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Become a shining star! [Blueberry Blitz] Guide

Greetings, Captains~ Today we are throwing out some tips on how to best command the new A-rank battlesuit of Liliya: [Blueberry Blitz].




[Blueberry Blitz] is a new MECH-type melee battlesuit. As an expert of shield breaking, she excels in counter-attacking and powering up teammates.


★ Basic ATK ★

[Blueberry Blitz]'s main source of damage and Blitz Power regen.


★ Charged Attack ★

With full Blitz Power, tap and hold [ATK] to launch Charged ATK, dealing massive physical DMG and knocking enemies airborne. Shielded enemies take bonus physical DMG.

Hold [ATK] to adjust your landing area. Use it to break enemy shields or dodge fatal attacks.


★ Ultimate ★

Adopt DEF Stance to block incoming damage. DEF Stance lasts for 1.8s, triggering Retaliation and weakening enemies when taking damage or at the end of the duration.


Unleash Ultimate right before taking damage to proc Retaliation EX, dealing higher damage, triggering brief Time Fracture and massively reducing Ultimate cooldown.


★ QTE ★

[Operation Gemina] can be triggered upon teammates being attacked or enemies being knocked airborne.



[Blueberry Blitz] is a MECH-type utility battlesuit. [Blueberry Blitz] deals decent damage with both Charged ATKs and Ultimate. Also, she is a proficient shield breaker and can frequently trigger teammates' QTEs. In addition, her Ultimate weakens enemies, creating an ideal environment for teammates to put out tons of damage.

On exit, [Blueberry Blitz] can also boost the deployed battlesuit with bonus physical DMG. With both on the team, [Blueberry Blitz] can empower [Molotov Cherry] with a variety of buffs through her Ultimate, exit and QTE.



Recommended Weapons

★ [Swan Lake] ★

[Swan Lake]'s active deals hefty AOE physical DMG and impairs enemies, offering much-needed impairment for the team. [Swan Lake]'s active can also easily gain charges and refund SP through [Blueberry Blitz]'s Retaliation EX.

[Swan Lake]'s passive further enhances the shield breaking capacity of [Blueberry Blitz]'s Ultimate and her follow-up damage.



Recommended Stigmata

★ [Beethoven] ★

[Beethoven] is the perfect support set for [Blueberry Blitz]. The top piece offers outright bonus HP to give [Blueberry Blitz] a better chance to fight till the end.

The middle piece mitigates physical DMG taken when the host is in battle and boosts teammates' physical melee DMG when the host is on standby.

The bottom piece provides fast SP regen when [Blueberry Blitz] is in battle.


The 2-pc bonus works well with [Blueberry Blitz] in breaking tough shields, and paves the way for teammates to deal tremendous physical DMG at close quarters.

The 3-pc bonus grants the next battlesuit an absurdly long duration of damage reduction and boosted HP regen, giving you extra confidence in tough battles.

The low SP cost and short cooldown of [Blueberry Blitz]'s Ultimate make the multi-piece bonuses very easy to proc and therefore massively improve the team's combat efficiency.


★ [Theresa: Origins] ★

A reasonably accessible set perfectly suited for transitional periods. The top piece helps weapon actives to deal more damage. The middle piece lowers cooldown for weapon actives, allowing them to be used more often. The bottom piece boosts the host's attack speed after casting the weapon's active.

The 2-pc bonus offers decent damage reduction for teammates while the 3-pc bonus amplifies the physical DMG of Basic ATKs for the entire team.



Team Lineup

★ Molotov Cherry + Blueberry Blitz + Yamabuki Armor (augmented) ★

With both on the team, [Blueberry Blitz] can power [Molotov Cherry] up with fancy joint moves and sweet buffs.

[Yamabuki Armor]'s shield protects [Molotov Cherry] and makes her less vulnerable when charging. The Crit Rate and physical melee Damage bonuses from the shield help to maximize [Molotov Cherry] and [Blueberry Blitz]'s damage output.

Both [Blueberry Blitz] & [Yamabuki Armor] can weaken enemies and easily proc [Molotov Cherry]'s passive and QTE to boost her overall damage. Not to mention all 3 battlesuits can round up enemies and take them out all at once.