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Herrscher of Thunder Guide: Gears, Skills, and More



Hello my fellow captains, welcome to this wonderful, gorgeus and hopefully usefull ''Herrscher of Thunder guide: equipment and it's damage comparison, line up, etc.'' This guide was made in 4.1 Beta - 4.1 versions.

Please note that the entire guide is made with S-rank (SSS-rank Lightning Empress) stats and my guide isn't 100% accurate so be sure to read other people's guides to have a global understanding of our beloved Herrscher of Thunder

Herrscher of Thunder, HoT from now, is a S-rank gacha only battlesuit, awakened from Mei's Lightning Empress. She's a lightning elemental damage DPS, with tons devastating burst spikes, and ...she's also very HOT (But no as the HOTTEST thing there is) ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭

So let's start looking her skills:


1. Leader skill (Shared with Lightning Empress)Team deals more total damage. Psy type teammates gets SP at the start. This skill will make HoT the leader from your line up in Memorial Arena due to the bonus SP, which makes the Blood Dance + Newt B strategy viable, her total damage bonus is also very nice.

2. Combo: Susanoo's FrenzyOne of HoT's burst points, when Herrscher enery is fully charged, it turns into Special Combo ATK deals up to 1050% ATK of lightning damage, also when hit count is above 75, performing the normal combo ATK it applies Narukami Falling Thunder (Attacking marked enemie incresases self lightning damage and Herrscher enery restore) on enemies and for every hit dealt by the Valkyrie stacks paralyze trauma.

3. Ultimate: Amaterasu's RideEnters burst mode for 15s, basic attacks restore more Herrscher charge and the Special Attack is changed into Bombard (Dragon spitting thing), HoTcan be switched off and by re-entering the battle or tapping [ULT] again during the 12s after ULT's activation activates Finisher, a slash that deals up to 1400% ATK of lightning damage and triggers time fracture.

4. Basic ATK: Takemikazuchi's Edge: Full 5 sequences of basic attack deals a total of 960% ATK of lightning damage. The 5th ATK, combo ATK, evasion and ULT applies Narukami's Mark for 15s and makes enemies take 20% more lightning damage (Cannot coexist with Lightning Empress's conductive buff).

5. Ultimate Evasion: Tsukuyomi's FlashRestores 10 SP and triggers Narukami's Mark Falling Thunder, by tapping ATK within 1.5s after Ultimate Evasion triggers time fracture, after ULT, the Ultimate Evasion becomes self active (Like Knight Moonbeam's one) and triggers 3s of time fracture, the activation and end of the ULT resets Evasion skill CD.

6. Passive: Kagutsuchi's Avatar: The passive skill consist of:

-Herrscher Charge: Can be restored by basic attacks, BiS weapon's active, Ultimate and Narukami's Falling Thunder. Consumed by using special combo attack, or Bombard during ultimate. ULT's second ''form'' The Finisher does not restore herrscher charge.

-Brand of Kuji: When hitting enemies with Narukami's Mark, deals more lightning damage and recovers herrscher charge.

-Others: Boosts self elemental breach and deals more damage agains MECH enemies

So as we can see, HoT deals pure lightning elemental damage, can paralyze enemies (with means paralize set suit on her), has Burst Mode, and time fracture among other things.


Next, her equipment.

HoT's signature quipment are Benares: Awakening Set and Key of Castigation (and it's PRI-Arm, Domain of Sanction):

Lets start with the stigma set: Benares Awakening.

Benare set has some delicious thicc THIGH.... I mean good stats. Ehem (Is she legal? Asking for school research purposes) ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Benares Awakening (T): Total damage multiplier and lightning damage under Herrscher Form (ULT, Special Charged Attack), it's just like our best daddy Welt but for lightning damage.

Benares Awakening (M) (The picture of Benares is wrong but the stats are actually right, beta problems): Boosts lightning damage and total damage after casting Weapon's active (ehem... Mihoyo: Pull for Signature Katana~~).

Benares Awakening (B): Boosts lightning damage and under Herrscher Form restores extra sp.

Set Bonuses:

-2 set Bonus: Total damage multiplier and under Herrscher Form, enemies take extra lightning damage.

-3 set bonus: Boost lightning damage

Now the weapon:

Key of Castigation: 

Active:700% ATK of lightning damage and applies paralyze and Narukami's Mark.

Passive: Boosts lightning damage, enemies with Narukami's Mark takes more damage and restores extra Herrscher Charge

-Domain of Sanction (KoC Pri Arm):

Active: deals up to 1500% lightning damage(little lightning An-Utu), applies paralyze and Narukami's Mark, it also boosts Bombard (ULT Dragon spitting thing)'s damage.


-Total damage multiplier after casting weapon's active or Ultimate when it's equipped by HoT. Restores Herrscher Charge after weapon's active.

Boosts lightning damage, whe equipped by HoTdeals more damage against enemies with Narukami's Mark.

Now, did you see something?

Yes, there're a lot of buffs with the words ''Under Herrscher Form'' or '' When equipped by HoT'', which means the non-BiS equipment will be A LOT weaker than her BiS (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ . So nothing of ''Monet and Goemon, best lightning stigmas'', ''Alredy have Monet and Goemon, no need for Benares'' or ''Mag Typhoon goes zum zum''. 

Also, the priority for those gears are:

Weapon > Benare T > Benares M > Benares B

Damage Comparison

Now, by saying that her BiS is a lot stronger than other stigmas doesn't mean that they're not suitable.

Here I'll show you some equipment combinations and their respective damage (From higher to lower):

Note: All those runs are 34s long, in which I did 2 full basic attack combos, 1 special combo attack, entire ULT and the ULT's Finisher. with NO SUPPORT, NO ELF, NO WEAPON'S ACTIVE and NO AFFIXES.

1. Domain of Sanction (Pri Key of Castigation) + Benares Set (If we use DoS active here, damage will go brrrum)

Total damage: 2,125,384

2. Mag Typhoon + Benares Set

Total damage: 1,883,304

3. Domain of Sanction + Monet T, Goemon MB (If we use weappon's active this would be in the 2nd place)

Total damage: 1,618,680

Special Mention: Domain of Sanction + Paralyze Set (only works for mobbing and some specific bosses like Double Emperor):

Total damage: 1,608,648

4. Key of Castigation + Benares Set (Note that if we use the weapon's active, the damage will be A LOT higher than MagStorm (the one below)'s one):

Total damage: 1,535,176

5. MagStorm + Benares Set:

Total damage: 1,534,440


6, Mag Typhoon + Monet T, Goemon MB:

Total damag: 1,370,424

7. Half F2P Domain of Sanction + Jingwei T, Anniversary MB (for solo bosses only) (If uses weapon's active, would surpass the one above) :

Total damage: 1,341,400

8. Key of Castigation + Monet T, Goemon MB:

Total damage: 1.210.712

9. MagStorm + Monet T, Goemon MB:

Total damage 1,193,170

10. F2P Mag Typhoon + Jingwei T, Anniversary MB (for solo bosses only):

Total damage:1.161.520

In conclusion the damage difference between BiS and non-BiS are abysmal. ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭

For F2P equipment, I recommend Paralyze set (Kiana Arc T for Monet T) for mobbing and Jingwei T, Anniversary Ball MB for bossing.

Here, I made a table about the different gear by sepparate and their replacements:

Tier 0 Domain of Sanction Benares: Awakening (T) Benares: Awakening (M) Benares: Awakening (B)
Tier 1 Key of Castigation Monet (T) Ishikawa Goemon (M) Ishikawa Goemon/Tesla Band (B)
Tier 2 Mag Typhoon Kiana-Arc/Jingwei (T) Monet (M)  Bronya: Kometa (B)
Tier 3 Mag Storm Ishikawa Goemon (T) Mei: Fulminata/Higo Formals (M) Seele Formals (B)

And... if you're in a extreme F2P situation use MagStorm and full Edison Set.


Line Up

Now, I'll proceed to explain line ups for HoT:

*AE: Azure Empyrea, BD: Blood Dance (weapon), DP: Divine Prayer, PX: Phoenix, WD, Wolf's Dawn.

1.Top tier line up:


AE is actually the best elemntal support, while Blood Dance's acticve makes enemies take 60% more elemental damage.

1.5 Top tier line up 2 (only for Memorial Arena):

HoT BD DP (SS and Kikaku needed)

Divine Prayer ULT can proc Kikaku's conductivity and also provides time fracture, which is essential in MA

2. Mid Budget

HoT PX(SS needed) BD

Phoenix is the f2p AE, and also THE HOTTEST THING THERE IS.

3. Mid Budget but with AE

HoT AE WD(SS needed)

When you have the GORGEUS AE but you lack of Valkyrie Blood Dance, WD can give 30% elemental damage off field at SS rank

4. Low (very low) budget

HoT PX(SS needed) WD(SS needed)

F2P is not only a lifestyle it's also a hobby

And like the equipment section, here's a board for best supports and their replacement:

HoT Azure Empyrea/SS DP with Kikaku Blood Dance
HoT Phoenix Wolf's Dawn



37376 on Exalted Hephaestus by me:

  • Here, I started with Nebulou's active to trigger Margrae's Fyreheart (20% elemental damage multiplier + 14% TDM) and stacking Nebulou's passive (12% TDM) , combined Yin Yang and full Yin (30% elemtal damage multiplier) to apply buffs, after triggering HoT's QTE (for Herrscher Charge), I swithed to Rozalia to launch BD's active (60% more elemental damage + 45% damage buff by JST and 41% tdm from Newt B).Then Switched to HoT, unleasing weapon's active and Special Combo ATK, after It, normal combo ATKs to gain sp and Herrscher Charge, A secon Special Combo ATK and ULT to finish Hepha, without need of Dragon's spitting thing and The Finisher


Other random stuff

And here are some recommendations and personal opinions about HoT

First, I recommend farming Lightning Empress to SSS rank through War Treasury to improve HoT shared skill and Leader skill. 

(4.1 release only) The other thing is about people who's asking if he/she should skip this banner and save crystals for the next HoT banner... Uhm, my personal recommendation is ''No'', because HoT will definetly change Abyss and MA enviroment, so if you can pull, try to get her and her weapon, as we've see she's not weak even with f2p gear. And for the other side you never know what can come out from those supplie...like.. uhm...this is possible (no mine).. so never let it go

Also people asked me about what to do if they have not JST TM, newton B, MagStorm or Margrave Set.

-For JST, Ballon set will be back for 25K asterite each stigma in 4.1, and Ballon TM is actually very good replacement for JST, and if you're poor as me who used all his asterite to buy Starlight Astrologos fragments, you can just use Theresa: Gluttony T, the new gluttony isn't RNG dependent and it secure 1-2 candy the first hits after entry.

-For Newton B, don't worry, after pulling for HoT's gear you'll get A LOT of resonators (which means you probably haven't got her full geared), alson in Abyss the BD launcher needs Sloth B to have enugh SP (not even Beethoven B can provede enough SP), so Newt B is only for HoT's MA top scores.

-MagStorm is farmable  ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

-To replace Margrace, you ha Ogier T, Fuhua Musician MB, which is Tier 1 elemental support stigma set until Margrave came out (and it's farmable).

Now, my opinions about HoT.

Personally, I think HoT is actually a good release of Mihoyo. There are people who says ''HoT is not that strong, she can't even pass her counter weather Abyss''.

For me, the fact that HoT can't pass her counter weather Abyss is good, it means that this Herrscher is ''balanced'', if she could pass her couter weather Abyss, She'll end up unbalacing the meta, like what HoV and HoR did back then, so about HoT's streght, I'm very happy whith what Mihoyo did. The other thing is about her release Pri Arm, from one side, Pri Arms were introduced to make old characters playable in meta again, giving HoT a Pri Arm in her release means that she will not get any big buff in the future except if Mihoyo adds Pri Stigma thing, from the other side, a Pri Arm was needed here, like imagine what would happened if non-Pri signature katana was stronger tha Mag Typhoon, or HoT's sighnature wasn't her signature, look and HoV, before her Pri, her signature wans't Keys of the Void, her BiS was Tranquil Arias, Mihoyo probably wanted to evade this situation happening again.


And for ending, thanks to the Mihoyo team to give me this opportunitty to tbe in 4.1 beta test and thank you, my fellow stranger captain to read my guide. I not a Pro or a ''Dalao'' in this game, I haven't even reached 0,2% in MA after almost 2 years playing, my guide probably is not the best HoT's guide out there.. But! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and it helped you to get a litter better in this awesone waifu collecting ACG thing. (・ω・)ノ(・ω・)ノ


For any questions, you can ask in HI3's offcial discord, there's a very nice community with french melee weapon (baguette) bingos.