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Ai-chan's Valhalla | [Robert Peary]

Welcome to Ai-chan's Valhalla! Today we will be featuring the new stigmata released in the new version: Arctic Explorer set: [Robert Peary].


Stigmata Intro

★ Data introduced below is all Lv.50 data.

[Robert Peary (T)]


[Robert Peary (M)]


[Robert Peary (B)]




Stigmata Skill Review

★ Data introduced below is all Lv.50 data.

[Robert Peary (T)]: Gains 20% Total DMG Multiplier, and gain 20% more ice damage when Combo Hit Count gets higher. The unconditional Total DMG bonus, combined with the ice damage buff that is easy to trigger, makes this stigma a good choice for battlesuits capable of dealing sustained ice DMG.


[Robert Peary (M)]: Provides DMG bonuses that increase with Combo Hit Count. The DMG bonuses cap at 24% Total DMG Multiplier and 30% more ice damage when Combo Hit Count reaches 60. This is a powerful stigma for battlesuits capable of dealing ice DMG. However, it requires 60 Combo Hits to exploit the stigma benefits, which makes it almost exclusive to battlesuits capable of dealing sustained ice DMG with fast ATK speed.


[Robert Peary (B)]: Hits against Frozen or Ice Celled enemies heal the battlesuit for 300 HP. CD: 9s. Suitable for super challenging battles such as Dirac Sea stages. Certain skills and effects are needed to exploit this stigma's healing power. It can also be used as a stigma with HP recovery effect in Boss stages when the team has [Argent Knight: Artemis].


[Robert Peary] 2-pc bonus: When attacked, said attack suffers Total DMG Reduction, and the attacker will be frozen for 5s. Said effect can only be triggered once on each enemy. Though this effect is not a DMG boost, it is quite powerful. High DMG Reduction for the 1st attack taken greatly enhances the host's survivability. In addition, duration of the freeze debuff will not shorten because of Elite Shield. So there will be an ample 5s for either attack or retreat.

This 2-pc bonus, combined with the HP recovery effect of [Robert Peary (B)], allows the host to recovery HP upon 1st attack taken and have ample time to strike back, which greatly enhances her survivability and sustainability.


[Robert Peary] 3-pc bonus: The host gains 20% faster ATK Speed and 25% Total DMG Multiplier. 3-pc [Robert Peary] provides unconditional ATK Speed & Total DMG boosts, which is a very useful and versatile bonus for dealing tons of DMG.


Recommended Usage

This set of stigmata is more of hybrid-type stigmata, as it takes account of both DMG bonuses (for Total DMG & ice damage) and survivability, and is suitable for Melee battlesuits capable of dealing sustained ice DMG such as [Argent Knight: Artemis], [Sixth Serenade] and [Arctic Kriegsmesser].


[Robert Peary (T)] and [Robert Peary (M)] both provide high DMG bonuses (for Total DMG and ice damage) that require certain numbers of Combo Hits to trigger. Together they can provide up to 44% Total DMG Multiplier and 50% ice damage bonuses. Recommended for [Argent Knight: Artemis], [Sixth Serenade] and [Arctic Kriegsmesser]. These 3 battlesuits all fight enemies with continuous Basic ATKs and Combo/Charged ATKs and can easily gain SP and Combo Hits, which enables them to unleash Ultimates with enough Combo Hits to deal tons of DMG.


Compared to the other two battlesuits, [Argent Knight: Artemis] can make even better use of the [Robert Peary] set as her unique Ice Cell skill can steadily trigger [Robert Peary (B)]'s HP recovery effect to ensure her survivability in long-lasting battles.


[Argent Knight]'s powerful DMG Reduction skill and [Sixth Serenade]'s invincibility effect of Combo ATK, combined with the 2-pc bonus and the HP recovery effect of [Robert Peary (B)], enable these 2 battlesuits to maintain high sustainability and survivability while dealing tons of DMG, even when surrounded by crowds of powerful enemies.


The 3-pc bonus raises the Total DMG Multiplier provided by [Robert Peary] set to 69%, which greatly boosts DPS of [Argent Knight: Artemis] and [Sixth Serenade]; and faster Attack Speed also makes it easier for them to unleash Basic ATKs to gain SP and Combo Hits, and apply Hypothermia or Raven Mark to enemies, so as to unleash tons of DMG to sweep the battlefield.