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Shuijing Stigmata Full Guide - Hoshina




Shuijing Stigmata Sets are the new stigmata sets that were released in version 4.0.
This stigmata is an all Physical Damage set that are mostly triggered by QTE to gain buff for the whole team.



 Skills Detail 


[HP: 398; ATK: 115; DEF: 44]

Shuijing (T) – Clockwork Ox 
Team deals 8% bonus Physical DMG (cannot stack). QTE boosts team Physical DMG by 8% on hits for 8s (cannot stack but can be refreshed). While Recommendation is active, duration is extended by 4s.



[HP: 459; DEF: 199; CRT: 11]

Shuijing (M) – Tutelage 
Grants 30% bonus Physical DMG. QTE deals 50% bonus against shields.



[HP: 423; DEF: 22; ATK: 51; CRT: 24]

Shuijing (B) – Mechanical Steed
Enemies hit by QTE enter Censured State (cannot stack but can be refreshed), where they deal 12% reduced total DMG and take 18% bonus Physical DMG for 8s.


Shuijing 2-pc bonus
Boosts total DMG by 30%. Censured State lasts 4s longer.


Shuijing 3-pc bonus
Casting Ultimate boosts total DMG of host and deployed team member by 20% for 18s (cannot stack). When equipped by Starlit Astrologos, it grants 40% bonus Crit DMG.



 Skills Review 


Shuijing (T): Provides 8% Physical DMG unconditionally and another 8% after successfully use QTE for 8s. If captain haves two pieces or full set of this stigmatas and use any 2 or 3 of them together, it will activate Set Bonuses Recommendation, and if the Recommendation is active, the duration of 8s will be extended into 12s. For all Shuijing pieces, the condition requirement is going to be QTE. For maximum usage of these stigmata, the best way is to use a team where all Valkyries can constantly trigger each other's QTE or using Starlit Astrologos where she only need 10 Hexagrams to trigger her QTE. Overall, These stigmatas mostly focus on Physical DMG and Crit DMG making it highly usable for all physical Valkyries.


Shuijing (M): Provides 30% bonus Physical DMG and conditionally 50% bonus DMG against shields after QTE. A very straightforward skills and as stated before, QTE plays a big role with this piece.


Shuijing (B): Provides debuff only for enemies: enemies gain Censured State where they will take 18% more Physical DMG and reduce their total DMG by 12% for 8s. This skill can be refreshed and can only be usable after doing QTE.


2-pc bonus: Boosts 30% total DMG and an additional 4s for Censured State. In my opinion, Shuijing (B) is very much needed if using only 2 pieces of these stigmatas as (B) is the only one that can put enemies in Censured State. However, if wanting to use only (T) and (M) is also okay as both of it will provide Physical DMG for the Valkyrie.


3-pc bonus: Boosts 20% total DMG for host and deployed team member for 18s after the host cast Ultimate. Will gain another 40% bonus Crit DMG if being equipped by Starlit Astrologos.


We can see that the requirements to use Shuijing are not that difficult. Most are permanent effect when equipped and the condition needed to activate the other skill are simply QTE and Ultimate. Also with a Recommendation Set Bonuses. Once again, if you want to use the maximum output for this stigmatas, having easily-triggered QTE is a must.



 Recommended For 


Starlit Astrologos

Shuijing set is designed specifically for the use of Theresa's new Biologic battlesuit: Starlit Astrologos. SA revolves around supporting other Valkyries in the team in term of Physical Support. She can join the battle with QTE without switching in to support teammates and her Ultimate greatly boosts teammates' DPS that can be unleashed even without switching her in.

Her Ultimate itself: Eight Formation provide another additional boosts for team Physical DMG by 25% and 20% total DMG reduction also Ignore Interrupt. While her QTE: Battle Summit, can be triggered by 10 Hexagrams (When teammates hitting an enemy, obtain 1 Hexagrams). Not only her QTE can easily activate all Shuijing stigmatas, SA's skill also provide another 15% Crit Rate for 15. SA is clearly the first choice in using this Shuijing set.


Snowy Sniper

Snowy Sniper(SS) is another physical support Valkyrie that are suitable for Shuijing set. First of all, SS QTE: Frost Nova are very easy to trigger as it can be triggered when an enemy is knocked airborne. Then, her Ultimate: CHER are only at cost 75 SP, freezing all enemies for 8s (additional 4s when skill Polar Ice is maxed) and increase Physical DMG they take by 35%. While of course her DPS is not that high, but the point is to support another Valkyrie that are the main damage dealer making those Valkyries' total DMG multiplied.


Yamabuki Armor | Drive Kometa

Drive Kometa are also a great support Valkyrie, probably the most recommended support character for the previous patch. Her QTE: Obliterate are another easy if not moderate enough to trigger by an enemy affected by Time Slow. DK's QTE will created a gravity warp in front to deal 600% ATK of small AOE Physical DMG and stun the enemies for 5s while also pulls in nearby enemies for 1.8s.

Her Ultimate however: Obliterate Mode are not very suitable If you are not making her the main damage dealer as DK's Ultimate making her go into burst mode for 15s making the stigmatas 3-pc bonus (boosts 20% total DMG for host and deployed team member for 18s after the host cast Ultimate) will be wasted on her instead of your main damage dealers. Unless of course, you decide to just use DK's Ultimate to trigger the stigmatas skills then immediately switch back to your main damage dealer to make use of the boosts correctly.


Celestial Hymn

Celestial Hymn (CH) is the best physical damage support in the game. Her own passive skill: Psalms of Life provides 25% Physical DMG for the whole team for 7.5s when cross is deployed. Her QTE: Torrent of Swords, are also easily triggered by enemy which affected by Time Slow. CH's QTE will deals Physical DMG and impairs the enemy, reducing its DEF by 50% for 7s. Another of her passive skill: Holy Dirge will provide 30% Crit DMG against impaired enemies. Directly after CH's QTE, switch back to your main damage dealer to effectively all the buffs required from Shuijing set stigmata and CH's skill.


~Special Appearance~

Blueberry Blitz

Blueberry Blitz (BB) is not a Support Valkyrie but that does not mean she isn't suitable in using these stigmatas. Her QTE: Operation Gemina is very easy to trigger when the enemy is knocked airborne or when teammate is hit. BB equipped with Shuijing pieces is a perfect match to pair with Molotov Cherry (MC) as she deals massive Physical DMG.


Showcase of Blueberry Blitz with Shuijing pieces versus Shadow Knight (31466 pts) :


Thank you for reading Captain(s)!