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Bella ELF Guide




Bella is a base S-rank ELF, meaning it starts off with 2⭐, and can be ranked up to a maximum of 4⭐. Additional ranks will provide Bella with additional ATK stats and skills. In this guide, we will go over her skills and abilities, and how she performs compared to previous ELFs.


Skill Summary

  • Bella is strongest when there is only a single target on the field.

  • Bella is buffs the team if the leader is a Lightning damage dealer(4⭐) and/or has “Fast ATKs” (8% Lightning dmg(4⭐) / 8% Elemental dmg)

  • Bella makes enemies take 8% (15% at 3⭐) more Lightning damage.

  • Bella heals the deployed valkyrie when she drops under 50% HP.



Full Skill Tree



  • Basic ATKS deal 540% ATK of Lightning DMG. Restores 1.85 SP every second in battle.

  • ELF deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG.

  • ELF's attacks have a 50% chance to deal 250% ATK of Lightning DMG. CD:6s.

  • ELF deals 25% bonus Total DMG when there is one enemy on the field. (3⭐)



  • (SP: 75) (CD: 35s) Shorts multiple thunderbolts dealing a total of 2,760% ATK of Lightning DMG. Boosts Lightning DMG taken by 8% for 6s. If the last hit lands on a single target, deals another 800% ATK of Lightning DMG and paralyzes the target for 1s.

  • With only 1 target on the field, every thunderbolt from Ultimate deals 40% bonus Lightning DMG.

  • Ultimate boosts Lightning damage taken by another 7%. (3⭐)

  • Last hit of ultimate's debuff duration lasts for 10s. (4⭐)



  • If the team leader has a “Fast ATK” tag, the team gains 8% bonus Elemental DMG.

  • ELF starts the battle with 50 SP.

  • ELF deals 15% bonus damage if there is at least one Lightning damage dealer on the team. (3⭐)

  • If the team leader has Lightning DMG, the team deals 8% bonus Lightning DMG. (4⭐)



  • Restores 300 HP for the deployed valkyrie if she is below 50% HP. CD: 50s.

  • Cooldown of the heal is reduced to 30s.

  • Heal is now 450 HP. (3⭐)


Ranking up

Bella starts at 2⭐, ranking up to 3⭐ requires 100 fragments, and from 3⭐ to 4⭐ requires 150 fragments. Each duplicate Bella card grants 105 fragments. In most cases 3 Bella cards will allow you to rank Bella up to 4⭐, assuming you received another spare 40 frags during the pulls.


Bella at her base 2⭐ will:

  • Provide secondary Lightning dps with her basic atks and ultimate.

  • Make enemies take 8% more Lightning damage and possibly paralyze with ultimate.

  • Provide 8% Elemental damage with a “Fast Atk' team leader.

  • Provide some healing for deployed valkyrie.


Benefits of ranking up to 3⭐:

  • Bella deals more damage with single targets, and while there is a Lightning valkyrie on the team.

  • Bella's ultimate makes enemies take even more (from 8% to 15%) Lightning damage.

  • Bella's heal is improved.


Benefits of ranking up to 4⭐:

  • Ultimate Lightning vulnerability debuff lasts 3s longer.

  • Provides 8% Lightning damage to the team if the leader is a Lightning valkyrie.


Skill Review

Bella's main focus is to increase the team's Lightning damage output. She has other abilities like paralysis and healing, but her paralysis is too short to be consequential and heals are mostly irrelevant at the moment. If you die, you can just restart the mission.


Bella's Lightning damage abilities are reliant on two factors. The “Fast Atk” requirement means the team leader must be either Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) or Shadow Knight (SK). Secondly, Bella scales great with additional ranking. From the base +8% Lightning dmg taken and +8% Elemental dmg, those numbers essentially double at 4⭐.


Gameplay Examples:

https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Yv411q7Gf?zw (HoT MC AE vs Heimdall ~31573)

https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1fk4y1q7nr?zw (HoT DP MC vs BKE ~31466)


Bella's usage is not that complicated, you would want to sync her ultimate with your big damage rotations. These are usually either HoT's weapon active and combo atks or ultimate atks.


Side by side comparison

Bella is compared up against previous ELFs. The damage test is between each ELF ultimate vs a Wendy boss at QS Red Lotus 255 Intensity, with optimal Team synergy, and at maximum rank.



Final Evaluation

Bella is the clear optimal choice for Lightning damage teams. However, Bella is also far less versatile compared to Book of Fuxi. Fuxi can activate and buff QTEs, provide a strong AoE disable, and an universal +10% Elemental dmg taken debuff. Bella on the other hand is much more specialized. Most of her benefits are focused on Lightning damage, especially Herrscher of Thunder, who is, besides Shadow Knight, the only relevant Lightning “Fast Atks” team leader. Additionally, Bella is also far more reliant on her ⭐ ranks. She gains +7% Lightning dmg taken at 3⭐ and another +8% Elemental dmg at 4⭐, compared to Fuxi who was quite strong right at 2⭐. In fact, if you compare 2⭐ Fuxi to 2⭐ Bella, you would not find too much difference. For Lightning teams, Fuxi would provide +10% Elemental dmg taken, +15% QTE dmg, an AoE seal, and +6% Elemental dmg if Azure Empyrea is leader. In comparison, Bella would provide +8% Lightning dmg taken and +8% Elemental dmg if Herrscher of Thunder is leader. Bella only really pulls ahead if taken up to 4⭐.

Bella is not a good investment for most captains, especially if she would be your first gacha ELF. Book of Fuxi would be a much more flexible choice. Rather, Bella caters more towards veterans who wish to fully optimize their performance with Lightning damage teams, especially Herrscher of Thunder who can fully unlock Bella's Team synergies.