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MAG-Typhoon Weapon Guide

Original post: https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/50/1142

Original Date of Submission: 2019-10-06 (v3.4) | Updated on: 2020-06-25 (v4.0)


MAG-Typhoon is the PRI-ARM upgrade of Magstorm introduced in v3.4, specialized for Lightning Empress (LE)


  1. MAG-Typhoon active enables LE to apply her Soul Razor conductive without using her sluggish Basic ATK. Multiple charges and low CD help in quick rotation gameplay.
  2. LE and Typhoon are the staple support for Hawk of the Fog and Shadow Knight, which are top scoring  Lightning valkyries in both Abyss and Arena.
  3. The best weapon for Darkbolt Jonin. Currently she's only the best against Lightning Evadion Parvati.
  4. Recommended for Lv80+ captains since the base weapon Magstorm is farmable from Bounty Mark, and you only need Lv50 Mag-Typhoon for support.

 MAG-Typhoon Stats and Skills 
 ATK:421, CRT:20

  1. Active skill enables LE to apply Soul Razor conductive debuff without using her sluggish Basic ATK. Multiple charges and low CD help in quick rotation gameplay.
  2. 'Effect cannot stack' refers to Lightning DMG taken debuff from multiple Typhoon active skills. It will stack with conductive debuff from LE and Thunder Kikaku.
  3. Note that LE's Soul Razor conductive still lasts for 6s. Only conductive from weapon skill 3rd sequence lasts for 12s.
  4. The paralyze is useful against enemies that can be paralyzed, such as Abyss mobs, and Emperor boss in Abyss. It allows the use of stigmatas such as Fuxi M and Cleopatra B.

Gif shows active skill applying LE's Soul Razor conductive debuff, followed up by Combo ATK


Highest Lightning DMG bonus from any Blade weapon, making it the best weapon for Darkbolt Jonin. Offensive Lightning Empress can benefit from this too, but she's just outclassed by Hawk of the Fog.


Not a very important component of MAG-Typhoon.


Image shows Heaven's Thunder hitting the target and nearby enemy 


 Recommended Valkyrie 

  1. Lightning Empress: Typhoon removes LE conductive RNG and allows her to become the ultimate Lightning support for Hawk of the Fog and Shadow Knight - the highest scoring lightning DPS. 
  2. The best weapon for Darkbolt Jonin. Allows her to reach max potential in battle.
  3. Other battlesuits can use Typhoon for its high ATK stat (DPS), or to apply paralyze (support).


 Gameplay Examples 

Here are some gameplay examples of MAG-Typhoon in Exalted Arena and Masters Abyss.


  1. LE BD HF vs Hephaestus [YOUTUBE]
  2. LE AE HF vs Homu Emperor [YOUTUBE]
  3. LE DP SK vs Argent Knight Artemis [YOUTUBE]
  4. LE BD HF vs Hellmaru [YOUTUBE]
  5. LE AE HF vs Assaka [YOUTUBE]
  6. LE DP HF vs Parvati [YOUTUBE]
  7. LE DP HF vs Bright Knight [BILIBILI]



  1. LE BD HF vs Heimdal [YOUTUBE]
  2. AE BD DJ vs Parvati [YOUTUBE]
  3. HF / DJ vs Wendy+Wendy [BILIBILI]
  4. AE BD DJ vs Emperor [YOUTUBE]
  5. Another use for MAG-Typhoon against Emperor [YOUTUBE]


 Should you get MAG-Typhoon 

Q: Do you have Lightning Empress and a geared Hawk of the Fog?

A: If YES, then get Typhoon. If NO, why didn't you farm LE and HF?!


Hawk of the Fog is one of the best valkyrie in the game right now, tackling a lot of bosses and mobs. Shadow Knight is a monster too. Getting MAG-Typhoon to support these teams should be your priority once you break into Exalted bracket. Darkbolt Jonin can use it for DPS but currently she is only best against Lightning Evadion Parvati.


The base weapon Magstorm can be grinded from Bounty Mark, and once you upgrade it to MAG-Typhoon, you can leave it at Lv50 if you're just using it for support. So what are you waiting for? Get your Typhoon now!



MAG-Typhoon upgrades Lightning Empress supportive ability in Lightning teams, most notably for Hawk of the Fog.  It can also be used as DPS for Darkbolt Jonin. The base weapon Magstorm can be farmed and you only need to upgrade it to Level 50 Typhoon for support. Therefore, all captains should aim to get it.


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