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[❄❄❄] Argent Knight- Maximizing damage


A short guide on maximizing attack rotation

As players already know, Argent Knight’s damage comes from stacking Hypothermia and then releasing them with her charge attack, freezing enemies in Ice Cells. During her ultimate, Argent Knight will automatically turn the Hypothermia stacks into Ice Cells without the need of using a charge attack. Because of this, most players tend to SPAM the attack button during her ultimate. However, did you know that this is not the best way to maximize her damage? In this guide I will show you why spamming the attack button during her ultimate is discouraged and how you can fix this.

First, lets look at her normal attack pattern outside of Ultimate- Burst mode:


As you can see, Whenever Crescent Harvest (her scythe-wielding avatar behind her) appears, Argent Knight will inflict one stack of Hypothermia on her 5th basic attack and one stack every few seconds if the enemy does not have  2 stacks or is not in Ice Cells.

Afterwards, using a charge attacks will consume 2 stacks Hypothermia and deal extra damage as well as putting enemies in Ice Cells.

Let’s say that tapping the attack button is A and the charge attack (long tap) is B. The usual attack rotation will look something like this:

A à A à A à A à A (Hypothermia) à B (ice cell)             5 taps and 1 long tap

      (Hypothermia) - take note that this first Hypothermia stack can occur on any one of the first 4 attacks due to it having a separate cooldown.

That is very straightforward. If anyone has played Yae Sakura Miko or Theresa Sakuno Rondo before, this attack pattern is basically the same, inflicting the stacks with tap attacks and then using a long tap to release them.

Next, let’s look at her attack rotation when activating her Ultimate:


As you can see, when attacking during the Ultimate- or Burst mode, Argent Knight will inflict Hypothermia on the 2nd attack and 4th tap attack. Furthermore, she will automatically turn Hypothermia stacks into Ice Cells with her 5th tap attack, removing the need to use a charge attack- long tap. Because of this, we might assume that her obvious attack pattern would be to SPAM the tap attack:

A à A (Hypothermia) à A à A (Hypothermia) à A (Ice Cell)   5 taps and 0 long tap

So that, under her Ultimate, we can reach Ice Cell quicker by removing the need to use an extra B charge attack after the 5th hit. This sounds convenient as we don’t have to keep track of Hypothermia stacks and can just spam the attack button like Sakuno Rondo Ultimate.

While this is true, it is not the most optimal pattern for Argent Knight since she is a bit different from Sakuno Rondo. To understand why, let’s look at her charge attack and 5th normal tap attack once again:


As you can see, her 5th tap attack deals 150%+250% physical damage, summon Crescent harvest to inflict 150% ice damage. Her normal charge attack deals 100% ice damage, but under Ultimate, it turns into her Burst charge attack, dealing 2*150%  and summons Crescent Harvest to inflict 5*125% ice damage, on top of releasing Ice Cells.

Taking into account the base (unupgraded) Ice Cell damage of (4*100), and the 1.6 (for basic and charge attack and only applies for ice damage) and 1.8 (when crescent harvest is summoned) multiplier from Winter Harvest skill at max level,  let’s do the math:

5th tap attack:  [150%+250%+ (150*1.8) + (4*100)] = 1070% attk of damage

Normal charge attack: 100% + (4*100) = 500% attk of ice damage

Burst charge attack: [(2*150%*1.6) + (5*125%*1.8) + (4*100)] = 2005% attk of ice damage

Based on this, we can see that spamming the tap attack under Ultimate will yield: 1070% attk of damage compared to 500% when using the charge attack outside of Ultimate, an obvious damage boost of (1070%/500%-1)*100= 114%, doubling your dps for the last hit under Burst mode. Therefore, it seems that spamming the attack button is justified under Ultimate, but let’s wait a second, we can squeeze out even higher damage…

Since we know that, under Ultimate, the normal charge attack turns into Burst charge attack, summons Crescent Harvest, and deals significantly more damage than the 5th attack - at 2005% attk of ice damage and can also turn Hypothermia stacks into Ice Cells.

Furthermore, because Hypothermia stacks are applied on the 2nd and 4th attack under Ultimate, we can replace the 5th tap attack with the Burst charge attack to deal a quick burst of damage. If we do this, the damage under Burst mode will be a boost of: (2005%/500%-1)*100=301%. That is quadrupling your damage in burst mode.

Because the 5th tap attack deals half physical (150%+250%) and half ice damage (150%), it doesn't get the full boost from burst mode while the Burst charge attack does (2*150% + 5*125% ice dmg), when considering the 1.6 and 1.8 multiplier from Winter Harvest skill, the damage boost is very significant. The rotation will then look like this:

Usual attack pattern under Ultimate:

A à A (Hypothermia) à A à A (Hypothermia) à A (Ice Cell)        5 taps and 0 long tap

Optimal attack pattern under Ultimate:

A à A (Hypothermia) à A à A (Hypothermia) à B (Ice Cell)        4 taps and 1 long tap

So that, instead of spamming the attack button, we replace the 5th tap attack with the charge attack and the result will be (2005%/1070%-1)*100=87% increase in damage for the last hit every rotation. That is a very noticeable boost when taking into account stigmata and weapon multipliers!!

Needless to say, this is how you should play Argent Knight. Below is a video for your reference.


*Credit goes to the original video uploader

Here concludes my guide and hope you had some ideas on how to play Argent Knight to her full potential!!

On to the Hyperion Captains!!