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Fallen Rosemary Guide: Line up, equipment and more


Hello my fellow Hyperion cleaners, welcome to this "Fallen Rosemary" waifu review... I mean character guide. This guide was made in v4.2 beta - v4.2.
*In this guide I use abbreviations to refer the valks (for example FR: Fallen Rosemary), you can check them here 

The entire guide is based on S rank Fallen Rosemary (however, some of her core support skills are unlocked at SS rank) and it's not 100% accurate, so I'd recommed reading other people's guides too to have a global understanding of this new waifu.

Fallen Rosemary, FR from now, is a new FARMABLE base S-rank LONG HAIRED Rita battlesuit. Apart from her gorgeous, beautiful appearance and her graceful and flowing movements, she's also a very strong QUA type lightning DPS and support, with a massive damage ultimate, long lasting buffs for the entire team and can charge paralyze trauma (which is very useful in the new EX Abyss). 

And yes, she's farmable and not gacha only. Her character card costs 600 Ancient Willpowers and 600 Ancient (teri)Heritage, her fragments costs 10 willpower and 10 teritage each (limit 4 frags/week and 6 frags/week after reaching SS Rank) and her euipment will be exchangeable in the Elite's Work: 6000 stigma resos/12 lucions for each BiS stigma piece; 4000 weapon resos for the BiS weapon.

I know that I've said it before, but damn she's beautiful, God bless Mihoyo's art and graphic design department.

Let's start looking at her skills.



1. Leader skill: Tonight or Never: Boosts team's total damage if formed by 3 different types, boosts lightning damage of charged, combo and ultimate attacks. It's just like AE's leader skill but especially for lightning teams.


2. Special attack: God Eater: By holding atk, casts God Hunter at 100 Disir (the enery bar above the hp bar) or God Devourer at 200 Disir, consuming all Disir and enters Valfreyja form, God Devourer creates Stain of Trickery (the circle on the floor) and makes enemies in range take 18% bonus of lightning damage for 20s. This atk inflicts paralyze and charges paralyze trauma. At SS rank, it boosts entire team's elemental damage.


3. Ultimate: Helvegr: Unleashes the Trickster, after charging for a time performs an AOE attack that deals massive damage(1200% ATK) and inflicts Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies. For each Rune, ultimate deals 500% ATK of bonus damage, so it's a massive nuke of 2700% ATK of lightning damage whith all Runes applied. ULT consumes all the runes, which means that it clears all the buffs and has no support function except Quantum Implosion.


4. Basic attack: Vaettir Mistress: Basic attaks regens Disir, a total of 60 Disir with the full 5 sequence combo. In Valfreyja form: the 3rd sequence applies Garmr (wolf) Rune with paralize trauma and restores 10 Disir; the 4th sequence restores 48 Disir and applies Linnorm (snake) Rune, also with paralyze trauma.
Garmr (wolf): Enemies near FR take 15% bonus lightning damage and become weakened. Can be applied with the 3rd sequence of basic attack in Valfreyja form and FR's QTE.
Linnorm (snake): Enemires near FR takes 50% ATK of lightning damage for 15s. Can be applied with the 4th sequence of basic attack in Valfreyja form.
Strix (bird): Team deals 10.8% bonus lightning damage and restores 0.4 SP/s per 15s. Can be applied by hitting with the evade attack in Valfreyja form (No ultimate evasion needed, just with the damage that FR deals with the evade movement is enough, like TP's skirt).


5. Evasion skill: Night Seeress: Any evasion deals lightning damage and can apply Strix (bird) Rune in Valfreyja form (Strix has 8s of CD). Ultimate evasion triggers time fracture and Strix. Upon ultimate evasion or triggering Strix, evasion attack can be connected into basic attack 4 sequence.
QTE: Triggered by knocked/airbone and ignited enemies, FR immediatly enters Valfreyja form, triggers global time fracture and applies Garmr Rune.


6. Passive: Unbound Flyting: Teammate's combo and charged attacks can restore Disir and SP for FR. In Valfryja form, FR deals more damage (and restores Disir and SS rank).

As we can see, FR is already strong at S rank, she has team lightning damage buff, enemies take bonus damage, paralyze, time fracture,... but she unleashes her true power at SS rank, like entire team elemental dmage buff or faster Disir restore.
So... my fellow captain, it's time to grind!



Then, let's take a look her her equipment equipment.
FR's BiS equipment are: Irene Adler set and the scythe Iris of the Dreams.

Let's start with the stigma set:

My waifu: Irene-chan, is Fuhua's favourite idol and actress...oh wait.. the stigma set? Ah yes, the stigma... Ehem, sorry. ( ̄▽ ̄'')
Irene Adler is a very strong elemental support stigma set, comparable to Margrave or Jinshengtan. She can be equipped on AE or PX if you don't have Margrave. Each piece of Irene-chan will be exchangeable with purple lucions (12) or stigma resonators (6000).

Between, her design is pretty beautiful

Irene Adler (T): Boosts lightning damage. When host is off field team deals 12% bonus elemental damage.


Irene Adler (M): Boosts lightning damage and provides some incoming damage reduction.


Irene Adler (B): Boosts total damage. Charged and ultimate attacks inflicts Bedazzle on enemies, making them take 15% more elemental damage for 18s (Can be refreshed but cannot stack).


Set Bonuses:
-2 Set bonus: Boosts total damage. Team deals 18% more elemental damage against Bedazzled enemies.
-3 Set bonus: Charged and QTE attacks boosts team's lightning damage by 10% for 20s (Can be refreshed). Boosts Rita's total damage.


Now her weapon:

Iris of the Dreams: 
Active: Fallen Rosemary immediatly enters Valfreyja form. Enemies are Bedazzled.
Passive: Boosts charged and ultimate's lightning damage. Team deals 15% bonus total damage to enemies affected by Stain of Trickery.

As we can see, Irene-chan set has multiple buffs and seems pretty universal for any elemental support with charged/combo attacks to use. The botton piece of the stigma set can be used as a replacement of Newton B for mobbing, also it's the core piece due to all those buffs that requires Bedazzle.

This move from Mihoyo, is called "Trying to seal the legendary Newton B's power". (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The priority for those gears are: Weapon=Irene-chan (B)> Irene-chan (T)> Irene-chan (M).


Damage Comparison

Here I compared the damage of an entire rotation with different support gears on FR (ordered from higher damage to lower).
The line up I used is HoT (full geared), AE (full geared) and FR.


*The rotation that I used is AE evade + Yin Yang mix + weapon skill + ult > FR QTE + evade atk + basic atk sequence + combo atk > HoT ult + ≈2/3 herrscher charge of bombard > AE mix + ult > FR QTE + evade atk + basic atk sequence + combo atk + ult > HoT's finisher + weapon skill + combo atk.

Here's s a video about it:

1. Iris of the Dreams + Irene Adler set: Nothing to say about her signature gear, best performance overall.

Total damage: 6,011,360 


2. Iris of the Dreams + Irene TB, Tesla Band M: Tesla Band M also works very well on FR with her off field 15% lightning damage buff.

Total damage: 5,788,728


3. Placeholder scythe + Irene Adler set: BiS weapons are very important for any character and FR is not the exception.

Total damage: 5,686,592


4. Iris of ther Dreams + JST TM, Irene B: JST also works pretty well and Irene B is one of the best elemental support stigmas for mobbing when you have enough SP with BD.

Total damage: 5,355,184


5. Iris of the Dreams + JST TM, Newt B: Newt B has almost the same performance as Irene B. Our legendary noot is still worthy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Total Damage: 5,354,872


6. Placeholder scythe + Gluttony T, FHM MB: Oh you're poor? What coincidence, me too.  ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭

Total damage: 4,546,160

Conclusion: f2p gear does not suit on this superior waifu. ( ̄▽ ̄"")


Line Up

Here, I'll recommend some line ups with FR. HoT is placeholder here, you can replace her for any other lightning dps (FR/SK leader skill for SK teams, AE/FR Leader skill for HF teams, FR leader skill for DJ teams).

1. Luxury Line up:
AE is currently the best elemental support in the game with her elemental brench and gather skills and she can also trigger FR's QTE by igniting/knocking enemies into airbone, which grants Valfreyja form for FR upon entering.


1.5. MA Line up:
This line up only works in MA, also DP needs atleast SS rank and Kikaku.


2. Mid budget:
"The hottest thing there is" (PX) is also a very good elemental support, her combo atks can knock enemies into airbone to trigger FR's QTE.


3. Hair saving mobbing line up:
By slapping Sloth B on DK you can have a good gather source. The rotation with this line up should usually be: DK gather > FR applies buffs > DPS burst + farm sp > FR farm Disir > Repeat


4. Poverty but usable line up:
Extreme poverty line up. WD can provide 30% elemntal damage buff when off field, but PX exists and she's farmable, so... just get PX.



HoT FR DP vs Exalted Hephaestus


Other random stuff
And here's some extra recommendations and opinions about FR.

First, excuse me but I have to say it again: Fallen Rosemary is so gorgeous, elegant, beautiful and an excellent waifu material, sasuga Mihoyo's art and designing department.

Now, I do not recommend focusing on FR in war trasury if you don't have SS PX, SS TP, SS LE, etc. First, At S Rank, BD is almost the same as FR; in global server, our abyss temps are not that high and usually we don't get long fights, also her performance in MA is even worse than JST Newt B BD.

About FR gear. Her stigmas or weapons are somehow expensive, 12 purple lucions/6000 stigma resonator is very hard to grind for just one piece, so I recommend getting the weapon first and do with JST TM, Newt B while farming for her stigma set, because JST Newt is not weak, it's just that Irene is stronger.

And to finish, thanks to Mihoyo to give me this opportunity to be in the v4.2 beta test, special thanks to Mihoyo's art and design department for bringing us all this waifu materi... I mean visually incredible game, thank you my fellow Hyperion cleaner for reading and I hope that this guide was somehow useful for you.


For any questions about the game, I invite you to join HI3's official Discord, there's a very nice community and whales or honkai boomers who can help you with anything about the game.