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Silver Reaper Guide

Silver Reaper is a 4* cross weapon craftable in the Foundry. It is one of the few Foundry weapons with some competitive potential and in this guide, we will go over the function of the weapon, compare it with other weapons, and whether it is a worthy investment.


Weapon Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.


Silver Reaper

5★ ATK: 268; CRT: 29


Severing Slash: (SP: 15) (CD: 14s) In an AoE, hits enemies 3 times per second for 6s. Each hit deals 900 Physical damage and applies 50% Weaken for 5s.


Deathly Scythe: Attacks against weakened targets gain 35% Total damage multiplier.


Weapon Skill Review


The main appeal of the weapon is Deathly Scythe passive, which grants users 35% Total damage multiplier, conditional on Weaken status. Silver Reaper is the only craftable cross that gives a damage multiplier. Luckly, it is fairly easy to apply the Weaken status as well; Severing Slash will Weaken enemies for roughly 11s total if the target remains in the AoE. However, the most convenient source of Weaken is Drive Kometa (DK) with crippling field, who is one of the most common physical damage supports in the game, and can apply Weaken for 15s, with no cooldown or sp cost. Additionally, DK synergizes greatly with Twilight Paladin (TP), the most recommended user of Silver Reaper.


Recommended For


Twilight Paladin


The best physical damage cross user at the moment is Twilight Paladin and she can use the cross to great success. TP is often supported by DK as well, which greatly synergizes with Silver Reaper. Here are some examples of a F2P TP achieving high scores in Memorial Arena (MA).


https://www.bilibili.com/video/av78780929?zw ( DK CH TP vs DXY ~30133)

https://www.bilibili.com/video/av79921436?zw ( DK DP TP vs Jizo ~30080)


The main competitor for Silver Reaper is Hekate’s Gloom, more about this weapon can be found here. Hekate’s Gloom is TP’s signature weapon and synergizes incredibly well with her. Its active provides additional hit count, needed for TP’s charged attack, and its passive provides 20% Total damage multiplier and up to 25% Physical damage multiplier after 100 hits. This is undeniably better than Silver Reaper, although as seen above, you can get reasonable results with this F2P cross, which leads to the next question.


Is it worth the investment?


Basic jist of the logic is: if you plan on getting Hekate's Gloom or Kafka set, do not invest in Silver Reaper, and if you do not plan on getting Hekate's Gloom and Kafka, then definitely invest in Silver Reaper.

Conventional wisdom says it is not smart to invest Honkai Cubes into a sub-optimal weapon. Especially for newer players, Honkai Cubes are a valuable resource and there are numerous weapons in this game that are worth upgrading. Crafting the weapon itself, which costs 150 AE Imaginons, is a small price, and can even be salvaged for a Honkai Cube later on. However, leveling it up past lv35 is not so cheap, and your future gacha plans should determine whether or not you do so. The worst case scenario is bringing Silver Reaper to lv50 then pulling for Hekate’s Gloom and Kafka afterwards. The most efficient way to spend your crystals is on a banner that has BOTH the weapon AND stigmatas you desire. Having a lv50 Silver Reaper makes Hekate’s Gloom less desirable, which makes its banners less desirable as well. However, Kafka set, while extremely strong on TP, has been less and less mandatory. Aside from the F2P examples shown, players often replace the set with other stigmatas like Schrodinger T or Newton B, which sacrifice consistency with additional burst potential. The new Shuijing set has already become another strong set up for TP, with captains running Schrodinger T Shuijing MB. The less valuable Hekate’s Gloom and Kafka banners become, the more justifiable it is to invest in Silver Reaper.