-augment version), she's can be neither DPS or support (like SA), with a strong combo atk but also different physical buffs skills for her teammates.


Who said that Mei's herrscher account would be too strong that she got banned and now she uses this battery saving mode. ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭

Let's start with her skills.


1. Leader skill: Phantom Outbreak: It's just old SD's leader skill, 21% crit rate whe hp is higher than 80%.


2. Combo: Shinkage Flash: DS's main source of damage and sp regen, consumes 100 Munen (the energy bars above her hp) to deal 200+200% ATK of physical damage at 100 Munen (1 bar) or 200+250% ATK of physical damage at 200 Munen (2 bars), if Munen is at 200 you can tap attack again to consume the resting 100 Munen to perform another attack that deals 400% ATk of physical damage. This skill also has a support effect: Sword Scarf, enemies hit with it will takes 10% more physical damage.


3. Ultimate: Tsukiyo's Spectramancy: DS's main support skill, deals tons of damage to shields and boosts team's physical damage by 15%. After casting ult, team gains 3 Kagenai charges, charged attack of any teammate (includes herself) consumes 1 charge and summons Bushin Specters to attack enemies and applies/resets Sword Scarf (enemies hit by it takes 10% more phys damage), DS restores 15 sp with each consumed charge. This skill can be used to apply Newton B, Mei PPM effects or drop Gluttony T's candy off field.


4. Basic attack: Gozan: Munen regen source, a full sequence of basic attacks restores a total of 100 Munen. 
 -QTE: Spectrance of Renge: Triggered by time slow or impaired enemies: deals 800% ATK of physical damage and applies Sword Scarf.


5. Evade: Untochable Yozakura: After evade, DS can immediatly perform two sequences of combo attack by tapping atk and consuming one evade charge. Ultimate evasion restores 100 Munen.


6. Passive Skill: Deals more physical damage against enemies with Sword Scarf. Restores 12 Munen/sec when off-field.


The possibility to recast stigma effects like Newton make she really interesting, also she can provide a shieldbreack source for SP teams, which gives extra points to our battery saver mode HoT. Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ



DS's signature gears are supposed to be Justus set and Nue of Shadows, however by some unknown reasons they're release got delayed to v4.3. So this is just some provisional equipment guide.
Between Justus getting delayed is almost a meme like 90% Wotan. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


0. Void Blade + Schrodinger T, Planck/Sirin Ascendant M, Lier B: This set up provides an explosive amount of damage for a short time to your basic/combo/charged atks due to Schrodinger T. However it's pretty unstable and completely random, in other terms: Hair consuming.


1. Void Blade + Mich TB, Sirin Ascendant M: Mich TB provides very high multipliers when you can stack them up, with a total of 40% physical damage and 70% crit damage, Sirin Ascendant M is here for her crit damage and the evasion skill CD.


2. Mich TB + Planck M: Here you replace Sirin Asc M with Planck M (51% phys damage) to get higher damage caps in exchange of the evasion skill CD.


3. Mich TB + Fuhua Knight M: With Mich TB becoming farmable in bounty for 4.2, the cap performance of a lot of f2p set ups will get up, Fuhua Knight M is like a lite version of Planck M.


4. Jingwei T, Fuhua Knight M, Raven/Fuhua Pride B: Easily farmable f2p set up, only for bossing.


As Support:

1. Placeholder katana + Beethoven TM, Newton B: Beethoven 2 set effect provides a ridiculously strong buff to the next melee physical valkyrie switched in after casting ultimate, DS can recast Newton B when off field, which makes our noot (Newt B's meme name) even more strong.


2. Placeholder katana + Gluttony T, Mei PPM, Newton B: Universal support stigma set, Mei PPM is like a mini noot so she's also recastable by DS.


3. Placeholder katana + Gluttony T, FHM MB: Universal f2p support set.


As I said before, this is pretty provisional and incomplete, we still have to wait till DS's signature gears release to see how the things goes.

DPS DS seems pretty useless for now with TP and VD being farmable and they both are pretty f2p friendly.

About her performance as a support without signature gear she can't too much, I made a comparison below between a traditional line up (DPS+CH+SA) and the one with DS (DPS+SA+DS). Fully geared DPS and SA; both CH and DS are wearing Gluttony T, Mei PPM, Newt B.


  • With CH: Total damage: 3,890,584

  • With DS: Total damage: 3,544,888



  • With CH: Total damage: 2,986,232

  • With DS: Total damage: 2,353,648


We can see that CH is still better than DS in both BKE and SP teams, however the total damage of BKE+DS team is pretty close to BKE+CH.

Line Ups
For now, due to the her skills, DS only seems ok as a support in BKE and SP teams. But maybe in the future, with new Valkyries release we can see some funny stuff.





Other stuff

Here are some extra recommendations and personal opinions about DS.

First, in 4.2, I don't see her very useful, neither as DPS or support:
As a mech physical DPS, DS is very mediocre, meta valks like TP or BK can easily outscore her, even her beloved Kiana's VD who has a similar playstyle does better. 
As a support, she can only shine with BKE or SP (more towards to BKE) and maybe with future physical dps battlesuits with charged attacks. She's somehow a mech type SA but less versatil, however doing some research I found that she's even better than CH with her signature gears in BKE's team, so we still have to wait to see her maximun performance with signature gears.


Now if you were doubting it: Yes, she's another BKE's personal support. Atleast for now. They really buffed BKE again ε-(´∀`; )


But even with all that said, I do recommend farming SD fragments and start saving Smelted Cores:
1. If you have BKE, she will probably be better than CH with her signature gear, making BKE teams the first physical teams that doesn't rely on CH.
2. As I said, maybe in the future we get new physical Valkyries that can do very well with DS.
3. Her mechanics of recasting Newt B type effects seems pretty interesting and in the future, some meta strats can come out from it.


So yes, keep farming her fragments if you don't have anything priority to farm with story stages (SSS rank HF, SSS rank DK, SS rank Snowy Sniper, SS rank WD, SSS rank VD and SS rank DP).


And to finish. Thanks to Mihoyo's team to let me be in this v4.2 beta test, thank you my fellow captain who's reading this and I hope Mei gets back her Herrscher account.

PS: Please Mihoyo's lore team, stop slapping sad stuff to our faces, from Bronya and Seele's reuniuon (last year) you guys keep making us sad in every new chapter.










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