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[❄❄❄] Argent Knight: Artemis Full Guide

Argent Knight: Artemis Guide by Stroke

Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. How to unlock

  3. Skills Analysis

  4. Gears

  5. Team Line- up and playstyle


  1. Overview


Argent Knight: Artemis (we will call her AKA for the rest of this guide), is a S-rank, melee, BIO, ice elemental damage dealer. This valkyrie is actually being released at a very opportune time. Dirac Sea's weather system favors captains with a diverse roster of damage dealers and AKA is currently the only BIO ice damage dealer. AKA also have very strong survivability and crowd control (CC) abilities making her perfectly geared towards Dirac Sea.


  1. How to unlock

Being a S-Rank Valkyrie, recruiting AKA will cost you those precious crystals, and hopefully by the end of this guide, you will be able to make a more informed decision. She is currently only available from her Expansion Supply event. Her character card drop rate is 1.5% with a guarantee of a character card drop after 100 expansion supply purchases. After the end of her introductory supply event, she will be available, along with the rest of the non-awaken valkyries, in Standard Supply. There is currently 9 S-rank valkyries in the standard supply pool and a 1.5% to pull a S-rank valkyrie. The chances of getting AKA from standard supply is 0.16%! There are currently no other way of farming her fragments so if you wish to unlock or rank up AKA, Expansion Supply events are the best time to do so.

As a non-awaken S-Rank Valkyrie, pulling additional duplicates will grant you 30 fragments. It will take 100 fragments to rank to SS-rank and another 200 for SSS-rank. This means it will take approximately 3-4 AKA character cards for SS-rank and 9-10 character cards for SSS-rank. As we take a closer look at her skill set, we will see whether it will be worth it for you.


  1. Skills Analysis

Leader Skill and Team Skill

Herald of Dawn -- Team gains 10/13/16% Total Damage for charge and combo attacks and 12/15/18% elemental damage if the team has different type Valkyries.

Scythe Dancer (CD: 20 seconds): Throws a scythe. If it hits an enemy, summons Crescent Harvest at its location dealing AoE damage and applies Hypothermia. It has a super low cooldown, great for getting Team Skill missions from co-op stages.




AKA has added three new mechanics into the game. Crescent Harvest is a summoned unit that will hit your target, applying Hypothermia.

Hypothermia can stack up to two times; the first stack will reduce Ignore Interrupt, while the second stack will also reduce Interrupt and slows attack and movement speed by 20%. One stack of Hypothermia gives the enemies a slight dark blue hue; two stacks will show a dark blue circle.

Hypothermia will also be exploited by AKA's skills to increase her damage and trigger Ice Cell. Ice cell is triggered through her ultimate and charged attack. Ice cell do have reduced duration on bosses but there is currently no boss that is resistant or immune to Ice Cell, allowing it to be a great CC mechanic in fights.

Diamond Dust -- Character gains 50% or 80% Ice damage against enemies with Hypothermia or Ice Cell.

Robust Frigidity -- Character gains 15% when above 33% hp and another 15% when above 66% hp.

Frost Prison -- Enemies in Ice Cell take 8/16/24% (S/SS/SSS rank) extra Total damage.



Summons Crescent Harvest that will deal 480% Ice damage and apply a stack of Hypothermia. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Performing an ultimate evasion will also let you chain into the 4th combo of her basic attack sequence.

Uranian Mirror (SS-Rank) -- Reduce cooldown of ultimate evasion skill by 3 seconds.

Waning Crescent -- Increase damage done by ultimate evasion skill to 780% Ice damage.


Basic Attacks

Has a 5 combo sequence of attacks. The 4th sequence causes a small pull effect to enemies. The 5th sequence will summon Crescent Harvest to apply a Hypothermia stack and deal 150% Ice damage. Evading mid combo will also not reset the sequence. The mechanic is similar to Flame Sakitama's (FS) basic attack sequence. This lets AKA fight with much more mobility than the other Rita battlesuits.

Frost Scythe -- Each basic attack gains 50% extra Atk as Ice damage.

Crimson Astarte -- When attacking an enemy without Ice Cell or 2 stacks of Hypothermia debuffs, summon Crescent Harvest to apply 1 stack and deal 450% Ice damage. CD: 6 seconds.

Crescent Shadow -- Teammates can summon Crescent Harvest with their Charged or Combo attacks every 12 seconds, applying Hypothermia and dealing 300% Ice Damage.


Charge Attack

Charge attack will deal 100% Ice Damage to enemies in the AoE then remove two stacks of Hypothermia. If they had two stacks of Hypothermia, the enemy will be afflicted Ice Cell debuff and deals another 400% Ice damage.

It will also have additional effects depending if AKA is in burst mode or not. If not in burst mode, AKA will gain 3 SP from the charged attack. If in burst mode, AKA will deal another 300% Ice damage and summon Crescent Harvest which will deal another 625% Ice damage. The charged attack ends with another instance of 240% physical damage.

Argent Scythe -- Increase the damage dealt when removing 2 stacks of Hypothermia by an additional 460% Ice Damage.

QTE: Sudden Frost --Triggered by paralysis or freeze. AKA will deal 550% Physical damage. Also summons Crescent Harvest to deal 550% Ice damage and apply 1 stack of Hypothermia.

Glacial Armor -- When removing 2 stacks of Hypothermia with charged attack, AKA gains 50% Total damage reduction for 7 seconds.


Ultimate Ability

Requires 80 sp to activate and has a 6 second cooldown upon activating.

Enters into burst mode. AKA will gain 60% Total damage reduction and increases Ignore Interrupt. Increases damage of basic and charged attacks. Summons Crescent Harvest for the duration of the burst mode. The 2nd and 4th combo of the basic attacks will apply Hypothermia. The 5th combo of basic attacks will remove 2 stacks of Hypothermia to inflict Ice Cell.

While in burst mode, you will continuously lose SP, 7 SP per second for the first 8 seconds. 10 SP per second from seconds 8-16. From 16 seconds onwards, you will lose 15 SP per second. Maximum duration of burst mode is 24 seconds.

You can also manually end burst mode after the 6 seconds cooldown by spending 10 SP. Doing so will cause Lunar Burst, which will deal 400% Ice damage in a huge AoE. Enemies hit will be sealed in Ice Cell for 3 seconds (2 for bosses) and gain 2 stacks of Hypothermia.

Waxing Moon -- Heals AKA by 600 hp when activating ultimate.

Frost Cells (SSS-Rank) -- Lunar Burst deals another 300% Ice damage and increases Ice Cell duration by 1.5 seconds (1 for bosses).

Winter Harvest -- Burst mode increases AKA's basic and charged attack damage by 60% Ice damage. This includes the multi-stage damage from removing 2 stacks of Hypothermia. Crescent Harvest also gains 80% extra Ice damage.



Most of AKA's damage will be from adding and removing 2 stacks of Hypothermia while under burst mode. Due to this, having enough SP to enter burst mode is an important part of her playstyle. Another thing worth mentioning is AKA's SS and SSS rank skills are not a big game changer. Cooldown reduction of her evasion skill and a small increase in burst damage and Ice Cell duration are not worth the cost investment. I'd say the most important part of ranking AKA up, if you choose to, is the stats increase. AKA can function very well at her base rank.


  1. Gears


Optimal Weapon :

Skadi Ondurgud -- 285 ATK / 24 CRT

Wind of Thrymheim (SP: 4, CD: 22s): Deals 840% Ice damage in a large AoE. Enemies hit have their first attack against the user reduced by 30% for 8 seconds.

Goddess of Winter: Character gains 20% Total Dmg. If equipped on AKA, gain 2 SP when attacking enemies with Hypothermia. Cooldown : 4 seconds.


We previously talked about how important it is for her to have SP to enter burst mode. This scythe increases SP regen and has an active with a very low SP cost making it a great weapon for AKA.


Alternative Weapons:


Carmine Steel -- 160 ATk / 16 CRT

Onyx Iron -- 249 ATK / 27 CRT

Both gives an active that grants a HP scaling shield that gives 10% Total damage when the shield is up. Duration is 10 seconds. AKA gets damage increases at high HP, so the heal from the shield is very helpful in keeping her HP up. Onyx Iron farther gives 1.2% Total damage for each 10% HP user has (maximum 12%). Great alternative option for AKA!

Senescence -- 225 ATK / 15 CRT

Highest attack scythe that you will get for free. Worth using if you have nothing else.

Azure Storm --  160 ATK / 16 CRT

Gives user 20% attack speed. Not too bad.


Optimal Stigmata:


Robert Peary T -- Increase total damage by 20%. If combo counter is above 20, increase Ice damage by 20%.

Robert Peary M -- For every combo counter hit, increase Total damage by 0.4% and Ice damage by 0.5%. Maximum stack of 60.

Robert Peary B -- Hits against frozen or Ice Cell targets heal user by 300 HP. Cooldown: 9 seconds.

Robert Peary 2 set bonus -- When attacked, the attack is reduced by 25% Total damage. The attacker is also frozen for 5 seconds. Effect work once per enemy.

Robert Peary 3 set bonus -- User gains 20% attack speed and 25% Total damage.


Alternatively, Shakespeare B -- Increase Ice damage by 51%.


Shakespeare B and Robert Peary B can both be great bottom stigmatas for AKA. Due to AKA's passive skill Robust Frigidity, AKA gains 15% Total damage when over 33% max HP and another 15% when over 66%. If AKA is in a battle where her HP is constantly under 66%, Robert Peary B will be a better choice over Shakespeare B. In most cases, Shakespeare B will do just fine.


Alternative Stigmatas:


AKA focuses on dealing Ice damage while in burst mode so any stigmatas that increase Ice or Total damage should be considered. It should be noted that Ice Cell also inflicts frozen status so Stigmatas that has frozen status conditions are great for AKA as well. Finally, since AKA relies on being above 66% HP and having SP to enter burst mode, HP and SP stigmatas have more value on AKA then on some other valkyries.

When it comes to Ice elemental damage valkyries, Nohime set has been the classic go-to set. Nohime still works well, however, Nohime T grants a solid 40% Total damage against frozen targets but the bonus does not apply in burst mode.

Thale set, which is usually used on Vermilion Knight (VK) and other fire valkyries, also synergizes with AKA. Thale's 2 set bonus increases charged attacks and burst attacks which AKA takes full advantage of. Thale T and M also gives a decent amount of Total damage increase.

Fuxi T adds an extremely high 92% Elemental damage and Tesla M adds a large 51% Total damage against frozen targets.

As free to play options go, AKA has a wide range of usable stigmatas. Roald Amundsen set is quite strong as it increases both charged attack and Ice element damage, as well as providing heals attacking slowed or frozen targets. Summer Balloon and Reburn Formal stigmatas are also very solid choices. Foundry stigmatas also include Darwin B and the Hubble set as viable picks.


  1. Team Line-ups and Playstyle


While it is true that AKA can defeat many of the memorial arena (MA) bosses, she suffers from two main pitfalls. First, her damage requires her to reach 80 SP quickly. Second, she has no way to trigger global time fracture. If I had to put AKA in a tier for MA, I'd say she is close to FS in that she can kill a boss but will not achieve any top scores. She is slightly worse than FS since FS can trigger time fracture with evasion and tag in.

Suggested MA Team

Ideal Gear:

SK: Grips of Tai Xuan, Jin Shengtan T / M, Newton B

AKA: Skadi Ondurgud, Robert Peary T / M, Shakespeare B

SF: Blood Dance, Any Support Stigmatas, Pool Party Mei M, Newton B

SK and SF will be the support valkyries and AKA the main damage dealer. SK gives a great leader skill for elemental teams in MA with extra starting SP and increased elemental damage. The pattern will be use Grips' active to set up SK's buffs and chain to SF's QTE time fracture. Switch immediately to AKA and gather SP to use her ultimate. Switch back to SK once you are ready to kill the boss. Use Grips' active again, SF's QTE and blood dance, and kill the boss with AKA.

The real reason you will be using AKA will be for Dirac Sea. Dirac Sea's weather system encourages captains to have a diverse list of damage dealers and currently AKA is the only BIO ice elemental damage dealer.





No effects


Enemies take 50% less Lightning damage but also deal 20% less damage. Mecha only


Enemies will take 30% less Ranged damage but also take 50% more Melee damage


Enemies will take 50% less Ice damage but also take 35% more Fire damage


Enemies will take 50% Fire damage but also take 35% more Ice damage

Honkai Spill

Enemies will gain 35% more Def but also take 35% more Lightning damage. No Mecha


Being a melee ice valkyrie, AKA will excel in both Magma and Fog weather conditions, which will boost AKA's damage by 35% and 50% respectively. AKA will also be good in the Honkai Spill weather condition since her Ice damage will be unaffected by the Def increase, while also being rid of her type disadvantage Mecha enemies. Finally, AKA will struggle in both Lightning and Frost weather conditions. Lightning only has Mecha enemies which will constantly put AKA in a type disadvantage while Frost will have her deal 50% less Ice damage. Avoid using her in these weather conditions.

Team 1

Ideal Gear:

AKA: Skadi Ondurgud, Robert Peary T / M, Shakespeare B

VR: Water Spirit Type-II, Theresa: Gluttony T, Pool Party Mei M, Newton B (Any support stig)

WD: Briareus PRI (any weapon), Jin Shengtan T / M / B


A more free to play team with three different typings to synergize with AKA's leader skill. AKA is the main damage dealer and VR and WD is there to support her. The main plan is to have VR gather the enemies together and freeze them with her gun. WD will come in to set up Jin Shengtan field and AKA will qte in from VR's freeze gun and enter burst mode and burst down the enemies. When AKA's burst is over, gather up SP again and switch in VR to repeat.


Team 2

Ideal Gear:

AKA: Skadi Ondurgud, Robert Peary T / M, Shakespeare B

VK: Surtr, Thale T / M, Fuxi B

PH: Cinder Hawk, Higokumaru T / B, Nuwa M


This is an all purpose elemental team. Avoid using this during Magma or Frost weather conditions. You have three different typings which will benefit AKA's leader skill and can handle most fights. PH can qte in from VK's ignite and also help both AKA and VK's SP dependency while also boosting both valkyries' elemental damage.


Team 3

Ideal Gear:

AKA: Skadi Ondurgud, Robert Peary T / M, Shakespeare B

PH: Cinder Hawk, Higokumaru T / B, Nuwa M

DK: Starbreaker Vikrant, Jin Shengtan T / M / B


The Yamabuki Armor's (YA) rework, Drive Kometa (DK) is coming soon and DK gives a significant boost to both damage and survival of all melee valkyries, AKA being no exception. PH will enhance elemental damage and also provide the time slow to trigger DK's qte. DK will provide a mini gather, a HP shield, and increased interrupt to enemies which will allow AKA to deal damage more safely. You will continuously rotate from PH to DK to AKA and back to PH again to start the cycle over. Both PH and DK are top tier valkyries in dirac sea and both work fantastically with AKA. I would really advise captains to prioritize both of them if possible.

Closing Thoughts

Is Argent Knight: Artemis the right valkyrie for you? That fully depends on what you already have and how much resources you are willing to invest into AKA. With the future removal of Infinity Abyss, having a variety of damage dealers have just become that much more important.

For a newer captain, I would highly recommend this valkyrie. Her innate healing and damage reduction skills allow for newer captains to easily survive the game's content. Elemental damage are also far stronger than physical damage in the early-mid game until you have reliable sources of impair for the late game content. With the weather system in Dirac, elemental damage will not even completely fall off in the late game anymore. Finally, all her signature gears are very well rounded and suitable for general use. Her signature scythe, Skadi Ondurgud, grants 20% Total damage that can be used by any Rita in the game. Robert Peary T and M will greatly improve the performance of any Ice elemental damage dealer, and since they both include Total damage increases, any valkyrie can viably use the stigmatas.

For those who cannot gather her most optimal gears, alternative options are plentiful. The Nohime set has been the most featured set in the game, introduced along with Goushinnso Memento (Meme) over a year ago, continues to be a great Ice stigmata set with AKA. Onyx Iron, a weapon found in the Foundry, has a great active and passive that synergizes incredibly well with AKA. Argent Knight: Artemis will be a strong addition for both older and newer captains alike.