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Dirac Stigmata Guide


Dirac - Quantum Waltz is a stigmata set added in v3.2. Dirac's main strength revolves around the middle piece, which gives high Total Damage Multiplier (TDM) for Burst Mode battlesuits. Currently, Dirac can only be obtained from gacha.


TOP: Gives up to 20% crit rate.
MID: Gives up to 65.5% TDM for valkyries with Burst Mode. One of the best and versatile stigmata in the game.
BOT: Recovers sp over time after Ultimate Evasion. Also gives 20% Physical DMG.
2SET: Resets and extends duration of stigmata effects. Also gives 35% Physical DMG.
3SET: Resets and extends duration of stigmata effects. Also impairs enemies.



20% Crit Rate is nice for physical dps, but it is not worth using alone over TDM or Physical DMG stigmata. Instead, Dirac T is best paired with Dirac M for the set effect.

  • Using weapon skill while the buff is active will not refresh it.
  • Both normal switch-in and QTE will activate Dirac T.

Image shows icon for Dirac T buff.


Dirac M is one of the best stigmata in the game. It provides up to 65.5% TDM for Burst Mode battlesuits.


There are three parts of Dirac M:

  • Ultimate / Burst Mode ATKs gain 26% TDM
  • During Burst Mode, the host gain 26% TDM
  • After unleashing Ultimate or Burst Mode, gain 1.5% TDM per second, for 9seconds, up to 13.5% TDM
  • Total =  65.5% TDM for Burst Mode valkyries


Example 1: If Night Squire uses Ultimate, she will get all three buffs during Burst Mode.
Example 2: If Hawk of the Fog uses Ultimate, the ultimate attack will get 26% TDM. Afterwards, she will get the TDM increase over time. Her Basic ATK will only benefit from this buff.


Image shows icon for Dirac M TDM increase over 10s. As you can see, both Night Squire (burst mode) and Hawk of the Fog (not burst mode) can activate this particular component of Dirac M.


[1] Unrestricted 20% Physical DMG is nice on physical dmg dealers.
[2] Impressive SP recovery that will help you get ultimate faster.
[3] Recover up to 13.5 SP over 10s duration. This is almost as much SP recovery from Schrodinger Band.
[4] Can be used on its own or with Dirac M for set effect.


Image shows sp recovery icon for Dirac B, and 13.5 sp increase with Dirac B.


[1] Resets and extends duration of individual piece effect to 14s, which means the powerful Dirac M effect will now last longer. Perfect for valkyries with long burst duration, such as Swallowtail Phantasm.


[2] Provides 35% Physical DMG. Depending on which combination you use, you will get crit rate (TM) or more physical dmg and sp recovery (MB). Both are good bonuses for physical dmg dealers.

Combination Examples
[1] Dirac TM

  • 65.5% TDM, 35% Physical DMG and 20% Crit Rate
  • Example: Dirac TM + Pride B
  • Example of end-game usage: NS Dirac TM Newton B vs Physical Evadion Jizo

[2] Dirac MB

  • 65.5% TDM, 55% Physical DMG and 1.5 sp/s
  • Example combination: Dirac MB + Jingwei T / Zorro T

[3] Dirac TB

  • 55% Physical DMG, 1.5 SP/s and 20% Crit rate.
  • The weakest combination of all three.
  • Has no Burst Mode requirement thus it's more flexible, but this beats the purpose of using Dirac for Burst Mode battlesuits.
  • Example combination: Dirac TB +  Ekaterina M / Marco M


Example of Dirac 2-pc set effect

[1] 3-pc set effect extends the stigmata buffs even longer, up to 18s long. This isn't really needed as only SP and BK Burst Modes last this long, and 14s duration extension is already long enough for SP.


[2] In other words, you use Dirac full set for the strong single piece and 2-pc effects. Just consider the 3-pc effect as a bonus.


[3] Impair can be useful if you don't have other reliable impair source such as Celestial Hymn or Briareus EX, or after support impair expires. 


Example of Dirac 3-pc set effect


[1] Dirac M can be used by any Burst Mode battlesuits. 
[2] Dirac M and its set combination is more suitable for Physical Burst Mode battlesuits.
[3] Dirac B can be used on its own for its SP recovery effect.

NOTE: Some valkyries have non-burst mode attacks during Burst Mode, so they can't fully enjoy Dirac M bonus. Perhaps we'll discuss this in another guide.


Since there's a lot of capable users, let's see its endgame applications:

  1. Night Squire uses Dirac to get high scores against EX MA bosses and against RL Jizo, capable of Myriad promotion.
  2. Swallowtail Phantasm uses Dirac to get high score against RL+Myriad Tonatiuh, clear RL+Myriad mobs and get a decent score against EX Tonatiuh and Quantum Legion.
  3. Shadow Knight uses Dirac M to get high score against EX Argent Knight, ex Dark Jixuanyuan, RL Argent Knight and Double Wendy, capable of Myriad promotion.
  4. Herrscher of Reason uses Dirac M against RL Benares and Herrscher of the Void, capable of Myriad promotion.
  5. Bright Knight uses Dirac B against EX Dark Jixuanyuan for high score.

[1] NS vs EX MA Bosses / RL Bosses

  1. Tonatiuh 30720 
  2. Jizo Mitama 31306 [YOUTUBE]
  3. Kallen 31200 [BILIBILI]
  4. Argent Knight 30933 [BILIBILI]
  5. RL QS Emperor [YOUTUBE]
  6. RL QS Jizo [BILIBILI]

[2] SP vs RL Tonatiuh [YOUTUBE]
[3] SP vs RL Death Web + Gigant [YOUTUBE]
[4] SK vs RL Double Wendy (Dirac M) [YOUTUBE]
[5] SK vs EX AKA (Dirac M)  [YOUTUBE]
[6] HoR vs RL HoV Dirac Sea (Dirac M) [YOUTUBE]
[7] It's so strong even WC can get 30k vs EX Tonatiuh [YOUTUBE]

Overall, Dirac is a strong stigmata set for battlesuits with Burst Mode. However, currently Dirac is only obtainable from gacha. So you have to ask yourself if it's worth your hard-earned crystal. 



  1. Do you use a lot of Night Squire and Swallowtail Phantasm?
  2. Do you have trouble retaining 2% Arena and Masters Red Lotus with said valks? Perhaps you have the right supports but lack good gears?
  3. You don't plan to invest in a more versatile physical team in the future, such as Stygian Nymph team?
  4. Bonus: You have HoR, SK, other burst mode valks but lack their gears?

If most of your answers are YES, then you may consider pulling Dirac from supply.

Overall, Dirac is a very powerful stigmata set for battlesuits with Burst Mode. Dirac M is the most important piece while Dirac B can be used for SP recovery.
It is recommended to pull Dirac from gacha if you plan to get max potential on Night Squire, Swallowtail Phantasm, and to an extension, make your Burst Mode valkyries much stronger. 


Visit Official Honkai Discord fur further discussion or feedback. Credits to the youtube users for gameplay, and Kirito for some of the chibi avatars.