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Starlit Astrologos DPS Check

Starlit Astrologos (SA) is the new physical support teri in version 4.0, and one of her most impressive features is that she can support Bright Knight: Excelsis (BK) during her long Burst Mode. In this article, I'm going to test the DPS of BK+SA team with different SA lineups, weapons, and stigmatas. Maybe the result will help you decide what stigmatas, weapons or team to use on Astrologos.

Before we jump to the tests, watch this video to see how a test run is done, what enemy is fought and how I get my DPS numbers.


Note 1: In the results, higher damage might not uit's better for all situations There are other factors to consider such as SP regen, rotations, survival, 1v1 or mob fights, type of valk you are supporting, etc. This is purely a DPS CHECK.
Note 2: Although I'm testing specifically DPS of BK full burst duration, the result can also be applied to some valks that share long duration playstyle when paired with SA in Abyss mode, for example Swallowtail Phantasm and Herrscher of the Void.

 TEST 1 
How much stronger is Bright Knight + SA team now compared to previous BK teams in 3.9? 

Since BK utilizing full burst duration is more likely to happen in Abyss, I used the common BK teams in 3.9 Abyss for testing, which are BK CH DK and BK CH SS. 





The first thing you might notice is the damage of SA teams are way, WAY higher than non-SA teams. SA DK BK team deals 60% more total damage than BK CH DK team. That's TERIfic!

The reason: Previously all the good physical buffs don't last long enough for BK burst mode, but now SA can re-apply them with her QTE while applying her own long duration buffs, making BK much stronger than ever!


 TEST 2 
BK Damage comparison in different BK+SA teams
Fixed variables: SA and BK gears. SA and BK must present in every team.






BK CH SA team has more burst power for the first 5-12s. That is to be expected with stronger impair and Margrave set. And wow, even SA BK DP team scores higher than the non-SA teams from Test 1.

 TEST 3 

BK Damage comparison with different stigmatas on SA
Fixed variables: BK gears, DK gears and Zither's Lament cross on SA.



​* In Gluttony T Beethon MB test, DK stigmatas adjusted to Tesla Band T, Gustav M and Newton B.

Shuijing provides the highest damage in long fights, while Mei Beach M or Newton B provide stronger short bursts of damage. 
Not tested in the test is Theresa Origins set, which only boosts damage of Basic ATKs, and Tesla Band T since it is equipped on DK, but you can expect it to be slightly weaker than Gluttony T.

 TEST 4 
BK Damage comparison with different weapons on SA
Fixed variables: BK gears, DK gears and Shuijing set on SA






Zither is definitely her best cross. It deals the most damage on top of making her playstyle much smoother. The damage with other cross are still pretty good; The total damage of BK is still over 6M damage. 



  1. Based on the scope of the experiment, Astrologos is a new breed of support for DPS that stays on the field for around 13-20s (or perhaps longer), mainly Bright Knight. Usually applies in Abyss.
  2. Her signature gears are the best for support, but SA can work with other stigmatas fine enough.


This is the end of the article. I hope you learned a stuff or two from the results and discussions. 😂 If you have any question / feedback, you can find me on Youtube or Official Honkai Discord.