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Fallen Rosemary Character Guide - Hoshina







Rita’s S-rank battlesuit [Fallen Rosemary]: QUA-type battlesuit who can boost Team Elemental DMG while dealing heavy melee Lightning DMG. She can summon Disir to reinforce her abilities in battle by landing hits.


Her Core Strengths is:

  • Lightning DMG
  • Paralyze
  • Time Mastery
  • Gather


Opinion of the battlesuit:

  • Very very beautiful movement set
  • A bit hard to understand all the skill, but nothing that can’t be solved with the help of tutorial stages and guides
  • Powerful as both DPS and Support



(Based on Lvl. 80, no stigmata and Scythe)

S⭐ 2655 187 692 397 48
SS⭐ 2923 196 775 425 52
SSS⭐ 3190 204 859 453 56


Fragment Required to evolve

  Fragment Required to evolve
S⭐ 80
SS⭐ 100
SSS⭐ 200



(Valkyries are based on S-rank Lvl.80)



 Leader Skill – Tonight or Never 

Team deals 18% bonus Total DMG if formed by battlesuits of 3 different types. For the team, Combo, Charged ATKs and Ultimates deal 12% bonus Lightning DMG.

  Bonus Total DMG Bonus Lightning DMG
S⭐ 18% 12%
SS⭐ 22.5% 17.5%
SSS⭐ 25% 20%




 Passive Skills – Unbound Flyting 

FR can charge her strength on standby when her teammates are fighting.


 Well of Urd  (Unlock at S-rank)

Combo and Charged ATKs from teammates restore 65 Disir and 12 SP for Fallen Rosemary. CD: 5s. Maximum amount of Disir is 200.


 Clairvoyant Night  (Unlock at SS-rank)

Entering Valfreyja Form restores 10 Disir per 0.2s for 2s. Can only be triggered once every battle.


 Vapor of Souls  (Unlock at S-rank)

In Valfreyja Form, Fallen Rosemary deals 18% bonus Total DMG and takes 17.2% less Total DMG.

  Bonus Total DMG   Take less Total DMG
S⭐  18%  17.2%
 SS⭐  22%  19.8%
 SSS⭐  30%  25%




 Basic ATK – Vaettir Mistress 

Attack with the scythe and siphon enemy souls to enhance self.


  ATK of Physical DMG ATK of Lightning DMG Disir regen
1st sequence 30% 40% 3
2nd sequence 90% 90% 9
3rd sequence 80% 105% 8
4th sequence - 120% 28
5th sequence 160% 170% 12




At 100 Disir, hold [ATK] to consume 100 Disir, perform Charged ATK dealing 400% ATK of Lightning DMG, and enter a 20s Valfreyja Form. In Valfreyja Form, Basic ATK 3rd sequence conjures Garmr to attack dealing 350% ATK of Lightning DMG with Paralyze Trauma and restoring 10 Disir on hit. 4th sequence conjures Linnorm to attack dealing 420% ATK of Lightning DMG with Paralyze Trauma and restoring 48 Disir in total on hit.


 Garmr  (Unlock at S-rank)

On hit, Garmr creates Ulf Rune: Enemies near Fallen Rosemary take 15% bonus Lightning DMG, become Weakened, deal 30% less damage, and suffer from reduced Interrupt for 15s.
Garmr can be conjured by the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK in Valfreyja Form and QTE.


 Linnorm  (Unlock at S-rank)

On hit, Linnorm creates Ormr Rune: Enemies near Fallen Rosemary are struck by lightning and take 50% ATK of Lightning DMG per second for 15s.


 Strix  (Unlock at S-rank)

On hit, Strix creates Strix Rune: Team deals 10.8% bonus Lightning DMG and restores 0.4 SP per second for 15s.

  Bonus Lightning DMG Restore SP
S⭐ 10.8% 0.4
SS⭐ 15% 0.5




 Special Attack – God Eater 

Valfreyja Form enables more powerful Charged ATKs.


At 100 Disir, hold [ATK] to cast God Hunter. At 200 Disir, hold [ATK] to cast God Devourer.

God Hunter: Conjure Garmr to attack enemies nearby, dealing 600% ATK of Lightning DMG.


God Devourer: Garmr creates Stain of Trickery, making enemies in range take 18% bonus Lightning DMG for 20s.

Stain of Trickery: Field with glowing blue light


Casting God Eater grants temporary invicibility, gathers enemies nearby, and resets Valfreyja Form duration.


 Bite of the Serpent  (Unlocked at S-rank)

Charged ATKs deal 30% bonus Total DMG, paralyze enemies hit for 2s, and inflict Paralyze Trauma.


 Feast on the Damned  (Unlocked at S-rank)

When Stain of Trickery forms, every Rune present enhances its strengths and make enemies in range take 5% bonus Lightning DMG.


 Gorging Spirits  (Unlocked at SS-rank)

Casting Charged ATKs boosts team Elemental DMG by 14.4% for 20s.

  Boost team Elemental DMG
SS⭐ 14.4%
SSS 20%




 Ultimate – Helvegr 

Lift the Trickster’s seal for a mighty blow.


Unleash the Trickster sealed within the lantern. After short channeling (approximately 5 second), the Trickster unleashes a powerful AOE attack, dealing 1200% ATK of Lightning DMG, triggering a 1s global Time Fracture, and inflicting Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies.
SP cost: 100. CD: 20s.


 Free from Franangr  (Unlock at S-rank)

When unleashed, the Trickster devours all Runes present, and for every Rune devoured, the Trickster deals 500% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG.


 Dark Edda  (Unlock at SSS-rank)

With Stain of Trickery present, the unleashed Trickster deals 30% bonus Total DMG.




 Evade – Night Seeress 

Quickly evade enemy attacks. Can be performed twice in a row.

Evasion + Basic ATK 4th sequence


Evasion deals 2x40% ATK of Lightning DMG and conjure Strix in Valfreyja Form. Evasion ATKs conjure Strix to strike on hit, dealing 6x50% ATK of Lightning DMG with Paralyze Trauma and siphoning 24 Disir in total. Strix needs 8s to recharge for the next strike.

Ultimate Evasions trigger Night Seeress, which creates a 3s global Time Fracture, fully recharges Strix, and conjures Strix to strike enemies with lightning. CD: 15s.

Upon Ultimate Evasion or when Strix is fully recharged in Valfreyja Form, Evasion ATKs can be connected into Basic ATK 4th sequence on hit.


 Water of Hel  (Unlock at S-rank)

Night Seeress’s CD is reduced by 4s.


 Long Darkness  (Unlock at S-rank)

Strix recharge takes 3s less time.




 QTE – Ash of Hekla 


Triggered by knocked-airborne or ignited enemies. Fallen Rosemary enters in Valfreyja Form, triggers a 3s global Time Fracture, conjures Garmr to attack, dealing 800% ATK of Lightning DMG and additionally restoring 50 Disir on hit.






Unlock achievement:

 S⭐ - 85% 
Has unlocked the core skills and most of the support abilities.


 SS⭐ - 90% 
Unlock all support abilities.


 SSS⭐ - 100% 
Significantly increase the damage output for Ultimate.





Iris of the Dreams Irene Adler(T) Irene Adler(M) Irene Adler(B)


FR signature equipment are as shown above. It is the new weapon and stigmata that were specifically modified for Rita’s new battlesuit. While Iris of the Dreams is fully for FR, Irene Adler set can also be used by other Lightning Support Valkyrie (Phantom Iron) and only have a bonus effect if all 3 pieces were equipped by Rita.


Iris of the Dreams’s active skill will allow FR to enters Valfreyja Form immediately and deals 200% ATK if Lightning DMG. Other notable effect for this weapon is:

  • Each Charged ATK boosts host’s Total DMG by 15%.
  • Wielder’s Charged ATK and Ultimate deal 15% bonus Lightning DMG.
  • Team deals 15% bonus Total DMG to enemies affected by Stain of Trickery.


Meanwhile Irene Adler set is the new powerful lightning support that boost team Lightning DMG. Below are the most notable buff that highly effective in battle:

  • Irene Adler(T): Boosts Lightning DMG by 20%. Team deals 12% bonus Elemental DMG when host on standby.
  • Irene Adler(M): Boosts Lightning DMG by 20%.
  • Irene Adler(B): Boosts Total DMG by 15%. Charged and Ultimate ATKs Bedazzle enemies hit and make them take 15% bonus Elemental DMG for 18s.
  • 2-pc: Boosts Total DMG by 15%. Team deals 18% bonus Elemental DMG against Bedazzled enemies.
  • 3-pc: Charged and QTE ATKs boost team Lightning DMG by 10% on hit for 20s. When equipped by Rita, her Total DMG is boosted by 25%.


As stated above, all of the Irene stigma provide decent boost in both wielder and team’s Lightning DMG and Elemental DMG. These stigmatas are highly recommended to be paired with Iris of the Dreams as the weapon skill will also Bedazzled enemies thus can take advantage of 2-pc effect.



[God Devourer while using Signature Equipment] | [Bombard by HoT right after God Devourer]





Iris of the Dreams | Jin Shengtan(T) | Jin Shengtan(M) | Isaac Newton(B)



Iris of the Dreams | Jin Shengtan(T) | Mei Beach Party(M) | Jin Shengtan(B)


These set is another set that can be equipped to replace Irene Adler in the meantime. Keep in mind that for Jin Shengtan, the important part is her (T) and (2-pc) effect, in this case, Captain can choose either Jin Shengtan(M) paired with Isaac Newton(B) or Mei Beach Party(M) with Jin Shengtan(B). I for one highly and will choose Isaac Newton more than Mei Beach Party.

  • Jin Shengtan(T): Gain 40% DEF in battle. Allies in Blue Phoenix Field gain 15% All Elemental DMG.
  • Jin Shengtan 2-pc: When host attack, create a Blue Phoenix Aura that last for 6s. Allies within the aura gain 30% All Elemental DMG to their attacks, while enemies within take 10% more All Elemental DMG.
  • Mei Beach Part(M): Host gain 18% Total DMG. Enemies attacked by the host take 15% more Total DMG for 4s. CD: 8s.
  • Isaac Newton(B): Attacks on the enemy iniates Challenge Mode that last 5s. During Challenge Mode, attacks gain 41% Total DMG Multiplier but hits taken also gain 31% Total DMG Multiplier. CD: 10s.



[God Devourer while using Jin Shengtan (T,M) Isaac Newton(B)] | [Bombard by HoT]




Azure Storm | Darwin(T) | Darwin(M) | Darwin(B)


  • Darwin(T): Boosts 8% Lightning DMG for every 15 Combo Hit and can be stacked up to 4 times. Which means at 60 Combo Hit Count, the host will get 35% Lightning DMG.
  • Darwin(M): Provide 7% Total DMG Reduction for every 1 hit taken by the host and can be stacked up to 4 times.
  • Darwin(B): Gain 6% Total DMG Multiplier for every Ultimate Evasion performed by the host and can be stacked up to 4 times. This means that after the 4th Ultimate Evasion performed, the host will gain 24% Total DMG Multiplier.
  • Darwin 2-pc: Gain a shield upon entry. When the shield is active, the host gain 20% Lightning DMG.
  • Darwin 3-pc: Provides 20% Lightning DMG and 20% faster Move Speed.



[God Devourer while using Darwin set] | [Bombard by HoT]




Azure Storm Edison(T) Edison(M) Edison(B)


  • Edison(T): Gain 15% Lightning DMG. Gain 1 charge every 6s. The next Basic ATK deals additional 120% ATK of Lightning DMG.
  • Edison(M): Gain 10% Lightning DMG.
  • Edison 2-pc: Gain 1 charge every 12s. Next Basic ATK gains 50% Total DMG Multiplier. Host also gains 15% Total DMG Multiplier for 6s.
  • Edison 3-pc: Gain 25% Lightning DMG.



[God Devourer while using Edison set] | [Bombard by HoT]




For one team to have the best synergy with each other, it is best for the team to have 1 Damage Dealer and 2 Support.

In term of Support, FR work well with these Valkyrie and Weapon:


Azure Empyrea | Phoenix | Phantom Iron | Lightning Empress | Blood Dance | MAG-Typhoon | Thunder Kikaku


AE, Phoenix and PI are an Omni-Element Support (all elemental damage) while LE is a Lightning Support only. Where once certain condition or moves are fulfilled, they will either buff the whole team or debuff the enemies.


Blood Dance is the most popular Support Weapon where the active skill will make the enemies take 60% more Elemental DMG for 9s with the downside doubling their attack speed. While BD is an Omni-Element Support Weapon, MAG and TK are Lightning Support only where MAG will make the enemies take 25% more Lightning DMG for 12s and TK make enemies take 60% more Lightning DMG for 7s.




In term of Damage Dealer, FR can marvelously support Lightning DMG Dealer such as Herrscher of Thunder, Shadow Knight, Hawk of the Fog, Lightning Empress, Darkbolt Jonin. The only thing to watch out is how to maximize FR’s Lightning DMG and her support buff by perfecting the timing and QTE.



The best team to equip FR is:


Herrscher of Thunder Fallen Rosemary Azure Empyrean


As all know by now, FR is a Lightning Support Valkyrie with mid-DPS that help a lot alongside HoT and AE. This is a perfect team for Captain who do not have Blood Dance or Thunder Kikaku as support. To maximize the full potential of Lightning DMG and support buff for FR, there is a strategy to it that was mentioned in the tutorial stage.


Trigger FR QTE > After QTE, connect with Evasion, Basic ATK 4th sequence, Charged ATK to apply all 3 runes > FR Ultimate > AE Ultimate > HoT deal massive damage













Open image in new tab to see full picture



Fallen Rosemary is a very great addition in the elemental support Valkyrie especially in Lightning DMG team featuring Herrscher of Thunder. It was as if FR is created just to enhance HoT capabilities. 

Not to mention FR is grindable alongside her weapon and stigmatas, making every Captain have a chance to upgrade their Elemental DMG team to a new step.