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Jingwei Stigmata Guide

Jingwei - Princess of Fate is a Foundry stigmata set that costs 90 SS Imaginon each.

[1] JIngwei T is the most valuable piece in the set. It provides 31% TDM against single enemies. Usually used against bosses.

[2] JIngwei M provides 40% Fire DMG against three enemies or less. 

[3] JIngwei also serves as forging material for Kallen Pledge in Bounty Mark. Kallen Pledge is not useful, but it is one of the cheapest stigmata to forge and convert to Stigma Resonance. Keep that in mind.



Jingwei T is an excellent free stigma for bossing that can be used by any valk. For example, Hawk of the Fog with Jingwei T can get a very high score against Exalted Hephaestus, Parvati and Heimdal. 

When the host faces a single enemy, they receive a huge TDM boost. For comparison, Thales and Zorro provide 25% and 20% TDM, respectively. 


Jingwei M is a good Fire stigmata that is activated by Charged or Combo ATK. Can be used by any Fire valkyries. Against bosses, Jingwei M can be paired with Jingwei T, granting you the bonus TDM and ATK Speed.

The extra Move Speed is a nice bonus.


Provides DEF on the battlefield, while the healing is very little and slow. Overall, not very useful.


Considering that Jingwei TM is most likely to be used by Fire DPS battlesuits, the bonus attack speed will be useful for Phoenix and Valkyrie Gloria. (Although Phoenix DPS is very uncommon in Exalted)


The effect is very defensive. Furthermore, considering that Jingwei T requires a single enemy, the 3set effect is not practical.



[1] HF vs Parvati [BILIBILI]
[2] HoT vs Heimdal [3RDGUIDE]
[3] TP vs Jizo [BILIBILI]
[4] NS vs Tonatiuh [BILIBILI]



Jingwei T can be used by any valkyrie in single boss battles. The TDM provided is huge, almost comparable to a gacha gear. Definitely worth the SS Imaginons.


Jingwei M and Jingwei TM can be used by any Fire valkyrie. 


JIngwei T is a very strong stigma that can be used by any valkyrie in 1v1 situations. Jingwei T is a must have for any budget players aiming to improve their scores in Memorial Arena and Abyss. Personally, I've forged three Jingwei T for Memorial Arena. As I gradually get better stigmatas, these Jingwei Ts are now converted to Kallen Pledge, which are then crushed into Stigma Resonance. 

Anyway... Jingwei M is a good makeshift stigma for Fire valkyries. It is recommended to get Jingwei M if you lack a good mid Fire stigma.


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