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Domain of Sanction Weapon Guide

[ATK 447 – CRT 12]

Domain of Sanction is the only PRI-ARM introduced in version 4.1. It is the most unusual PRI-ARM release in many ways: It is released on the same day with its 5* counterpart Key of Castigation, and it's also designed for the Valkyrie released in the same patch – Herrscher of Thunder. In this guide, we will go over the function of the weapon, and whether or not you should spend your limited resources to upgrade your Key of Castigation – after you've spent thousands of Crystals to pull it in the first place.

For more on Herrscher of Thunder, check out my video guide:



Raizan Cleave

[SP: 0][CD: 15s] Unleashes a long-range forward slash, dealing 1500% of Lightning DMG and paralyzing enemies for 5s. The wielder is invincible while casting this skill. When equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, it also inflicts Narukami's Mark on enemies for 15s; and this skill can be chained into Shinzan Strike (Special Combo ATK). When riding the dragon, Bombard (Combo ATK) deals 40% bonus Lightning DMG.


Deafening Peal

Casting the Active skill increases wielder's Total DMG by 20% for 20s. When equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, performing Ultimate will also trigger this effect (subsequent procs refresh the duration). Casting the Active skill also recovers 200 Herrscher Charge.


Divine Penalty

Wielder deals 45% bonus Lightning DMG. Herrscher of Thunder also deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG to enemies with Narukami's Mark.



 Unsurprisingly, this weapon gives Herrscher of Thunder an insurmountable amount of bonuses:

  • First of all, the Active skill instantly recovers 200 Herrscher Charge, or 1/3 of Herrscher Gauge. Since HoT often starts with 100 - 200 Charge and her QTE restores another 200, you can usually perform a Special Combo Attack immediately after entering with QTE and casting Active skill. You have to resort to Basic Attacks without this bonus, which considerably slows down her damage cycles.
  • Secondly, it instantly gives HoT a 20% Total DMG upon casting Active or performing Ultimate. This means both her Ultimate and Special Combo ATK, her two main sources of damage, can take advantage of this damage increase.
  • Active skill also inflicts Narukami's Mark on affected enemies. While Narukami's Mark itself is a big debuff (inflicted enemies take 40% more Lightning DMG and more), almost all of HoT's skills can apply it already, and her Normal Combo ATK does it even faster.
  • Bombard (the Dragon's Combo ATK)'s damage is increased by 40%. While Bombard is mostly used to finish off enemies, having this bonus will save you at least a couple seconds during timed fights.
  • Last but not least, Divine Penalty gives Herrscher of Thunder some flat damage buffs. Since she can keep enemies marked most of the time, it basically translates to a 65% Lightning DMG buff.



Herrscher of Thunder

Compared to Key of Castigation, this weapon contains a variety of upgrades:

  • Increased base stats and Active skill damage
  • Faster Herrscher Charge regeneration (Instant recovery instead of restoring over time)
  • Bonus Lightning DMG increased from 25% to 45%.
  • New bonuses for casting Weapon skill (20% TDM), dealing damage to Marked enemies (20% Lightning) and performing Bombard (40% Lightning).


With Domain of Sanction's myriad of bonuses, it unsurprisingly beats MAG-Typhoon and all other weapons in terms of damage output for HoT:

 (Only the third-stage Active Skill is used for MAG-Typhoon)

Here are some video examples of HoT making use of Domain of Sanction:

HoT DP MC vs. Hephaestus (31840): https://www.3rdguide.com/web/teamnew/detail?id=7820

HoT DP MC vs. Hephaestus (31626): https://www.3rdguide.com/web/teamnew/detail?id=7726

HoT DP MC vs. Bright Knight (31466):


Once again, I'm not calling her DJ.

In the hands of any non-HoT Valkyrie, the usefulness of this weapon drops in an unsurprising way. Apart from the stat buffs and Active skill's damage, these are the only bonuses applicable to Kasumi:

  • Wielder deals 45% bonus Lightning DMG.
  • Casting Active skill gives the wielder 20% Total DMG for 20s.

In Honkai boomer language, it translates to a 1.74x multiplier.

To compare this with MAG-Typhoon, first we will look at its bonuses:
- Wielder deals 50% bonus Lightning DMG.
- The 3rd sequence of Active skill makes enemies take 25% bonus Lightning DMG for 12s.
This translates to a 1.875x multiplier.

In reality, however, all setups with Kasumi also requires Lightning Empress and her Conductive debuff, which makes enemies take a whopping 70% more Lightning DMG. Domain of Sanction's 20% Total DMG bonus will not be diluted with this, causing better scalability.

If we add Conductive into the above calculation, Domain of Sanction will give a 2.96x multiplier, while MAG-Typhoon only gives a 2.93x multipler.

The calculation gets more complicated the more teammates/stigmas we add in, but in most situations, a setup with Domain of Sanction will deliver 5 to 10% higher damage multiplier than one with MAG-Typhoon.

With that being said, considering the high potential cost of Domain of Sanction, it's not recommended to get this weapon for Kasumi unless you are also planning to get Herrscher of Thunder.



Lightning Empress

For a support character, a weapon with better support capabilities is better than one with higher damage. And MAG-Typhoon has an invaluable support skill: Instantly applies Conductive debuff on enemies by casting Active skill.

Domain of Sanction does not provide a similar effect, and thus should not be used by Lightning Empress.



The first and foremost requirement on crafting Domain of Sanction is having Key of Castigation in your Weapon library. At the time of writing this, this weapon can only be obtained from Focused or Expansion Equipment supplies.
Next, you need to sacrifice a Lv.50 Katana that wasn't acquired from Events or with AE Imaginons. As such, weapons like One Salty Tuna or Plasma Kagehide are not applicable.

Finally, you need 3 different types of materials:

  • Einstein's Torus is the major bottleneck in the bunch. The fastest way to obtain them is to buy them with Weapon Resonators at a 10:1 Ratio. Alternatively, the Dorm Shop is selling 50 of them for a total of 5000 Work Points Cards.
  • Nanoceramic can be obtained through Weekday Events, or purchased from Asterite Shop.
  • SC Metal-H2 is available in Memorial Arena Rewards, or you can exchange for them with Work Points Cards, Asterites or Gold Pins.  

To obtain and max out Briareus EX, you will need 400 Einstein's Torus (Roughly 4000 Weapon Resonators), 150 Nanoceramic and 520 SC Metal-H2.



I have used the word “unsurprising” a bit too often in this article, and I believe it's the most fitting word to describe Domain of Sanction. Its purpose is being Herrscher of Thunder's signature weapon, and to make Key of Castigation better than the already-popular MAG-Typhoon, Mihoyo had no choice but to release its PRI-ARM on day one. And as a result, players are forced to spend an additional layer of resources to bring their Herrscher to optimal performance, after having spent thousands of Crystals to pull her equipment in the first place.

This weapon speaks volumes about the balancing issues that current PRI-ARMs have. Some PRI-ARMs are huge performance upgrades (MAG-Typhoon and 11th Leitourgia), others are straight up mediocre (Tranquil Rhapsody and Endless Voiders), and then there is Domain of Sanction, whose purpose of being a PRI-ARM is only to beat another PRI-ARM. That's not to say Domain is a bad weapon – it's still a must-have for your Herrscher of Thunder. I only hope Mihoyo will do a better job of balancing PRI-ARMs in the future.

Thanks for reading!