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Augmented [Valkyrie Bladestrike] Guide

Greetings, Captains. Today we are here with some useful tips to help you master the Augment Core-enhanced [Valkyrie Bladestrike].

The new Augment Core brings new skills and attack mechanisms to Bladestrike. While retaining her signature of high hit count, the battlesuit now has embraced new combat styles. Let's take a closer look.



Battlesuit Intro

[Valkyrie Bladestrike] enables Mei to tap into the power of 3rd Herrscher left in her and harness EM energy once again. You can see 4 marks on top of the HP bar which signify EM Reserve. Bladestrike's skillset has everything to do with this new attribute.


★ 5-sequence Basic Attacks:

The basic attacks deal physical damage, restore EM Reserve, and briefly Paralyze enemies with the last sequence.

▲ 5-sequence Basic Attacks


★ Combo Attacks:

Tap and hold the [ATK] button after the 1st sequence of basic attacks to initiate combo attacks. Tap the [ATK] button again during combo attacks to release more combo attacks.

▲ Built-in Dash of Combo Attacks

Instead of attacking without moving, augmented Bladestrike's combo attacks enable her to dash towards enemies with each sequence for follow-up attacks, which comes handy against moving enemies.


★ Evasion & Attack:

When there is EM Reserve, tap the [ATK] button during evasion to throw Gotamashi Edge at enemies dealing physical AOE damage and dash towards enemies for combo attacks.

▲ Tap the [ATK] button while evading

After unlocking the skill [Blade Shower], enemies hit by Gotamashi Edge will take bonus damage from combo attacks.


★ Ultimate:

Deals massive physical damage to enemies nearby, restores EM Reserve, and triggers Burst mode where SP is continuously consumed to enhance most attacks with higher damage and larger range.

▲ Unleashing Ultimate
▲ Gotamashi Edge and combo attacks in Burst mode

Notably, augmented Bladestrike's Ultimate will be different from the original and lasts for 10s at most. Since the max SP cost of the Ultimate is 100, her SP will not bottom out from casting Ultimate.



Key skills

The augmented Bladestrike has retained her signature of high hit count and tons of Burst mode damage.


★ Current Converter:

Grants bonus Crit rate (max at 20%) based on current hit count, which is a huge boost for physical damage battlesuits like her and a motivation for her to keep the hit count high.


★ Ki Spirit:

Retains the original effects and grants bonus Crit rate and Crit damage, boosting her damage during Ultimate.


★ Shinkage Aura:

Grants Total Damage Multiplier against shieldless enemies and bonus damage against enemy shields in Burst mode. The skill makes it way easier to break enemy shields in Burst mode and trigger Total Damage Multiplier when the shield breaks.


★ EM Reserve / Raikage

New mechanism: EM Reserve. Basic attacks, the activation of Ultimate, Ultimate Evasion, QTE and other moves generate EM Reserve (max at 4).

▲ EM Reserve Icon

When there is EM Reserve during evasion, the battlesuit can throw Gotamashi Edge at enemies to deal physical AOE damage and dash towards enemies for combo attacks. This move boosts both attack damage and agility.



Recommended Weapons


[3rd Sacred Relic]

[3rd Sacred Relic] provides massive bonus physical damage under high combo hit count, and further enhances physical damage in Burst mode. In addition, it grants high bonus Crit rate to amplify physical damage, making it the weapon of choice for Bladestrike.


[Lightning Soul]

[Lightning Soul] offers nothing fancy but its base stats are more than decent. The reasonably high Crit rate and bonus lightning damage on each hit can work wonders for fast-attacking battlesuits like Bladestrike.



Recommended Stigmata


[Ekaterina] Set

After reaching the required hit counts, the [Ekaterina] set offers tremendous enhancements in terms of physical damage, DEF and movement speed. The 2-pc bonus grants extra Crit rate, which is highly desirable for physical damage battlesuits. The 3-pc bonus grants powerful Crit damage boosts under high combo hit count.


[Schrodinger Band (T&B)] + [Ekaterina (M)]

[Schrodinger Band (T&B)] grant stackable bonus physical damage and attack speed on hit (with nearly no CD), which triggers Elated Mode when fully stacked (7 stacks), offering Total Damage Multiplier and rapid SP regen. The fast attacks of Bladestrike make it easy to stack on-hit procs and the fast SP regen enables her to unleash her Ultimate much earlier. Also, [Ekaterina (M)] grants high bonus physical damage after reaching the required combo hit count.


[Ryunosuke Akutagawa] Set
B can be substituted with [Attila (B)]

The set can considerably amplify physical melee damage. While the 2-pc bonus enhances both damage and survivability, the 3-pc bonus comes with unconditional Total Damage Multiplier. Considering Bladestrike's fast attacking style, [Attila (B)] can also provide decent Total Damage Multiplier under high combo hit count.



Recommended Lineups


[Celestial Hymn] + [Snowy Sniper] + [Valkyrie Bladestrike]

[Celestial Hymn]'s leader skill offers great bonuses for an all-BIO team. Being a powerful support, she also provides bonus SP regen for standby teammates when deployed. With her Ultimate activated, [Celestial Hymn] gathers and impairs enemies nearby, paving the way for [Snowy Sniper] ([Bronya: Sloth (B)] recommended) to freeze all enemies with her Ultimate and eventually for [Valkyrie Bladestrike] to finish the enemies with her Ultimate.


[Yamabuki Armor] + [Divine Prayer] + [Valkyrie Bladestrike]

[Yamabuki Armor]'s leader skill grants decent bonus Crit rate after reaching the required combo hit count, which is quite easy for Bladestrike. Also, [Yamabuki Armor]'s passive skill shield can better protect melee battlesuits in battle. Furthermore, her non-charged basic attacks slightly impair enemies and boost Bladestrike's physical damage on enemey shields.

When on standby, [Divine Prayer] randomly summons Stormy every once in a while to impair enemies hit and massively boosts the single-target damage of the deployed battlesuit. Her Ultimate triggers Time Fracture and restore HP for all teammates, creating a safer environment for Bladestrike to deal tons of damage.