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It's show time! [Molotov Cherry] Guide

Greetings, Captains. Today we are taking a close look at the new S-rank battlesuit of Rozaliya: [Molotov Cherry].

[Molotov Cherry] specializes in dealing sustained physical DMG at close-to-mid range. Powerful boosts and joint attacks are unlocked when [Blueberry Blitz] is also on the team.



Battlesuit Intro

[Molotov Cherry]'s major strength lies in her Charged ATK, which comes with high AOE damage and strong shield penetration. Also, her skills are in great synergy with that of [Blueberry Blitz]. With both on the team, [Molotov Cherry] gains powerful boosts for her Basic & Charged ATK and Ultimate. In addition, special passive skills are unlocked with both on the team.


★ Basic ATK ★

[Molotov Cherry]'s secondary source of damage. When [Blueberry Blitz] is on the team, [Molotov Cherry]'s Basic ATKs become empowered joint attacks.

★ Basic ATK:


★ Joint Basic ATK (with [Blueberry Blitz] on the team):


★ Charged ATK ★

Hold the [ATK] button anytime during Basic ATKs to perform Charged ATKs. With [Blueberry Blitz] co-deployed, [Molotov Cherry]'s Charged ATKs draw enemies close slowly. Tap [ATK] repeatedly when charging to unleash VODKA FINALE.


★ Ultimate ★

Consumes 100 SP to ferociously slash enemies. With [Blueberry Blitz] co-deployed, the slashes become more powerful joint attacks and restore SP for [Blueberry Blitz].

★ Ultimate:


★ Joint Ultimate (with [Blueberry Blitz] co-deployed):


★ QTE ★

Triggered when an enemy is weakened or an enemy's shield is broken. Deals high damage, pulls in and stuns enemies. If triggered by swapping [Blueberry Blitz], the pulling effect becomes stronger, and QTE gains a Total DMG Multiplier.



Key skills

[Molotov Cherry] is a damage dealer who relies on high stacks of damage boosts from teammates and herself to deal tons of damage with Charged ATKs. The keywords are therefore [Charged ATK] and [damage boost].


★ Leader Skill ★

Bonus physical melee damage for the whole team. A sweet buff for all melee battlesuits dealing physical DMG.


★ Charged ATK ★

★ Basic mechanism: Charged ATKs generate Spice. When the Spice bar is full, Charged ATKs can no longer be performed. Spice reduces when Charged ATK is inactive, whether she is currently in battle or on standby. (Spice goes down faster when the Spice bar is full.)

▲ The Spice bar turns gray when it's full


★ Joint moves: With [Blueberry Blitz] on the team, Charged ATKs pull in more enemies to keep them within range. When Charged ATKs end, VODKA FINALE can be unleashed to deal massive damage at the cost of extra Spice generation.

[Molotov Cherry] is invincible during VODKA FINALE. Use it to block incoming damage burst or when the Spice bar is almost full.


The 3rd, 4th and 5th sequences of joint Basic ATKs reduce Spice.


★ Damage Boosts ★

I KAN'T STOP!: TYPHOON! YAY! and VODKA FINALE gain bonus damage with time (caps at 7s) and restore SP. If possible, make TYPHOON! YAY! last longer each cast for more damage.


HIT THAT THING!: Bonus total DMG ramps up as combo hit count stacks up. Try to keep the hit count above 30 as long as possible. This passive also grants bonus total DMG against weakened or time-slowed enemies, so weakening debuffs from teammates can further ramp up her damage.



Recommended Weapons

★ [Sleeping Beauty] ★

The weapon's passive grants TYPHOON! YAY! bonus physical DMG, and its short cooldown allows it to be procced by TYPHOON! YAY! repeatedly and deal truckloads of bonus DMG.

Meanwhile, the weapon offers passive DEF and interruption resistance, greatly reducing the damage taken during TYPHOON! YAY!. The bonus Crit Rate and Crit DMG that come with the weapon's active skill take [Molotov Cherry]'s burst damage to the next level. And its HP regen boost allows her to wreak havoc even more freely.


★ [Judgment by Dawn] ★

As a well-rounded choice for all physical DMG dealers, this weapon grants bonus AOE lightning DMG and a weakening debuff which can be triggered by Crit hits. With its active on, it further increases attack speed and Crit Rate for both Basic and Charged ATKs.



Recommended Stigmata

★ Nobel ★

[Nobel (T)] provides bonus physical DMG for Charged ATKs based on combo hit count, which suits [Molotov Cherry] perfectly.

[Nobel (M)] grants bonus Crit Rate for Charged ATKs and reduces physical DMG taken for better survivability.

[Nobel (B)] can keep enemies weakened through continuous Charged ATKs, triggering [Molotov Cherry]'s passive DMG boost and reducing DMG taken.


The 2-pc bonus grants Charged ATKs bonus physical AOE DMG. The 3-pc bonus amplifies Crit DMG for Charged ATKs and improves survivability at the same time, making the set the obvious choice for [Molotov Cherry].


★ Michelangelo & Ekaterina ★

[Michelangelo (T)] and [Michelangelo (B)] provide bonus physical DMG and bonus Crit DMG to Basic/Charged/Combo ATKs, while the 2-pc bonus brings beefy bonus total DMG to the table. [Ekaterina (M)] boosts physical DMG through high combo hit count.



Team Lineup

★ Molotov Cherry + Blueberry Blitz + Yamabuki Armor (augmented) ★

As a melee damage dealer, [Molotov Cherry] benefits from [Yamabuki Armor]'s shield protection and bonus physical DMG, bonus Crit Rate as long as the shield holds. [Yamabuki Armor]'s Ultimate and QTE can round up enemies for [Molotov Cherry] to deal damage more efficiently. [Yamabuki Armor]'s single shots also create a sustained weakening field to trigger [Molotov Cherry]'s passive damage boost.

When also on the team, [Blueberry Blitz] empowers [Molotov Cherry] with joint moves and bonus damage. Meanwhile, [Molotov Cherry] also boosts [Blueberry Blitz] with bonus SP regen and damage, making them incredibly more powerful when fighting side by side.