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Shuijing Stigmata Guide

Shuijing is a new Physical Damage support stigmata set introduced in version 4.0. In this guide, we will go over the function of the stigmata set, which valkyries will enjoy the set the most, and how it stacks up against the sets from the past.


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.


Shuijing (T)

5★ HP: 398; ATK: 115; DEF:44

Clockwork Ox: The Team gains 8% Physical damage (not stackable with other Shuijing T). When the user's QTE hits enemies, the team gains another 8% Physical damage for 8s. Duration can be refreshed but the bonus is not stackable. With 2-piece bonus, duration is extended by 4s.


Shuijing (M)

5★ HP: 459; DEF: 199; CRIT: 11

Tutelage: User gains 30% Physical damage. QTE deals 50% more damage towards shields.

Shuijing (B)

5★ HP: 423; ATK: 51; DEF: 22; CRIT: 24

Mechanical Steed: When hit by QTE, enemies will enter Censured State (duration can be refreshed but will not stack). Censured State causes enemies to deal 12% less total damage and take 18% more Physical damage.


2-pc bonus: 

Recommendation: User gains 30% Total damage. Censured State debuff lasts 4s longer.


3-pc bonus: 

Reclusive Guide: Casting Ultimate increases Total damage of user and deployed team member by 20% (effect is not stackable). While equipped by SA, she gains 40% Crit damage.



Stigmata Skill Review


First thing to note is that all team related buffs do not stack with additional Shuijing stigmatas, which is standard for most support stigmatas. One Shuijing stigmatas per team!


Shuijing (T): Provides 8% Physical damage and conditionally another 8% Physical damage after QTE to the team for 8s (12s if you have 2-set bonus). This could outright replace support stigmatas such as Tesla Band T and Gustav T for any supports with reliable QTEs each rotation.


Shuijing (M): Provides 30% Physical damage and QTEs deal 50% more damage towards shields. The effect is quite unnecessary in a support setting. It would be to complete a set bonus or as an alternative choice for a dps stigmata. Valkyries like Luna Kindred (LK), who is a secondary dps/support on KMB teams against Doom comes to mind.



Shuijing (B): Conditionally enemies take 18% more Physical damage and deal 12% less total damage after hit by QTEs for 8s (12s if you have 2-set bonus). Being in the B slot, it has to be compared to the classic Newton B. Shuijing B will provide a lower multiplier of 18%, compared to 31%. Both are damage taken, which is a less diluted multiplier. Shuijing has the benefit of a longer duration and affecting multiple units, but is reliant on QTEs. Both options would be fair choices depending on the scenario.



2-pc bonus: Provides 30% Total damage to the user and increases buff duration of Shuijing T and B by 4s. Surprisingly the total damage is decent as many support valkyries like LK, Celestial Hymn (CH), especially at SS rank, and Starlit Astrologos (SA), who often have high ATK ultimates, QTEs, and weapon actives. Completely the 2-pc bonus with Shuijing T and B will be the goal for most players.


3-pc bonus: Provides 20% Total damage for ultimates and burst mode attacks for the team. SA also gains 40% Crit Damage. Obviously, this is only a good choice for teams focused around a damage dealer reliant on her burst mode or ultimate. 



As you can see, from pure numbers, the Shuijing Stigmata set is comparable to a lot of the previous sets. This makes it so it is NOT a must have, especially those who are low on crystals. However, most of the other options rely on Newton B, which is only restricted to a single target and also has a very short 5s duration. In the case of Beethoven stigmatas, it also requires the support to cast an ultimate and is limited to melee attackers. Shuijing is made even better when paired with the newly introduced valkyrie: Starlit Astrologos, who has unique QTE mechanics; more about her could be found Here.


Recommended For


Starlit Astrologos

Recommended Stigmatas:

The full Shuijing set is amazing on SA, especially for times reliant on long duration ultimates. This will immediately bring to mind valkyries such as Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE) and Swallowtail Phantasm (SP). However, SA is also very flexible and can be placed on a variety of teams. If her team cannot make use of the 3-set bonus, the M piece can be replaced by other stigmatas like Beethoven M and Mei: Beach Party.


Celestial Hymn

Recommended Stigmatas:

This is not necessarily an upgrade from CH's traditional Gustav T/M Newton B set up. It is more of a side-grade depending on the scenario, each with its own advantages. Advantages of Shuijing would be the aforementioned longer duration and being able to affect multiple targets. This could be crucial in the multi-unit boss rounds in Abyss mode.


Closing Thoughts


Shuijing is a strong Physical support stigmata set for burst mode valkyries and normal valkyries alike. While it can be comparable to stigmatas of the past, it fits exceptionally well with Starlit Astrologos. Also, its longer buff duration and easy QTE requirement makes it very easy for most supports to take advantage of the set. If you are in a position to start investing in support stigmatas, you cannot go wrong with this one; it will be as strong as any of the others.