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Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) is the new S-rank battlesuit for Raiden Mei and the new Herrscher Valkyrie. She is a Psychic Lightning DMG dealer. Having her in a team full of Psychic battlesuit is one of the best line up as she will give bonus SP for PSY teammates. 


?Her Core Strengths is:

  • Lightning DMG
  • Paralyze
  • Fast ATK
  • Burst
  • Time Mastery


✅Opinions on the battlesuit:

  • Very easy to play, the movement set at one glance looked hard but actually really simple and can be mastered easily.
  • One of the best Lightning Damage Dealer in the game. The best one in my opinion.
  • S-rank unlocked almost all of her important skills.
  • Very friendly with F2P equipment.


 Basic Attribute 

(Based on Lvl. 80, no stigmata and Seishuu Muramasa)

S 2254 234 695 421 59
SS 2455 245 778 453 65
SSS 2655 255 862 485 71


 Fragment required to evolve    

  Fragments required to evolve
S 100
SS 250
SSS 600



(Valkyrie are based on S-rank Lvl.80)


 Leader Skill – Yaoyorozu 

Team deals 28% bonus Total DMG. PSY-type battlesuits have 70 bonus initial SP. In Open World, the initial SP bonus takes effect once in every 10 mins.


 Passive Skills – Kagutsuchi's Avatar 

  • Herrscher Charge starts at 200 and maxes at 600. When performing special Combo ATK and Ultimate, the Valkyrie is in Herrscher Form.
  • Ultimate Evasion skill and Bombard inflict Blitzlock which immobilized and paralyze enemies.


  • When hitting an enemy inflicted with Narukami's Mark, Basic ATK, Combo ATK, Evasion ATK, and Ultimate deals 5%/20% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG to all marked enemies and recover 26/50 Hersscher Charge.
  • CD: 0.05s. (No Herrscher Charge regen during Bombard and Finisher)
  • Falling Thunder: Certain moves can proc it to deal 30% ATK of Lightning DMG per 0.2s to all enemies marked with Narukami's Mark and restore 10 Herrscher Charge. Subsequent proc will extend the duration.


 Brand of Kuji 

When the Valkyrie attacks enemies inflicted with Narukami's Mark, the bonus Lightning DMG increases to 10%/40% of ATK.


 Ruin of Arajishi 

The Valkyrie deals 12% bonus Lightning DMG. In Herrscher Form, Elemental Breach is boosted by 12%.

  Bonus Lightning DMG Bonus Elemental Breach
S 12% 12%
SS 21% 15%
SSS 30% 18%


 Gale of Acala 

When the Valkyrie is deployed, teammates on standby restore 10% of SP obtained by her. The Valkyrie deals 30% bonus Total DMG to MECH enemies.


 Basic ATK – Takemikazuchi's Edge 

Lightning-imbued katana attacks. Evading after any of the first 3 sequences does not break the combo.


  ATK of Physical DMG ATK of Lightning DMG
1st sequence 60% 60%
2nd sequence 80% 70%
3rd sequence 60% 80%
4th sequence - 250%
5th sequence - 300%


  • 5th sequence of Basic ATK, Combo ATK, Ultimate Evasion skill, QTE, and Ultimate inflict Narukami's Mark on enemies for 15s.
  • Marked enemies take 20% bonus Lightning DMG from the Valkyrie (independent effect).
  • Narukami's Mark cannot coexist with Soul Razor's conductive buff from Lightning Empress.


 Mantle of Prajna 

  • During the first 3 sequences of Basic ATK, the Valkyrie takes 20% less Total DMG.
  • During the 5th sequence, she has higher Ignore Interrupt and takes 80% less Total DMG. She can block the next incoming attack. Reset after 3 special Combo ATKs.


 Curse of Mikazuki 

When the Valkyrie attacks enemies inflicted with Narukami's Mark, the bonus Lightning DMG increases to 40%.


 Combo ATK – Susanoo's Frenzy 

Unleash Herrscher power for a mighty blow.

Hold [ATK] after Basic ATK to perform.
Combo ATK: 200% ATK of Lightning DMG


 Special Combo – Shinzan Strike 

At full Herrscher Charge, hold [ATK] after Basic or Combo ATK to consume all charge and perform special Combo ATK – Shinzan Strike, dealing 1050% ATK of Lightning DMG and triggering 3s of Narukami's Mark's Falling Thunder effect.


 Bane of Shutendoji 

Shinzan Strike deals 40% bonus Total DMG. In non-burst mode, Combo ATKs restore 9 SP on hit. CD: 6s.


  Bonus Total DMG SP restored CD
S 40% 9 SP 6s
SS 50% 9 SP 6s


 Flare of Gongen 

At 75 hit count or higher, normal Combo ATKs reset hit count to 25, deal 100% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG, paralyze enemies, and proc Narukami's Mark's Falling Thunder effects for 2s. In the following 10s, affected enemies stack 1 Paralyze Trauma (12 stack) for every hit by the Valkyrie.


 Fang of Momiji 

After Combo ATKs hit, the Valkyrie restores 40 HP per second for 10s.


 QTE – Oni-Issen 

QTE triggered by Time Slowed

QTE triggered by knocked-airborne enemies

Triggered by Time Slowed or knocked-airborne enemies to deal 400%&600% ATK of Lightning DMG and restore 200 Herrscher Charge. Tap [ATK] immediately after to connect into 4th sequence of Basic ATK.


 Ultimate – Amaterasu's Ride 

Enter Burst Mode and unleash full Herrscher power on the dragon's back.


Entry: 1600% ATK of Lightning DMG and 600 Herrscher Charge regen.

Ride the dragon to fight for 15s.
The Valkyrie takes damage when the dragon is hit but she has 80% Total DMG Reduction, cannot die, restores 120HP/s and cannot cast weapon actives.



Barrage: Tap [ATK] repeatedly to attack, dealing 250% ATK of Lightning DMG per hit.

The cyclone deals 25% ATK of Lightning DMG per 0.25s to enemies pulled in.



Combo ATK – Bombard: Hold [ATK] and consume 50 Herrscher Charge per 0.2s, dealing 160% ATK of Lightning DMG and inflicting 0.5s of Blitzlock.



Finisher: Deal 1400% ATK of Lightning DMG and trigger a 4s Time Fracture. Switch out the Valkyrie (will suspend burst mode and perform Finisher upon next entry) or tap [ULT] again to perform.
SP Cost: 125. Tap [ULT] 12s after activation or later to perform Finisher.




Barrage deals 300% ATK of bonus Physical DMG per hit and deals 120% bonus damage to shields.


 Futsuno Mitama 

Ultimate attacks deals 25% bonus Total DMG.



(Unlocks at SS rank)
Every next hit of Bombard deals 25% bonus Lightning DMG.


 Evasion – Tsukuyomi's Flash 

Evade enemy attacks up to twice in row.

Evasion deals 120% ATK of Lightning DMG to enemies hit.
Ultimate Evasion inflicts Narukami's Mark & Blitzlock on enemies for 2s. Base CD: 15s.


Tap [ATK] within 1.5s after Ultimate Evasion to charge at and pull in enemies for follow-up, dealing 250% ATK of Lightning DMG and proccing a 4s Time Fracture


In Ultimate: Activating Ultimate Evasion skill procs a 3s global Time Fracture and the next attacks deals 300% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG. The activation and ending of Ultimate both reset Ultimate Evasion skill CD.


 Galvanized Ojuzu 

Ultimate Evasions restores 10 SP and trigger Narukami's Mark's Falling Thunder effect for 1s.


 Trance of Avalok 

Ultimate Evasion CD is reduced by 3s.


 Crane of Ichimonji 

(Unlock at SSS rank)
The Ultimate Evasion follow-up deals 500% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG.



 Signature Equipment 



Domain of Sanction|Benares: Awakening (T)|Benares: Awakening (M)|Benares: Awakening (B)


HoT signature equipment are as shown above, it is the new weapon and stigmata specifically created for HoT Mei. All of these equipments also have a bonus if were to equipped by HoT.


Domain of Sanction deals 1500% ATK of Lightning DMG and paralyzing enemies for 5s. There are many bonuses when equipped by HoT: 

  • It will inflict Narukami's Mark on enemies hit for 15s. 
  • When riding the dragon, Bombard deals 40% bonus Lightning DMG
  • Activating Ultimate boosts wielder's Total DMG by 20%.
  • Restores 200 Herrscher Charge
  • Deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG to enemies with Narukami's Mark.

As you can see, DoS is the most suitable and effective weapon for HoT as there are so many benefits just by being equipped alone.


Benares: Awakening (T) help to boosts Total DMG by 20% and boost Lightning DMG by 50% in Herrscher form.
Benares: Awakening (M) grants 25% bonus Lightning DMG.
Benares: Awakening (B) also boosts Lightning DMG by 25%. And in Herrscher Form, attacks restore 6 SP on hit every 6s.
2-pc boosts Total DMG by 20%. And in Herrscher Form, attacks inflict Thunderblitz on enemies and take 50% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG for each hit.
3-pc boosts Lightning DMG by 20% and enemies in Thunderblitz takes 15% bonus Lightning DMG.

As stated above, all of the Benares Stigma provide MASSIVE boost in both Total DMG and Lightning DMG. Completed with various other bonus in Herrscher Form, there is no other Stigmata Set that can compete with Benares: Awakening in term of usability with Herrscher of Thunder while exposing the full potential of the battlesuit.



 Recommended Equipment 


While the signature equipment for HoT is the best for her, it doesn't mean there aren't other weapons and equipments that are suitable for her. If Ai-Chan did not bless you with the DoS or any of the Benares stigmatas, do not worry as there are also others equipment that can bring out HoT potential as Lightning Damage Dealers.



MAG-Typhoon|Monet(T)|Ishikawa Goemon(M)|Ishikawa Goemon(B)


MAG-Typhoon is the best equipment for Lightning Empress, that also means it also suitable for HoT, the awakening of LE. Wielder deals 50% more Lightning DMG and gain Ignore Interrupt and 50% Total DMG Reduction after using the Active Skill. It also deals 250% ATK of Lightning DMG against a paralyzed enemy. 


Monet (T) grants 30% Lightning DMG.
Ishikawa Goemon (M) increase Total DMG by 20%. While after unleashing Ultimate, the host will gain 15% Lightning DMG, and another 10% under Kenbu Mode.
Ishikawa Goemon (B) provide 35% bonus Lightning DMG. And the first attack after Ultimate Evasion will gain additional 60% ATK of Lightning DMG, and another 60% under Kenbu Mode.
Ishikawa Goemon 2-pc, the host will enter Kenbu Mode when hitting an enemy with Combo ATK, which will increase the Total DMG by 30% for 7s.

This set is another set of equipment that are mostly multiplying the Lightning DMG for HoT. While MAG-Thyphoon is an F2P weapon that can be crafted at Forge after collecting the material needed in Bounty Mark




Key of Castigation|Shakespeare(T)|Fuxi(M)|Cleopatra(B)


Key of Castigation deals 35% bonus Lightning DMG and the active skills deals 700% ATK of Lightning DMG and paralyze enemies for 3s. For 2s after active skill, enemies with Narukami's Mark take 30% ATK of Lightning DMG.


Shakespeare (T) boosts Lightning DMG by 51%.
Fuxi (M) provide 92% Elemental DMG against paralyzed enemies.
Cleopatra (B) provide another 82% Total DMG Multiplier against paralyzed enemies.

These stigmatas are mostly suitable for weapon that has an active skill where it will paralyze the enemies so it can activate Fuxi and Cleopatra stigmata skills.



Below are the set that are completely F2P weapon that can be crafted at Forge.





MagStorm boosts 40% Lightning DMG.


Darwin (T) boosts 8% Lightning DMG for every 15 Combo Hit and can be stacked up to 4 times. Which means at 60 Combo Hit Count, the host will get 35% Lightning DMG.
Darwin (M) provide 7% Total DMG Reduction for every 1 hit taken by the host and can be stacked up to 4 times.
Darwin (B) grants 6% Total DMG Multiplier for every Ultimate Evasion performed by the host and can be stacked up to 4 times. This means that after the 4th Ultimate Evasion performed, the host will gain 24% Total DMG Multiplier.
Darwin 3-pc, provides 20% Lightning DMG and 20% faster Move Speed.




Lightning Soul|Edison(T)|Edison(M)|Edison(B)


Lightning Soul boosts 15% Lightning DMG for the wielder.


Edison (T) provide 15% Lightning DMG.
Edison (M) grants 10% Lightning DMG.
Edison 2-pc, host gains 15% Total DMG Multiplier.
Edison 3-pc, the host gain 25% Lightning DMG.



Advanced Overview


S-rank: unlock 85% of her potential.
All core damage skills have been unlocked, even with the recommended gear, the battlesuit is powerful already.


⭐⭐SS-rank: unlock 95% of her potential.
Further strengthen the Ultimate, enhance the element penetration ability, and more advantages in difficult environments.


⭐⭐⭐SSS-rank: unlock 100% of her potential.
Strengthen the damage of follow-up ATK after evasion skill, penetrate the the enemies with lightning elements at full-level, and reach her full potential.



 Score Comparison


Open image in new tab to see it properly.






  • Azure Empyrea is an Elemental Support Valkyrie that are very useful and convenient if paired with HoT. She can provide SP, her Ultimate- Empyrean Sunder boosts team's Elemental DMG by 30% for 15s and gathers all the enemies in one place. Also her evasion will trigger Time-Slow that will trigger HoT QTE easily.
  • Wolf Dawn are focused on her passive skill- Prismatic Refraction where when Barrier is active, the team will gain 30% All Elemental DMG.




HoT|DP(Thunder Kikaku)|BloodRose

  • Divine Prayer is another great Support Valkyrie, especially good for HoT if equipped with Thunder Kikaku. TK passive skill- Futsuno Mitama, will make the enemies hit become conductive, and making them take 60% more Lightning DMG for 7s.
  • BloodRose as you know by now is another weapon that mostly are used because of its active skill- Blood Drake where it creates a blood tornado that will double the enemies' Attack Speed but making them take 60% more Elemental DMG for 9s. This weapon was often used with other Elemental DMG Dealer.

Versus BKE (37888):




Versus BKE (37623):





HoT is one of the most powerful Lightning DMG Dealer (possibly the best) with an easy-control movements. If you lack Lightning Valkyrie, then you should definitely pull her in the Gacha. 
If you already have the F2P equipment as stated above, I very very much recommend you to sacrifice your crystal to pull her in the gacha and bring her home.


I mean- if you saw THAT and still didn't want to pull her in Gacha then you have earned my respect Captain. Not all people can resist that kind of temptation. ??

Thank you for reading dear Captain(s), this is Captain Hoshina and have a nice day!