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Starlit Astrologos (SA) is a new A-rank battlesuit for Theresa. She is a Biologic Physical Support Valkyrie. She has a unique movement set as she can joins the battle with QTE without switching in to support teammates. Her main purpose is not to be the main DPS dealer but greatly boosts teammates' DPS and can be unleashed on standby.


Opinion of the battlesuit:

  • Very easy to play, the movement set are very simple and can be mastered easily.
  • One of the best Physical Supporter in the game. 
  • Not a great Damage Dealer, more suitable for being a supporter. 


Basic Attribute
(Based on Lvl. 80, stigmata-free and cross)


Fragment required for Evolve





 Leader Skill – Nine Palaces 
(Unlock at S-rank)

Charged ATK by teammates boost their Crit Rate for 10s. Teams of 3 different battlesuit types deal bonus total DMG.

  Crit Rate Bonus Total DMG
S 11% 26%
SS 13% 28%
SSS 15% 30%


 Passive Skills – Azure Dragon 

When hitting an enemy, teammates obtain 1 stack of Hexagram with a 1s CD. Stacks are shared across the team. Taking a hit reduces 1 stack with a 3s CD. SA's death removes all stack and no stacks can be obtained after.


 Arbiter's Horn 

Ultimate cast by teammates grant 5 bonus Hexagram. This skill has 10s team cooldown.


 Army's Heart 

Bonus initial SP in battle. This effect triggers once every 10 minutes in Open World.

S 38 initial SP
SS 44 initial SP
SSS 50 initial SP


 Basic ATK – Rosefinch 


Launch fan attacks, and evasion after the first 3 sequences can be connected into the next sequence.


 Vigor's Well 

Hitting an enemy with the first 2 sequences of Basic ATK restores 0.60 bonus SP. CD: 0.5s.


 Vassal's Chariot 

When hitting an enemy with the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK, team will recover 120 HP and 4 SP, with 6s cooldown.


 Vanquisher's Net 

Reaching 10/30/60 Combo Hits boosts Crit Rate.

S 16%/20%/24% Crit Rate
SS/SSS 20%/25%/30% Crit Rate


 Combo ATK – Black Tortoise 

Tap and hold [ATK] button to perform a powerful blow.
After the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK, tap and hold [ATK] button to release Combo ATK, causing a total of 400% ATK of Physical DMG to enemy. After unlocking [SP Skill 1], release ATK button at specific time to perform Perfect Cast.


Bludgeon's Dipper
(Unlock at SS-rank)

Combo ATKs deal bonus Physical DMG

S 15% bonus Physical DMG
SS/SSS 30% bonus Physical DMG


 Bulwark's Wall 

While channeling Combo ATK, Valkyrie takes 60% less total DMG. Performing Combo ATK reduces total DMG taken by 40%.



Triggered by 10 Hexagrams and a targetable enemy in range, dealing 1200% ATK of Physical DMG. Triggering QTE does not switch in Starlit Astrologos. If her Ultimate is ready when QTE is triggered, her avatar will be switched to her Ultimate button. Otherwise, her avatar can be tapped again to switch her in. QTE boosts team Crit Rate for 15s and removes all Hexagrams.

S/SS 10% Crit Rate
SSS 15% Crit Rate


 Ultimate – Eight Formations 

Summon a tornado to sweep the battlefield.
[SP: 125] [CD: 25s] Deploy formation to summon a tornado, gathering enemies at the tornado eye and dealing 20x100% ATK of Physical DMG in total.


 Empyrean Calamity 
(Unlock at S-rank)

Ultimate boosts team Physical DMG for 18s.

S 17% Physical DMG
SS/SSS 25% Physical DMG


 Earthly Might 
(Unlock at SS-rank)

Each sequence of Ultimate deals 60% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.


 Eolating Resistance 

Casting Ultimate grants 20% total DMG reduction and Ignore Interrupt to the team.


 Evasion – White Tiger 

Quick dodge to avoid enemy attacks, up to twice in a row.
Ultimate Evasion triggers Global Time Fracture for 2s, with 15s CD.
After triggering Ultimate Evasion, press [ATK] button to perform Combo ATK.


 Warden's Leg 
Triggering White Tiger restores 3 bonus SP.


 Warrior's Triplet 
White Tiger's CD id reduced by 2s.


 Whisperer's Net 
After triggering White Tiger, SA summons a formation on the ground that lasts for 15s. After 3s of preparation, formation can be activated when a teammate steps in to trigger a 2s Global Time Fracture. Formation will vanish if a new one is summoned. SA herself will not trigger Time Fracture when entering the magic circle.


Formation not ready   |   Formation ready


 SP Skills 


 Skill 1 – Three Rites 
(Unlock at A-rank)

When Channeling Combo ATK, release [ATK] upon seeing the flash prompt to trigger Perfect Cast, restoring 10 bonus SP and dealing 600% ATK of Physical DMG.


 Skill 2 – Gates of Mystery 
(Unlock at S-rank)

Combo ATKs of Perfect Cast grant 22% bonus Total DMG to self on hit for 40s. 2 stacks max.


 Skill 3 – Six Stems of Heaven 
(Unlock at SS-rank)

Combo ATKs of Perfect Cast stun enemies for 3s with a 8s CD.


 Skill 4 – Numbers of Taiyi 
(Unlock at SSS-rank)

Combo ATKs of Perfect Cast restore 15 SP on hit.


 Total Support 


Total Support Condition
Boosts team Physical DMG for 18s
(17%/25% - S/SS&SSS)
Grants 20% Total DMG reduction and Ignore Interrupt to the team Ultimate
Boost Crit Rate for teammates for 10s
(11%/13%/15% - S/SS/SSS rank)
Charged ATK by teammates
Bonus total DMG
(26%/28%/30% - S/SS/SSS rank)
Teams with 3 different battlesuit
Boosts team Crit Rate for 15s
(10%/15% - S&SS/SSS rank)
Recover 120 HP and 4 SP for the whole team Hit an enemy with the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK
Boost Crit Rate for self only
(16%/20%/24% for S rank)
(20%/25%/30% for SS/SSS rank)
Reaching 10/30/60 Combo Hits
Bonus Physical DMG for self only
(15%/30% - S/SS&SSS rank)
Combo ATK
Takes 60% less total DMG for self only Channeling Combo ATK
Reduces total DMG taken by 40% for self only Performing Combo ATK





As SA is only a Physical Supporter and NOT Physical DMG Dealer, her signature gear Zither's Lament and Shuijing set are the best for her as of now. It not only boost SA stats, but also moderately increased bonus for the whole teams.


Zither's Lament not only boosts the team Move Speed by 25% and Physical DMG by 15% for 13s, but also grants 15% bonus Physical DMG when the team perform Ultimates and burst mode attacks.
Shuijing (T) help to boosts team Physical DMG by 8% upon QTE.
Shuijing (M) grants 50% bonus DMG against shields also upon QTE.
Shuijing (B) makes the enemies hit by QTE deal 12% reduced total DMG and take 18% bonus Physical DMG.
3-pc boosts the whole team's Total DMG by 20% for 18%.
For all Shuijing pieces, the condition requirement is going to be QTE, which is a very simple task for SA as her QTE is very easy to trigger and will not switch her in, only letting her to do her skill alongside your main Damage Dealer. 





While SA is not suitable main Damage Dealer, she can still deals quite a damage for the enemies, especially with proper stigmata. But of course, most of the chosen stigmatas have support effect as well.


Tesla Band (T) grants 15% Physical DMG and 20% faster Attack Speed when the host are on the field and when the host exit, the team gains 10% Physical DMG.
Mei Beach Party (M) boost 18% Total DMG Multiplier for the host only. When attacking, attacks against enemies gain 15% Total DMG Multiplier for 4s.
Isaac Newton (B) boost 41% Total DMG Multiplier for 5s after attack an enemy.
By using this set-up, the strategy is to hit enemy using SA then immediately switch to your main damage dealer to take advantage of the buff these stigmatas provide.


Theresa Gluttony (T) allows character to gain 18% Total DMG Multiplier for 5s when eat the candy dropped.
Fu Hua Musician (M) grants 10% Fire DMG to teams after the host exit. 
Fu Hua Musician 2-pc, the team deals 10% bonus total DMG for 10s after the host exit.


Theresa Origins (T) gain 15% Total DMG Multiplier for 6.0s after using weapon skill
Theresa (M) shorten CDs by 15% after using weapon skill
Theresa (B) provide 10% Attack Speed for 4.0s after using weapon skill
Theresa 2-pc makes allies take 20% less DMG from frontal attacks. 
Theresa 3-pc makes basic ATKs, Charged and Combo ATKs of allies gain 15% Physical DMG.
For F2P or new players, then this is the least/best you can use. While each pieces did not contribute much to SA or the teams that much, the 2 pieces and 3 pieces bonus do boost the teams to an extent.





Bright Knight Excelsis | Swallowtail Phantasm | Valkyrie Bladestrike


SA are a Physical Support Valkyrie so obviously she's the most suitable for Physical DMG Dealer Valkyrie, especially the one has Burst mode as SA's Ultimate grants 25% for 18s. During this 18s, the Valkyrie with Burst Ultimate deals a TON of additional damage. Bright Knight Excelsis's Burst Ultimate last for 23s with her own skill; Knight's Tour boost her Total DMG by 50%.

While Swallowtail Phantasm's Burst Ultimate only last for 18s, she also has a skill; Oneiric Shade that boost 35% Physical DMG when she in Burst Mode.

Valkyrie Bladestrike on the other hand has a quite short duration of Burst Mode: 10s, but that doesn't make her less powerful. She, just like the other two, has a skill; Ki Spirit that increases Crit Rate by 10% and Crit DMG by 75% during Burst.





In my opinion, SA is one of the best Support Valkyrie just by her QTE and Ultimate where she doesnt need to be switched in as with that mechanism, we can take most benefit with stigmatas that grant buff after QTE or after attacking enemies using SA.

If by any chance you want to use SA as your main support Valkyrie; make sure you are aware that to use most of her skills, you need to increase her rank to SS-rank. To make it simply:
S-rank : unlocking 60% of her potential.
SS-rank : unlocking 90% of her potential.
SSS-rank: unlocking 100% of her potential.

But you do not have to worry too much as you can buy her fragment at Asterite Shop for 500 Asteroid per fragment.


Thank you for reading dear Captain(s), this is Captain Hoshina and have a nice day.