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Zither's Lament Guide

Zither's Lament is a new cross weapon introduced in version 4.0. It is a 5* gacha exclusive cross, that will be Starlit Astrologos' (SA) signature weapon. In this guide, we will go over the function of the weapon, and whether it is a worthy investment.


Weapon Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.


Zither's Lament

5★ ATK: 296; CRT: 15

Eastern Winds: (SP: 0) (CD: 20s) In a large AoE, knocks down enemies, applies Slowed debuff, and deals 2,600% ATK of physical damage over 8s. Team's move speed is increased by 25% and Physical damage is increased by 15% for 13s.

While equipped by SA, if the active is not on cooldown, it will be auto-casted when her Ultimate is unleashed through QTE.


Empty Fort: The team's ultimates and burst mode attacks gain 15% Physical damage. While equipped by SA, she also gains 20% attack speed.


Weapon Skill Review


Eastern Winds and Empty Fort are two very powerful support buffs. Eastern Winds give 25% move speed and 15% Physical damage to the whole team for 13s! In addition, Empty Fort gives another 15% Physical damage to the team's ultimate and burst attacks. That is a total of potentially 30% Physical damage for the right damage dealer.


In addition, Eastern Winds' synergy with SA means it can activate its weapon skill on demand, while the user is off field. This will give you more control over when to activate your support buffs.


Being another physical support cross, it is only natural to compare it with 11th Leitourgia. If it must be compared, 30% Physical damage seems even more desirable than the 20% Crit rate of 11th Leitourgia. In addition, the buff also lasts a longer duration, and is not limited by the AoE zone of the active. However, 11th Leitourgia's Celestial Hymn (CH) specific synergy skills will allow it to remain Best in Slot (BiS) for CH.


Recommended For


Starlit Astrologos


This weapon is simply built for SA. This patch's new valkyrie will likely shape up to be a meta defining support with its unique QTE mechanic and this cross is the best cross you can get for her, to capitalize on its unique feature.


Celestial Hymn


As previously stated, 11th Leitourgia is still CH's best weapon. However, Zither's Lament will provide players who have yet to unlock 11th Leitourgia with a very strong alternative. The extremely large 30% Physical damage buff cannot be ignored.


Is it worth the investment?


Zither's Lament's 30% physical damage buff is nothing short of just being really really good. In addition, Starlit Astrologos is an A rank valkyrie, so its wielder is extremely accessible. Finally, the valkyries who will enjoy Zither's Lament's support the most are physical damage burst mode valkyries. These include Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE), Swallowtail Phantasm (SP), and Night Squire (NS), the latter two being A rank valkyries and easily accessible to all players as well. I think Zither's Lament's 30% Physical damage is a high enough multiplier to warrant investment for anyone who can afford it.