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Ai-chan's Valhalla: [Nobel]

Hello Captains! Thanks for tuning in to Ai-chan's Valhalla! Today we are looking at a new stigmata set released in v3.1: the Ballistite set [Nobel].


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures


[Nobel (T)]
5★ HP: 362, ATK: 109, DEF: 111

[Stable Explosive]: For every Combo Hit, physical DMG from Charged ATKs increases by 1.5%. Max stack: 30.


[Nobel (M)]
5★ HP: 459, DEF: 221, CRIT: 8

[Nitroglycerin]10% bonus Crit Rate for Charged ATKs. Hitting enemies with Charged ATKs reduces physical DMG taken by 30% for 1s (resets on subsequent procs).


[Nobel (B)]
5★ HP: 435, ATK: 64, DEF: 66, CRIT:8

[Safe Manufacturing]: When Combo/Charged ATK hits the enemy, enter Absorbed State. Absorbed State: enemies hit by Combo/Charged ATKs are weakened for 3s (ATK is reduced by 30%). Absorbed State ends and enters a 15s CD when host fails to hit an enemy using Combo/Charged ATK within 2s.


2-pc Bonus [Dynamite]

Charged ATKs cause explosion on hit, dealing 180% ATK of physical DMG. Cooldown: 1s.


3-pc Bonus [Igniter]

After each entrance, the first 2 hits taken by the host will suffer 40% DMG reduction and will not interrupt her. Charged ATKs gain 30% Crit DMG.



Stigmata Skill Review

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures


[Nobel (T)] offers awesome 45% bonus Charged ATK damage when combo hit count reaches 30. And reaching 30 hits is a piece of cake for high-hit battlesuits such as [Molotov Cherry] and Bronya battlesuits on a rapid-fire weapon.


[Nobel (M)] increases 10% Charged ATK Crit rate outright, and offers 30% of physical DMG reduction as long as you keep hitting enemies with Charged ATKs. It's a rare stigma that permanently boosts the Crit Rate of a frequently used type of attack. The stat isn't exactly huge, but the up side is that you'd be benefiting from it most of the time. More importantly, the 30% physical DMG reduction ensures survivability while you're unleashing a world of hurt.


[Nobel (B)] allows host enter Absorbed State upon hits on enemies with Combo/Charged ATKs, during which Combo/Charged ATKs weaken enemies and lower their ATK. As a niche stigma, it works best on battlesuits which deals more damage against weakened enemies and in highly challenging stages such as Dirac Sea where survivability is a big deal.


2-pc Bonus:

Charged ATKs cause explosion on hit, dealing 180% attack of physical DMG. This bonus is the soul of this set. Battlesuits which frequently uses Charged ATKs can keep the explosion going nonstop, dealing massive physical AOE DMG. [Molotov Cherry] falls right into this category.


3-pc Bonus:

This bonus focuses more on dealing damage more comfortably and lasting longer in battle. It frees you from a lot of awkward moments when your attacks get interrupted. It's immediately triggered whenever the host enters battle and therefore can be used very often. As for the permanent 30% bonus Crit DMG for Charged ATKs, what more can you ask?




This set has most of its power on Charged ATKs, and is therefore an ideal pick for Charged ATK-reliant battlesuits.

Recommended for: [Molotov Cherry]

The top and bottom pieces are reasons enough to go for the set. The skill of the top piece requires only 30 hits to be fully utilized, and the max-stack bonus physical DMG on Charged ATKs is more than nice. The bottom piece has great synergy with [Molotov Cherry]'s passive [HIT THAT THING!] and can provide bonus total damage against weakened or time-slowed enemies.

When you have battlesuits or an ELF with bonus HP regen or damage reduction (for example [ELF: Jingwei's Wings], [Yamabuki Armor] and [Divine Prayer]) on the team, you don't have to rely too much on the middle piece for survivability and can swap it for [Ekaterina (M)] for maximum benefits.

The 2-pc bonus boosts physical DMG for [Molotov Cherry]'s Charged ATKs, while the 3-pc bonus amplifies Crit DMG for her Charged ATKs, not to mention the added survivability and interruption resistance.