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Rebel's Blades Stigmata Guide

Rebel's Blades are special stigmata acquired from events in v3.9 onwards. This guide will cover the first three stigmata in the set - Kiana: ARC Prodigal (T), Mei: Striker Fulminata (M) and Bronya: Drive Kometa (B).


[1] KianaAP and BronyaDK provide good bonus Lightning DMG (up to 35% and 30% Lightning DMG, respectively). MeiSF is the weakest piece, but using it as 2-pc set effect will make up for the lack of Lightning DMG.
[2] 2-pc set effect gives 30% TDM when combo hit count > 25. It's a good addition to the final damage multiplier.
[3] Overall, Rebel's Blades is a free Lightning with considerable damage bonus, flexible and the bonuses are easy to activate.

Provides up to 35% Lightning DMG, which is 3% higher than Darwin T. Getting max stacks is also much easier and faster compared to Darwin T. ATK stat is equal to Darwin T, and slightly lower than gacha stigmata. Suitable for any Lightning DMG valkyries.
[NOTE: Currently KianaAP cannot be obtained]

The weakest part of the set. It can be used with other parts for 2pc set effect, covering its lack of Lightning DMG.
[NOTE: Currently MeiSF cannot be obtained]


Provides 20% unrestricted Lightning DMG, and another 10% after Ultimate Evasion. The ATK stat and Lightning bonus are comparable to gacha stigmata, and you only need an Ultimate Evasion to get the 10% Lightning DMG. Overall, BronyaDK is a good free gear that you can just put on any Lightning valk.
[NOTE: Available from Gemina Invasion event in v4.1]


Since the Rebel Blade pieces only provide Lightning DMG, the 30% TDM from 2-pc set effect is a strong addition to the damage multiplier. 25 combo hit counts is easy to achieve on Lightning valks (unless you're running Hawk of the Fog with Zhangheng).


Any combination can be used for 2-pc. I will list some possible combinations in the [Recommended Valk] section.

3-pc set effect is very weak. 10% Bonus ATK Speed has very little impact, even for Shadow Knight. Same goes for the bonus HP.
Rebel's Blades activation condition is pretty simple (hitcount, evasion) therefore it can generally be used by any Lightning DPS.


[1] Currently one of the best free set for Herrscher of Thunder. Possible combinations:


[2] A good free set for Shadow Knight. Possible combinations:


[3] A good option for Darkbolt Jonin against enemies immune to paralyze. Fuxi Cleo is still the better choice against paralyzable enemies.


[4] Hawk of the Fog can use Rebel Blades set, but avoid using 2-pc with Zhangheng B, since their hit count requirements contradict each other. Similar to DJ, paralyze set is better against enemies that can be paralyzed.



This damage test is done with Herrscher of Thunder, Azure Empyrea and Blood Dance. It's a simple dps check only meant for reference, this does not represent performance in all combat situations.



Here is some gameplay using the Rebel Blades set.
[1] HoT vs BK [YOUTUBE]
[2] HoT vs Heimdal  [BILIBILI]
[3] HoT vs Hephaestus [BILIBILI]
[5] DJ vs Parvati [YOUTUBE]
[6] DJ vs Assaka [YOUTUBE]



KianaAP, BronyaDK and 2-pc set effects are good for Lightning valks, especially the brand new Herrscher of Thunder. Its performance is almost equal to Darwin max stacks, but Rebel is better when you consider buff activation requirements and the cost to forge Darwin. Budget players are recommended to use Rebel's Blades set until they get better stigmata.


End of guide. For further discussion, please visit Official Honkai Discord.