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Bella Elf Guide - Hoshina



Bella is the new S-rank Lightning Elf released in the 4.1 Version.⚡
Bella has a pretty good dps and utility skills. She can boosts all elements, mostly Lightning DMG, so Lightning Valkyrie can use Bella at her full potential. At 2⭐, most of her important skills can be unlocked while at 4⭐, her skills will have a good improvement.



 Basic Attributes 
(Based on Lvl 80)

2⭐ 743 100 72
3⭐ 795 100 80
4⭐ 873 100 89


Fragments Needed to Evolve

3⭐ 100
4⭐ 150



 Skills Overview 

Skills unlocked at 2⭐


Skills unlocked at 3⭐


Skills unlocked at 4⭐



 Skills Details 


 Thundering Verdict 

  • Basic ATKs deal 540% ATK of Lightning DMG. Restores 1.85 SP every second in battle. ATK Interval: 3.3s.


  • ELF deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG.

 Fulminating Blast 

  • ELF's attacks have a 50% chance to deal 250% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG. CD: 6s.

 Conducting Rod  (Unlocked at 3⭐)

  • ELF deals 25% bonus Total DMG when there's only one enemy on the field.



 Lightning Arrow 

  • Shoots multiple thunderbolts dealing 300%x2+160%x10+560% ATK of Lightning DMG and boosting Lightning DMG taken by enemies hit by 8% for 6s (can be refreshed).
  • If the last hit lands on a single target, it deals 800% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG and paralyzes the enemy for 1s.
  • CD: 35s; SP cost: 75

 Dragon Rage 
When there's only one enemy on the field, every thunderbolt of Ultimate deals 40% bonus Lightning DMG.

 Lethal Smite  (Unlocked at 3⭐)
Ultimate boosts Lightning DMG taken by enemies hit by 7%.

 Conducting Cage  (Unlocked at 4⭐)
The Lightning DMG bonus of Ultimate's last hit lasts 10s.



 Dragon Guard 
[Team] with a Fast ATK leader, the team deals 8% bonus Elemental DMG.

 Electrifying Dance 
ELF's has 50 bonus initial SP.

 Dragon Blood (Unlocked at 3⭐)
[Team] ELF deals 15% bonus Lightning DMG when there's at least one Lightning DMG dealer on the team.

 Electrine Soul  (Unlocked at 4⭐)
[Team] with a Lightning DMG leader, team deals 6% bonus Lightning DMG.



 Lunar Mending 
Restores 300 HP for the deployed Valkyrie when her HP drops below 50%. CD: 50s.

 Harmony Crescent 
Lunar Mending's CD is reduced to 30s.

 Moon Touch (Unlocked at 3⭐)
Lunar Mending restores 450 HP instead.




  • Paralyze Enemies
  • Boost Lightning DMG taken by enemies
  • Bonus Elemental DMG
  • Bonus Lightning DMG
  • Restores Valkyries' HP



 Score Comparison 

Versus Hephaestus SS-Rank - All of these test are using Herrscher of Thunder (except Lightning Empress) Leader's Skill. Each of the battlesuit are using their own Master Equipment in the stage.



 Gameplay Examples 

Here are a few examples of using gameplay from CN server using Bella ELF:

HoT, DV, MC versus Bright Knight Excelsis (37888):

HoT, AE, MC versus Bright Knight Excelsis (37440):




The new Elf Bella is the Lightning Support for Valkyrie in battle. This is purely my opinion, but if you are an F2P player, it is better to save your crystal for upcoming Valkyrie or Weapons and not pulling this Elf. This is because as you can see in the Score Comparison, the score using Bella and without using Bella did not have a large margin difference.

Especially if you already have Book of Fuxi. While Book of Fuxi mostly support Fire DMG Valkyrie, she is still a flexible Elf that can improve elemental damage output of your team. But if you still want Bella for her cuteness and the support she can provide, then it is all up for you to decide.