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Ai-chan's Arsenal: [Sleeping Beauty]

Hi Captains! Welcome to Ai-chan's Arsenal! Today we are featuring a new greatsword released in v3.1: [Sleeping Beauty].


Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 283, CRIT: 24

A silicon-based greatsword constructed using Honkai beast carapace. The sword is lined with thorns and hooks that vibrate when in contact with Honkai energy. "Whoah! The sword is waking up like Sleeping Beauty!" Rozaliya screamed excitedly and decided to name the weapon after the fairy tale.



Weapon Skills

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures

[Living Edge]
[SP: 12] [CD: 25s] Wielder gains 20% Crit Rate and 50% Crit DMG for 10s. If wielder is below 50% HP, then heals 20 HP per 0.5s.

[Thorny Briar]
Charged ATK deals bonus 120% ATK of Physical DMG on enemies. This effect triggers once every 1s. Wielder gains Ignore Interrupt and 30% DEF.



Skill Review

[Living Edge]

When active, it massively boosts Crit DMG and Crit Rate for a short duration, which suits physical DMG battlesuits very well. Without upfront bonus physical DMG, the Crit Rate and Crit DMG bonuses it offers can still work wonders for physical DMG battlesuits.

If the wielder's HP drops below 50%, it restores HP continuously for a total of 400 HP. The HP regen from the active doesn't look impressive on first sight, but it does ensure survivability when the skill is on (and when the wielder is not taking direct hits).


[Thorny Briar]

This passive helps the wielder to deal 120% bonus ATK of physical DMG with Charged ATKs. It also provides 30% bonus DEF and interruption resistance, helping the wielder to survive tough battles and lower the risk of interruption.



Recommended for:

[Molotov Cherry]

[Nobel] set


No other weapon works better on [Molotov Cherry] than [Sleeping Beauty]. The weapon's active greatly boosts Crit Rate and Crit DMG.

[Molotov Cherry]'s Charged ATKs also benefit nicely from the weapon's passive, which gives 120% bonus physical DMG and high interruption resistance, making it way easier to fully tap into her damage potential without worrying too much about positioning.

Working hand in hand with the [Nobel] 2-pc bonus and her skill [HIT THAT THING!], this weapon can deal insanely high physical DMG. Also, the [Nobel] 3-pc bonus works extremely well with [Sleeping Beauty]'s active.