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Mastering Herrscher of Thunder


Greeting captains, in this 4.1 version we have a new battlesuit, and now it is time for Riden Mei to get her turn. As we already know in the latest main story, where she met the leader of the world serpent namely Kevin Kaslana. Kevin Kaslana tells Mei how to save his best friend Kiana by joining the World Serpen and at the same time tells how to get Mei's old strength back. As we have seen for a some reasons, kiana has a bad condition that allows her to lose his life. A moment after hearing that from Kevin Kaslana at the same time a terrible old power was awakened from the body of Mei, instantly Mei turned into a cold and very powerful figure. So that's the beginning story of the latest battlesuit that is Herrscher of Thunder (HoT).

Same as her precursor Herrscher battlesuit Herrscher of Void (HoV) and Herrscher of Reason (HoR), HoT came out with extraordinary strength. The type of HoT's attack is Meele and has Lightning Element and of course she takes the role of DPS or in other terms the type of battlesuit that we usually use to do a Tons of damage. As a DPS role, of course we need support to multiple the damage output produced by HoT. There are so many types of supports that can be used as a companion to HoT. But before that, we must know and understand every single skill she has.

In this following article I will show you all the skills possessed by HoT, starts from basic skills, combo, special combo, passive, ultimate, and several other unique skills, At the same time I will explain briefly and concisely about some of the unique skill mechanisms possessed by HoT . Okay, without further ado, just go to this following article:


List of Contents:


Battlesuit Overview

Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) is the latest S-Rank Batllesuit in Honkai impact 3 version 4.1.  HoT is a physic type battlesuit, a type of meele lightning attack and acts as a DPS. Like other herrscher-type battlesuit, HoT appears with enormous strength. Most of the HoT's damage comes from combo attacks, Ultimate, and the effects of it's active weapons found on its signature weapons. Another advantage possessed by HoT apart from the large damage that is produced is that she can make enemies exposed to paralyze debuffs, can trigger Time fracture, has fast attack speed, and burst-type Ultimate that make it possible to produce large damage in a long duration.



Herrscher of Thunder Skills

*Note: Tap the GIFs for better quality

Leader skill

Yaoyorozu, Team deals 28.0%  bonus total DMG. PSY-type battlesuits have 70 bonus initial SP. In Open World, the initial SP Bonus takes effect once every 10 mins.

Surely most of you are familiar with the effects of this skill leader. Yes the effect is almost the same as Lightning Empress's skill leader. This skill leader will definitely gives you a very easy run in various stages, especially  Memorial Arena and Abyss stage. With this skill you will get ease in releasing the ultimate skill quickly at the beginning of the fight (Most suitable for the Memorial Arena)


Basic Attack

Takemikazuchi's Edge, Lightning-imbued katana attacks. Evading after any of the first 3 sequences does not break the combo.
1st Sequence: 60% ATK of Physical DMG + 60% ATK of Lightning DMG.
2nd Sequence: 80% ATK of Physical DMG + 70% ATK of Lightning DMG.
3rd Sequence: 60% ATK of Physical DMG + 80% ATK of Lightning DMG.
4th Sequence: 250% ATK of Lightning DMG.
5th Sequence: 300% ATK of Lightning DMG.
5th sequence of Basic ATK, Combo ATK, Ultimate Evasion skill, QTE, and Ultimate inflict Narukami's Mark on enemies for 15s. Marked enemies take 20% bonus Lightning DMG from the Valkyrie (independent effect).
Narukami's Mark cannot coexist with Soul  Razor's conductive buff from Lightning Empress.
Mantle of Prajna, During the first 3 sequences of Basic ATK, the Valkyrie takes 20.0% less Total DMG. During the 5th sequence, she has higher Ignore Interrupt and takes 80% less Total DMG. She can block the next incoming attack. Reset after 3 special Combo
Curse of Mikazuki, When the Valkyrie attacks enemies inflicted with Narukami's Mark, the bonus Lightning DMG increases to 40.0%.
QTE: Oni-Issen, Triggered by Time Slowed or knocked-airborne enemies to deal 400%+600% ATK of Lightning DMG and restore 200 Herrscher Charge. Tap [ATK] immediately after to connect into 4th sequence of Basic ATK. If switching in the Valkyrie to cast Ultimate Finisher with a QTE entry, Finisher deals 600% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG and restore 200 Herrscher Charge.



Basic ATK


5th sequence of Basic ATK inflict Narukami's Mark


QTE inflict Narukami's Mark


Tap [ATK] immediately after QTE to connect into 4th sequence of Basic ATK


There are several terms that you must remember because it is very important to maximized HoT performance, namely Herrscher Charge and Narukami's Mark. Herrscher Charge is a bar located above the HoT's HP, it is very important to fully fill this skill to activate special combos that have a large amount of DMG. Keep in mind that if you want to fulfill the Herrcher charge through basic attacks, you need to activate the Narukami's Mark skill first.

Narukami's Mark will result in an additional DMG for HoT's attacks. If you see a unique sign on the enemy's body, then this skill is already active. You can activate this Narukami's Mark skill through the 5th sequence of Basic ATK, Combo ATK, Ultimate Evasion skill, QTE, and Ultimate.


Passive Skill

Kagutsuchi's Avatar, Passive bonuses apply automatically.
Herrscher charge starts at 200 and maxes at 600. When performing special Combo ATK and Ultimate, the Valkyrie is in Herrscher Form. Ultimate Evasion skill and Bombard inflict  Blitzlock which immobilize and paralyze enemies.
When hitting an enemy inflicted with Narukami's Mark, Basic ATK, Combo ATK,  Evasion ATK, and Ultimate deal 5%/20% ATK of  bonus Lightning DMG to all marked enemies and recover 26/50 Herrscher Charge. CD: 0.05s. (No Herrscher Charge regen during Bombard and Finisher.)
Falling Thunder: Certain moves can proc it to deal 10% ATK of Lightning DMG per 0.2s to all enemies marked with Naaarukami's Mark and restore 10 herrscher Charge. Subsequent procs will extend the duration.
Brand of Kuji, When the Valkyrie attacks enemies inflicted with Narukami's Mark, the bonus Lightning DMG increases to 10.0%/40.0% of ATK.
Ruin of Arajishi , The Valkyrie deals 12.0% bonus Lightning DMG. In Herrscher Form, Elemental Breach is boosted by is boosted by 12.0%.
Gale of Acala, When the Valkyrie is deployed, teammates on standby restore 10.0% of SP obtained by her. The Valkyrie deals 30.0 bonus Total DMG to MECH Valkyrie deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG to MECH enemies.

Again, it is mentioned here that Narukami's Mark will causes more DMG to enemies, so it is very important to understand how this unique skill works. The skill named Gale of Acala allows HoT to dealt more bonuses DMG to MECH type enemies, so you don't need to worry anymore about MECH type enemies, pure DMG itself is already extraordinarily large, with this skill will definitely kill those MECHs twice, LoL


Combo Attack

Susanoo's Frenzy, Unleash Herrscher power for a mighty blow. Hold [ATK] after Basic ATK to perform
Combo ATK: 200% ATK of Lightning DMG
At full Herrscher Charge, hold [ATK] after Basic or Combo ATK to consume all charge and perform Special Combo ATK - Shinzan Strike, dealing 1050% ATK of Lightning DMG and triggering 3s of Narukami's Marks Falling Thunder effect.
Bane of Shutendoji, Shinzan Strike deals 40% bonus Total DMG. In non-burst mode, Combo ATKs restore 9.0 SP on hit. CD: 6.0s.
Flare of Gongen, At 75 hit count or higher, normal Combo ATKs reset hit count to 25, deal 100.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG, paralyze enemies, and proc Narukami's Mark's Falling Thunder effect for 2s. In the following 10s, affected enemies stack 1 Paralyze Trauma (12 max) for every hit by the Valkyrie
Fang of Momiji, After Combo ATKs hit, the Valkyrie restores 40.0 HP per second for 10s.



Combo ATK


Special Combo ATK - Shinzan Strike


And yeaahh we come to one of the biggest DMG producers after Ultimate, yes, Special Combo ATK - Shinzan Strike. To remember that to trigger this skill you need to fill the Herrcher Bar first. Normal ATK combos are also important especially when dealing with Paralyzable enemies, because when your hit count is above 75 normal combo ATK will make enemies receive paralyze debuff effect. Combo ATK and Special Combo ATK inflict Narukami's Mark. When performing special Combo ATK, the Valkyrie is in Herrscher Form.



Evasion Skill

Tsukuyomi's Flash, Evade enemy attacks up to twice in row.
Evasion deals 120% ATK of Lightning DMG to enemies hit.
Ultimate Evasion inflicts Narukami's Mark & Blitzlock on enemies for 2s. Base CD: 15s. Tap [ATK] within 1.5s after Ultimate Evasion to charge at and pull in enemies for follow-up, dealing 250% ATK of Lightning DMG and proccing a 4s Time Fracture.
In Ultimate: Activating Ultimate Evasion skill procs a 3s global Time Fracture and the next attack deals 300% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG. The activation and ending of Ultimate both reset Ultimate Evasion skill CD.
Galvanized Ojuzu, Ultimate Evasions restore 10.0 SP and trigger Narukami's Mark's Falling Thunder effect for 1s
Trance of A valok, Ultimate Evasion CD is reduced by 3.00s.
Crane of Ichimonji, The Ultimate Evasion follow-up deals 300.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG.





Ultimate evasion


Ultimate Evasion - Follow up


Right after Ultimate evasion is active, press the ATK button to trigger Ultimate Evasion follow-up. Besides it's causing DMG, follow-up skills can also produce a little help to gather enemies, making it easier for you to attack enemies simultaneously. Ultimate evasion inflict Narukami's Mark.


Ultimate Skill

Amaterasu's Ride, Enter burst mode and unleash full Herrscher power on the dragon's back. SP Cost: 125. Tap [ULT] 12s after activation or later to perform Finisher.
Ride the dragon to fight for 15s.
The Valkyrie takes damage when the dragon is hit but she has 80% Total DMG Reduction,  cannot die, restores 120 HP/s, and cannot cast weapon actives.
Entry: 1600% ATK of Lightning DMG and 600 Herrscher Charge regen.
Barrage: Tap [ATK] repeatedly to attack, dealing 250% ATK of Lightning DMG per hit.
The cyclone deals 25% ATK of Lightning DMG per 0.25s to enemies pulled in.
Combo ATK - Bombard: Hold [ATK] and consume 50 Herrscher Charge per 0.2s, dealing 160% ATK of Lightning DMG and inflicting 0.5s of Blitzlock.
Finisher: Deal 1400% ATK of Lightning DMG and trigger a 4s Time Fracture. Switch out the Valkyrie (will suspend burst mode and perform Finisher upon next entry) or tap [ULT] again to perform.
Amenohabakiri, Barrage deals 300.0% ATK of bonus physical DMG per hit and deals 120.0% bonus damage to shields.
Futsuno Mitama, Ultimate attacks deal 25.0% bonus total DMG
Tsumugari, Every next hit of bombard deals 15.0% bonus lightning DMG.



Casting Ultimate


Tap [ATK] repeatedly to perform Barrage


Hold [ATK] to perform Bombard


Tap [Evade] to instantly trigger global Time Fracture 




The biggest damage produces by HoT is at the entry of the dragon (Ultimate skill), use Barrage to gather enemies while filling Herrscher Charge, when the Herrscher charge is filled use Bombard. While the ultimate is active, press the evade button to immediately activate the ultimate evasion and procs global time fracture for 3s. When performing Ultimate, the Valkyrie is in Herrscher Form.


Signature Equipment

In this article I will only discuss the Signature equipment of HoT. I will discuss the alternative version of equipment as soon as this article is finished.

At the time of the appearance of HoT she was immediately got her own weapons and Stigmata that you can get in Equipment Supply or Expansion Supply by using some crystal.

  • Signature Weapon

There are 2 versions of weapons, it is Non-PRI version and PRI version

Signature wapon – Key of Castigation (Non-PRI)

Note: Stats and skill effects listed below are descriptions for weapon level 50


Thunder Edge, [SP: 5][CD: 15s] Unleashes a powerful forward slash with the lightning-imbued blade, dealing 700% ATK of Lightning DMG and paralyzing enemies for 3s. When equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, it also inflicts Narukami's Mark on enemies hit for 15s.
Thunder Blitz, Wielder deals 35.0% bonus Lightning DMG. When it'sequipped by HoT, casting the active restores 100 Herrscher Charge. For 2s after, enemies with Narukami's Mark take 30% ATK of Lightning DMG and HoT restores 10 Herrscher Charge per 0.2s (subsequent procs extend the duration).



Weapon's active Skill inflicts Narukami's Mark


Having this weapon will definitely make it very easy for you to fill the herrscher charge and also apply Narukami's mark effect instantly with it's active skill.


Signature Weapon – Domain of Sanction (PRI-ARM)

Note: Stats and skill effects listed below are descriptions for weapon level 65

Raizan Cleave, [SP: O][CD: 15s] Unleashes a powerful forward slash with the lightning-imbued blade, dealing 1,500% ATK of Lightning DMG and paralyzing enemies for 5s. The wielder is invincible while casting the active. When equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, it also inflicts Narukami's Mark on enemies hit for 15s and can be connected into Shinzan Strike. When riding the dragon, Bombard deals 40.0% bonus Lightning DMG.
Deafening Peal, Casting the active boosts wielder's Total DMG by 20.0% for 20s. When it's equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, activating her Ultimate can also proc this effect and subsequent procs refresh the duration. Casting the active restores Herrscher Charge.
Divine Penalty, Wielder deals 45.0% bonus Lightning DMG. When it's equipped by HoT, she deals 20.0% bonus Lightning DMG to enemies with Narukami's Mark.



Weapon's active Skill inflicts Narukami's Mark


Also can be connected into Special Combo ATK


Has the almost same effect as the Domain of Castigation, but with a larger DMG output and also some additional special effects for the HoT. Active weapon skills can result in additional DMGs during the 20s duration, so it's better for you to activate the weapong's active skill first before releasing Special Combo - Shinzan Strike or other series of ATK

  • Signature Stigmata - Benares Awakening

Set Bonuses

Creation od Honkai 2 pieces, Boosts Total DMG by 20.0%. In Herrscher Form, attacks inflict Thunderblitz on enemies for 7s (cannot stack but can be refreshed). Enemies in Thunderblitz take 50.0% ATK of bonus lightning DMG for each hit. CD: 1s.
Naga of Judgment 3 pieces, Boosts Lightning DMG by 20.0%. Host takes 15.0% less total DMG. Enemies in Thunderblitz take 15.0% bonus Lightning DMG

If we look at the stigmata's effect, most of it have an effect on DMG lightning boosts by x%. All of the pieces have no bad effect, so using the whole piece or using 3 pieces at once is the best choice, no doubt that this stigmata will have a major impact on the HoT in terms of the DMG lightning produced.

But if you don't have one or all of the above sets of stigmata and its weapon signature, there's no need to worry. I have tried to use economic equipment such as Magstrom for weapons, and other 4*star - 5*star stigmata that have almost the same effect as Benares Awakening, and the results are still good. The result DMG is still large even though it is not as large as the equipment signatures.

After you read the full description, here I will give you a few examples of how to play Herrscher of thunder correctly. This is my gameplay against Hephaestus in the memorial arena stage exalted tier, pay attention to the sequence of attacks that I have done.


By understanding each skill and the effect it produces, you will be able to unleash all the potential possessed by HoT itself. Given that the DMG generate by HoT is already large if you use it correctly, you can still increase the total DMG using buffs and debuffs to the enemy by the helps of other support battlesuits. It's not enough with the support battlesuits , you have to choose the right support equipment that suits the conditions in the field. There are also many support battlesuits that can help HoT's works, such as Azure Emperya; Phoenix; Wolf Dawn (SS rank min); Phanton Iron; and there are still a few more that can increase DMG from the HoT. For support equipment you need to pay more attention which are the suitable equipments that can apply element buff effects (especially lightning element) to HoT or equipment that can apply debuffs to receive more elemental DMG (especially lightning) to enemies.

The option above is the best choice for general HoT's support, of course there are certain conditions that allow you to be more creative in choosing support battlesuit and its equipment in order to get more effective results, not depending on what I explained above, but this case is rarely appear. Henceforth I will also make another article to discuss this issue.


Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) is the newest S-rank physic type battlesuit, it's class is DPS meele lightning element. HoT produces unusually large DMG output as expected from the Herrscher type battlesuit. She has several skills that are not too difficult to understand and better yet she is not too difficult to operate with. Another advantage of  HoT is, she can causes paralyze effects on enemies, can trigger Global Time fracture, fast attack speed, and Burst mode Ultimate so that she can cause a large DMG in a certain time duration.

Her signature equipments, including weapon and stigmata, effecting in a amount of DMG addition to HoT, most of its applied Lightning DMG buffs to HoT itself and there were also several debuffs generated to the enemies. For those of you who don't have her signature equipment, you don't need to worry, because there are still many alternative and economic weapons and stigmatas available to be paired for HoT. In order to produce a larger DMG, you must choose support battlesuit and support equipment that are suitable for the stage/field conditions.

And finally let us pray for the happiness of all of the characters in Honkai Impact 3 especially for our cutie little princess kiana :))))