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3rd Sacred Relic Weapon Guide

Greetings captains, hope you're enjoying the Honkai Universe. Today we'll talk about this day 1 weapon, 3rd Sacred Relic. Can this weapon still keep up with today's meta? Who should be using this weapon? Let's take a closer look.


Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 254; CRIT: 59 

An adaptive melee weapon from the Previous Era unearthed by Schicksal at Lake Baikal. This gear is powered by a mysterious material that resembles a Herrscher Core but could not be characterized using current technology.



Weapon Skills

Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Sacred Charge

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 20, 50, and 100, gain 20.0%, 30.0%, and 40% Physical DMG, respectively. 

Saint's Bless

During Burst Mode, gain 30% Physical DMG.



Weapon Review

Sacred Charge
Provides Physical DMG bonus. It's a simple effect. The higher the Combo Count, the stronger Physical DMG buffs will be. Therefore, it's recommended for katana-wielders who can attack fast enough to raise the Combo Count. And while it's a shame that it only stops at 100 hits, Combo Count can be increased by other team members as well. 



Saint's Bless

Provides Physical DMG bonus. This only applies to Burst Mode valkyries. So Valkyrie Bladestrike, Gyakushinn Miko, and Striker Fulminata can make use of this passive. It's encouraged that the valkyries enter Burst Mode fast and often in order to have this buff applied to them as well.




The 3rd Sacred Relic, a weapon available since day one, is craftable through Bounty. Keep in mind that you will need a Lv. 35 Lightning Soul and a Lv. 35 Sky Breaker to craft it also. You can also exchange for it in the Exchange Shop for 4000 Weapon Resonance or pull it in a gacha banner.



Recommended For

Striker Fulminata, Gyakushinn Miko, and Shadow Dash

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Dirac Set


Valkyries who can increase their combo count quickly are best suited for the 3rd Sacred Relic. Striker Fulminata (VBF), Gyakushinn Miko (Miko), and Shadow Dash (SD) are all good choices. They can quickly raise the combo count and make good use of 3rd Sacred Relic's Sacred Charge passive skill. However, only VBF and Miko can use Burst Mode out of the three, and therefore only these two can use Saint's Bless passive skill. The Dirac Set is a popular meta Stigmata set designed for Physical Burst Mode valkyries. It can increase the DMG output and SP recovery of the host. This makes it suitable to combo off with 3rd Sacred Relic.

Below is a demo play for the 3rd Sacred Relic


Alternative Stigmas


 Jingwei T Marco Polo T/M, Ekaterina M, Fu Hua Pride B



So what do you think of the weapon? At the moment, 3rd Sacred Relic is a niche weapon, the passive is decent, but skill based. Since it takes a certain amount of skill to dodge hits and maintain combo count, this makes the weapon not beginner friendly. For veterans, chances are they'll obtain something better while polishing their skills for the game. Nonetheless, 3rd Sacred Relic is still one of the best free weapons available for Miko and VBF. If your main dps is Miko or VBF early mid game and you would like a decent weapon for them without losing your hair in gacha, this is a decent choice. However, this weapon is not ideal in Memorial Arena because of the long ramp up time. Upgrading is not recommended, unless you're preparing to use it as a crafting material (as a lv50 sword) for a PRI-ARMs sword when you hit lv81+. With SD's Augment Core coming at patch 4.2, it is possible that the 3rd Sacred Relic will be useful once again.


This is the end of this weapon guide! I hope you find this guide helpful in understanding this niche  weapon! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is neffr#7606.  Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. Welcome to come visit and chill any time!