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Ai-chan's Arsenal: [Swan Lake]

Привет Captains! Welcome to Ai-chan's Arsenal! Today we are featuring a new greatsword released in v3.1: [Swan Lake].


Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 274, CRIT: 31

A greatsword forged using an ideal, high density crystalline iron. Its surface is just as smooth as a serene lake. The technological level needed to construct this weapon is way beyond the means of Anti-Entropy. How did Cocolia make this?



Weapon Skills

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures

[Austenite Blade]
[SP: 18] [CD: 30s] Triggers 2 explosions that deal 50% + 300% + 500% ATK of Physical DMG. The 2nd explosion impairs the enemy (DEF lowered by 50%) for 8s. Can hold 2 charges. Performing Retaliation EX gives the Blueberry Blitz 1 charge. The next use of Austenite Blade gives 9 SP in return.

[Odette's Apotheosis]
When Ultimate hits, the wielder gains 40% bonus physical DMG and 40% bonus Crit DMG for 9s.



Skill Review

[Austenite Blade]

Physical AOE damage and impairment. There is a short interval between the two explosions. The delayed impairment reduces time wasted on swapping battlesuits and therefore increases overall damage output.

[Blueberry Blitz] can time her Ultimate well to trigger Retaliation EX and gain fast recharge plus SP refund. In turn, Retaliation EX lowers Ultimate cooldown and enables her to cast the weapon's active more and impair more enemies.


[Odette's Apotheosis]

When Ultimate hits, there will be massive boosts for physical DMG and Crit DMG. Works best on physical DMG battlesuits which use Ultimate frequently.



Recommended for:

[Blueberry Blitz]

[Beethoven] set


[Blueberry Blitz] is good at breaking shields, rounding up and weakening enemies. While [Swan Lake]'s active strengthens her utility strength, its passive makes her Ultimate even better at breaking shields.

By performing her Ultimate perfectly, [Blueberry Blitz] can reduce Ultimate cooldown and recharge the weapon's active, ensuring maximum impairment coverage. The [Beethoven] set bonuses offer tremendous physical DMG boost, damage reduction and HP regen to the next battlesuit.

With [Beethoven] equipped, [Blueberry Blitz] can trigger Retaliation EX with a perfectly timed Ultimate and then follow up with the weapon's active, before you swap to your main damage battlesuit to decimate all enemies with ease.