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Star Destroyer 19C-X Weapon Guide

Original guide: https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/50/2042

Submission Date: 2019-12-31 | Updated on: 2020-06-26


Star Destroyer 19C-X is the PRI-ARM breakthrough of Star Destroyer 19C introduced in version 3.6. It is a Heavy weapon specialized for Black Nucleus (BN).



  1. 19C-X enables Black Nucleus to get a fighting chance in Exalted Memorial Arena, gaining high scores against Assaka and Parvati (SSS-rank can kill Jizo too).
  2. BN lineup is very expensive and requires some skill, so you should only consider getting 19CX if you already have a stacked KMB CH BN team. But hold on...
  3. V3.9 introduced Briareus EX, a better PRI-ARM for Black Nucleus, netting EVEN HIGHER SCORES. Briareus EX is also farmable and usable on other Bronya battlesuits, thus making 19C-X obsolete.


 Skill Review 

ATK:398, CRT:59

Total Coverage is the bread-and-butter skill of 19C-X. Hold down the active skill button, and you will fire fire eight charged shots back-to-back, each dealing 9x222% ATK of Physical DMG. The firing stops once you release the active skill button, or when you get interrupted. This active is further improved by the other two passive skills, which we will get to later.

Herrscher of Reason using Total Coverage

Although it is a weapon skill, Total Coverage counts as Basic Charged ATK, and the damage can be boosted by stigmatas that buffs Basic ATK or Charged ATK, such as Schrodinger T and Kafka.

Black Nucleus using Total Coverage

Total Coverage has exclusive improvements when used by Black Nucleus. When you press active skill:

  • Enters a cool over-the-shoulder view. Weapon skill button will act as camera control button. On PC client, camera control will automatically be remapped to weapon skill button.
  • Gains 40% Crit Rate when cast under Invisibility. This compensates for the Crit Rate lost from BN's Precision Charged passive, since it requires releasing ATK button on third charge.
  • Reduces active skill's CD by 6s. On BN, the weapon skill CD becomes 10s. It should be reduced a bit more to match the usual time taken for another KMB CH BN rotation.

BN's up-close and personal ensures she will always get this 60% Crit DMG bonus. BN's Thermal Activation passive already gives her 30% Crit DMG, so under barrage mode, she will have a total of 90% Crit DMG.

Barrage mode gives 40% Total DMG Multiplier (TDM). Combined with BN's Field Breach passive, which gives 39% TDM, she will have 79% TDM under barrage mode. If she equips Schrodinger T, which gives 205% TDM, BN will get 284% TDM for a few barrage shots!
Furthermore, each shot improves subsequent shot's Physical DMG by 8% each. This means the final shot can deal 56% increased Physical DMG, not including other DMG boost from BN or stigmata skills!

 Recommended User 

19C-X enables Black Nucleus to get high scores against Assaka and Parvati in Exalted Arena. (SSS-rank can also tackle Jizo). However, the other PRI-ARM Briareus EX gives higher score and much more damage compared to 19C-X. We will discuss this later.


 Recommended Gear 

Schrodinger T, Planck M, Sin Mal / Lier B
The good old KMB CH BN setup in Masters Arena still works in Exalted. As mentioned before, Total Coverage active skill counts as Basic Charged ATK, and will get the full benefit of Schrodinger T and Planck M (which only affects Basic ATK). You can swap Sin Mal with Lier B to trade crit rate for more damage.

 Gameplay Examples 
Here are a few examples of BN + 19C-X gameplay in Exalted Memorial Arena.

1) KMB CH S-rank BN vs Assaka 30826 [BILIBILI]

2) KMB CH SS-rank BN vs Assaka 31520 [YOUTUBE]

3) KMB CH S-rank BN vs Parvati 30720 [BILIBILI]

4) KMB CH SS-rank BN vs Parvati 31146 [BILIBILI]

5) KMB CH SSS BN vs Jizo 30720 [BILIBILI]
 19C-X vs Briareus EX 
Currently, 19C-X is outclassed by Briareus EX in terms of damage and score. A few reasons:

  • Briareus EX fires 15 missiles, compared to 13 missiles of 19CX. This means BN Charged ATK is ~15% stronger with Briareus EX
  • Brareus EX gives BN unrestricted Physical DMG +20%. 19C-X gives a lot of buffs, but they only apply during barrage mode.


Score comparison of 19C-X vs Briareus EX in Exalted Arena


Since Briareus EX is farmable and works with other Bronya battlesuits, there is no reason to forge 19C-X over Briareus EX. 


Star Destroyer 19C-X was a gift to all veterans with BN, enabling her as a viable boss killer in Exalted Arena. However, it is currently outperformed by Briareus EX, and more valkyries are able to tackle Assaka, Jizo and Parvati in Arena. New players should divert their investments in something else as acquiring BN and her gears from scratch requires a lot of crystals.

If you have any feedback/question, feel free to ask in Official Honkai Discord.