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Domain of Sanction Full Guide - Hoshina


“The divine sanction fell again three years later, and the girl conquered her fear to embrace the Herrscher power. The blazing blade is a testament to her might and resolve, with which she shall cleanse all sins and reverse fate's verdict.”


Domain of Sanction is the new PRI-ARM weapon introduced in version 4.1. It is a 6* upgrade of Key of Castigation. In this guide, we will go over the function of the weapon and whether it is worth to invest in this PRI-ARM.


[ATK: 447; CRT: 12]


 Skills Overview 

 Active Skill – Raizan Cleave 

[SP: 0][CD: 15s] Unleashes a powerful forward slash with the lightning-imbued blade, dealing 1500% ATK of Lightning DMG and paralyzing enemies for 5s. The wielder is invicible while casting the active. When equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, it also inflicts Narukami's Mark on enemies hit for 15s and can be connected into Shinzan Strike. When riding the dragon, Bombard deals 40% bonus Lightning DMG.


Herrscher of Thunder's active skill effect

Darkbolt Jonin's active skill effect

Other Mei and Sakura's battlesuit skill effect


Wielder is invisible while casting the active (Look at her HP)


Inflict Narukami's Mark for Herrscher of Thunder & Paralyze enemies for 5 second


 Passive Skills 

 Passive 1 – Deafening Peal 

Casting the active boosts wielder's Total DMG by 20% for 20s. When it's equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, activating her Ultimate can also proc this effect and subsequent procs refresh the duration. Casting the active restores 200 Herrscher Charge.

Restore 220 Herrscher Charge


 Passive 2 – Divine Penalty 

Wielder deals 45% bonus Lightning DMG. When it's equipped by HoT, she deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG to enemies with Narukami's Mark.



 Recommended For 

Domain of Sanction deals only Lightning DMG, even though passive skill 1- Deafening Peal boosts wielder Total DMG by 20%, this weapon are much more suitable with Mei and Sakura's battlesuit that can deal Lightning DMG.

And as you expected, DoS are the most advisable to be equipped by Herrscher of Thunder, as all three of the weapon's skill has a bonus when being equipped with HoT. This mean that Herrscher of Thunder can use DoS at its highest potential.


[Herrscher of Thunder]


When being equipped with HoT, she will gain massive boost in her DPS. First of all, by performing the active skill of this weapon, she will deal 1500% ATK of Lightning DMG and inflicting Narukami's Mark on the enemy also paralyzing them.

Then, both of the DoS's passive skills gave her an enormous boost which are 1) Total DMG by 20%, 2) Lightning DMG by 45% and 3) Lightning DMG by 20% to enemies with Narukami's Mark (Do not forget that by using the active skill, the enemy that were hit will automatically gain Narukami's Mark).

By any chance, if HoT perform Ultimate right after using the active skill, Bombard will deal 40% more Lightning DMG. During this time, the total boost that she will get is 105% Lightning DMG and 20% Total DMG. Not including the boosts she will get from her own skill and stigmatas, HoT can easily take advantage of the paralyzed enemies and inflicting double of her normal DPS.

Remember, that is without her skills, stigmata effects and teammates' skill. By combining all of these, HoT is easily one of the most powerful battlesuit in the game. 


Below are one of the many videos of the demonstration of HoT with Domain of Sanction versus Bright Knight Excelsis (38016 pts):


[Darkbolt Jonin]


If by any chance you were blessed with Domain of Sanction but not Herrscher of Thunder, do not fret as there other Valkyries that can be benefitted with using those DoS.

One of them is Darkbolt Jonin. She deals massive Lightning DMG, her leader skill - The Saha World already provided the whole team with 30% more Lightning DMG and 15% Total DMG, by adding DoS in her equipment, she will thus gain another 45% Lightning DMG and 20% Total DMG (after using active skill) resulting in 75% Lightning DMG and 35% Total DMG. And this is without her signature stigmata - Ishikawa Goemon set.

If you add Ishikawa Goemon stigmata set in the equation, she will gain another gigantic boosts: 89% Lightning DMG and 40% Total Damage (Keep in mind that the stigmatas effect here have condition such as Evasion and Ultimate, this is purely rough calculation).

As you can see, Darkbolt Jonin is one of the best Valkyrie that can use Domain of Sanction to the fullest.


[Lightning Empress]


Similarly, Lightning Empress is the another Valkyrie that can gain the most benefit when using Domain of Sanction. LE is a battlesuit with pure Lightning DMG only. That is why her best weapon as of now is MAG-Typhoon as it will give her 50% bonus Lightning DMG. Now, with the arrival of DoS, it can be rivalled with MAG-Typhoon. This is because DoS will provide 20% Total DMG (after casting active) and 45% Lightning DMG.


 Score Comparison 

Open image in new tab to see full image


In these test, all of it are using Bella Elf. While the team and their equipment:

Valkyrie Domain of Sanction MAG-Typhoon Enemy

Open image in new tab to see full image





Domain of Sanction is yet another one of the new powerful PRI-ARM in the game, thanks to many of its skill and application it has. Not only it paralyze the enemies, it also boosts wielder's Total DMG by 20% and 45% Lightning DMG by default.


Is it worth to invest in Domain of Sanction? In my opinion, we should look into your weapons inventory first. If you already have a MAG-Typhoon, then I will think that you do not need to rush to upgrade the DoS. This is because both MAG-Typhoon and Domain of Sanction have an almost similar function towards Lightning DMG Valkyrie.

Not to mention, MAG-Typhoon can be crafted in Forge, unlike DoS that can only be pulled from Gacha, so it is highly likely that most Captain would already have it by now (Especially Veteran Captain above Lvl. 80).


If you do not have MAG-Typhoon or Magstorm, but you have Key of Castigation (The 5* version before upgraded to Domain of Sanction), then I will advise you that it is WORTH to invest in it. Especially if you have powerful Lightning Valkyrie like HoT, LE, and DJ as above.


That is all from me Captain(s), thank you very much for reading. This is Captain Hoshina and have a nice day!