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Starlit Astrologos Valkyrie Guide


Starlit Astrologos (SA) Guide by Reinbex

This guide will be covering v4.0's new Valkyrie: Starlit Astrologos. She is Theresa's A-Rank BIO SP Battlesuit. We will be reviewing her skillset, how to use her, her recommended gear, and with who she excels with.


Table of Contents

  1. Skills

  2. Recommended Gear

  3. Recommended Teams

  4. How to Obtain

  5. Conclusion



Leader Skill 

Crit Rate: 9.0%/11.0%/13.0%/15.0%
TDM: 24.0%/26.0%/28.0%/30.0%

SA's leader skill is extremely good. With the right team setup, any teammate in burst mode can get a whopping 30% TDM buff for the entire duration of their burst mode. This makes SA's leader skill already very powerful. And in addition, if a teammate is to use a charged attack (even if in burst), their Crit Rate also increases!


Army's Heart: 32.0/38.0/44.0/50.0

SA's passive is mainly about gaining/losing Hexagram stacks. SA cannot gain stacks; her teammates are the ones who can gain stacks for SA. The stacks are what enables SA's unique QTE. (more on that below). The max possible are 10 stacks, and because the stacks have no diminishing CD, they will never go away until you take a hit (does not count if you properly block with a shield) or use SA’s QTE.

Meanwhile, her Army's Heart passive skill gives SA more initial SP to start off with per battle the higher the skill level is. The closer SA gets to her ultimate, SP-wise, the sooner she can use it on/off-field.


Warrior's Triplet: 2.0s (maxed at S rank)

SA has a very short Time Fracture ultimate evasion. The Time Fracture is good enough to trigger QTEs and start her combo attack. When triggering Ultimate Evasion, SA only needs to tap once immediately afterwards to perform a Perfect Cast special attack. In addition, her ultimate evasion creates a 15s small formation that, when stepped on by another teammate, triggers another 2s Time Fracture. Doing so restores SA's SP, which is crucial.

Despite the wording that the Ultimate Evasion can be performed twice in a row, it actually means that one can be triggered by SA and the other by a teammate stepping onto the small formation.


Empyrean Calamity: 17.0%(S)/ 25.0%(SS) 
Earthly Might: 60.0% (maxed at SS rank)

SA's ultimate has a variety of support for the team. It can gather, provide Total DMG Reduction, Ignore Interrupt, and most importantly, a rather nice 25.0% Physical DMG boost for an extremely long 18s! Because of how long this buff lasts, SA's ultimate can boost the Physical DMG of long running attack sequences of her team, such as Burst Mode attacks. However, it has a very large 125 SP cost and long 25s CD. So it's very important for SA to be able to gather SP as much and as quickly as possible, while just as important that the Captain times SA's ultimate properly with the rest of the team.

Basic Attacks

Vanquisher's Net: 16.0%/20.0%/24.0% Crit Rate (A) -> 20.0%/25.0%/30.0% Crit Rate (SS) 

SA's basic attacks are very...basic; they do moderate physical damage. The main power of her basic attacks is to get herself more SP. Generally, you don't want to go into the 4th basic attack sequence due to the lack of benefits in the 4th attack and that the Special Attack is branched off from the 3rd basic attack. And her 3rd basic attack is pretty good since it can heal and restore the SP of her team.

In addition, SA's Vanquisher's Net skill is pretty much like a passive skill; as long as the combo count is high enough, the team will keep enjoying a large Crit Rate boost.

Special Attack  

Bludgeon's Dipper: 30.0% (maxed at SS rank)
Battle Summit: 10.0%(A)/15.0%(SSS)

SA's combo attack stems off from her 3rd basic attack. When she performs basic attack attacks, upon reaching the 3rd sequence, if you hold down the basic attack button, she will start to perform Black Tortoise. 

Depending on how long you hold down before releasing will determine if you performed Perfect Cast. You have to release the button upon the flash of gold (you will hear a ding as well for a sound cue). Upon doing so will trigger SA's SP Skills, which are crucial to SA's recovery of SP. Release the button too early and you will not get any SP skill benefits but you will also not get any drawbacks. Release it too late however, you will not only get no benefits, SA will also stagger, waste time, and leave herself vulnerable for a while. So it's extremely important to time Perfect cast perfectly!

SA introduces a new way to QTE, and it is also her most important skill. As mentioned in her Passive Skills, SA can have up to 10 Hexagon stacks, 5 of which can be easily obtained when a teammate casts their ultimate (10s shared CD). While 10 stacks exist, the captain can, at any time including ultimate casting animation, press for SA's QTE. In which she will then proceed to deal a ton of Physical DMG and boost her team's Crit Rate by 15.0%! 
The best part is that SA does not come in to switch in. The captain can continue with the teammate Valkyrie as SA briefly comes into battle to QTE. And to top it off, if SA has enough stamina (125 SP), you can press Zhuge's icon (momentaily replaced by her Ultimate Icon) to cast her ultimate as well! As you may recall, SA's ultimate gathers and provides team buffs

However, this is not the only reason why SA's QTE is very powerful. Since SA does not interrupt and tag her teammate out upon using QTE and yet still invokes damage, her QTE can and will invoke any of her weapon's and stigmatas' effects so long as they are not in cooldown and the requirements to activate their effects are met. 
In addition, due to the nature of SA's QTE being pretty much as an extra “button that instantly provides damage, buffs and debuffs” without animation interruptions, SA gives the player the power to decide when they wish to apply the benefits that her QTE brings. Normally players have to time cooldowns with long lasting and/or quick attacks to optimize for the best results (when the biggest attacks occur at the same time as when the buffs and debuffs are active). SA's QTE allows the player to decide when they wish to apply the buffs and debuffs alongside with their biggest attacks.

SP Skills
As an SP Valkyrie, SA has an additional set of skills. Each skill is available to unlock after ranking up and will cost a lot of Advanced Skill Materials to unlock and upgrade. Between all of these skills, the A rank and SSS rank skills are most important due to the recovery of SP (up to 25 SP combined) that they provide.

A Rank

S Rank


SS Rank


SSS Rank

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Recommended Gear

Weapon Choice:

Zither's Lament - This weapon is designed and best suited for SA. It provides the team with Physical DMG boosts, move speed, and, if equipped by SA herself, attack speed.  Also, it slows enemies down, thus preventing unfazed enemies from getting away from you. This fan supports the team by a hefty amount.

However, that's not all there is to Zither's Lament! Through SA's QTE, if SA casts her ult and has not deployed the fan within the last 20s, the cross will auto-deploy itself (keep in mind that it costs 0 SP to deploy it). This allows the fan to stack its bonuses alongside with the powerful benefits that SA's QTE brings to the game.


There aren't really many other choices of weapons that can fit with SA's playstyle. 11th Leitourgia (11L) can at best provide Crit Rate bonus and increased team SP regen. The Crit Rate by this cross is pretty good and increased SP regen is something SA and her team would enjoy. However, because only Celestial Hymn (CH) can bring the best out of this cross, SA can only do so much with 11L.
As for F2P crosses, there really aren't any suitable F2P crosses for SA. Ai-Chan's Candy is a decent physical dmg dealing cross but it's limited to certain event shops. And other crosses that deal elemental DMG won't be of much use for SA apart from perhaps setting off her team's QTEs. The only moderately alright F2P physical cross is the Silver Reaper, but I highly advise against getting this weapon. For it's mediocre effects, it's not worth the 150 AE Imaginons to purchase from the foundry. 

As a support valkyrie for Physical Teams (particularly Burst Physical), Starlit Astrologos has a rather large variety of suitable stigmatas that she can choose from to accentuate her support.

Shuijing Set

The new Shuijing Set, designed for SA, is the best choice available for SA. The Shuijing set compliments SA's QTE and off-field Ult+Cross deployment support playstyle through providing even more shieldbreaking capabilities, team Physical DMG boosts, TDM boosts, Crit DMG boosts, and Censured State. Censured State is inflicted on QTE-hit foes, where they deal less total DMG and intake more Physical DMG.


Tesla Band T + Mei: Beach Party M + Newton B

The standard Tesla Band T is a safe choice for SA to equip. It provides a solid 10% Physical DMG buff at all times once the host switches out even once. As for Mei Beach Party M and Newton B, they work fantastically on SA due to her being able to QTE anytime without interrupting her teammate. This gives the player the power to also decide when to invoke the debuffs of Mei Beach Party and Newton B, instead trying to time for these stigmatas.


Beethoven TM + Newton B

Beethoven M is a safe choice for SA when the team has a DPS member who specializes in Melee Physical DMG. Due to the nature of SA's leader skill, SA does,in fact, team up with Physical Melee teammates quite often. 

And contrary to what the wording of Beethoven's 2set effect says, SA's QTE into Ultimate does trigger Beethoven's 2set effect immediately onto the teammate that is on the field. The picture above shows the difference in damage between just Beethoven M (left) and Beethoven TM (right).

Gustav TM + Newton B

This set is most ideal for SA users with Zither's Lament. The Fan/Cross self-deploys itself upon SA's QTE-Ultimate combo. Because the Fan deploys itself, it counts as using an active weapon skill, and therefore triggers Gustav's Physical DMG buffs and debuffs. 


Jin Shengtan TM + Newton B

Often, elemental teams who use Jin Shengtan (JST) will either need the B piece of the set to keep the JST field up long enough for the DPS, to switch into the DPS quickly for quick bursts of damage, and/or to have the support reapply the JST field through prolonging weapon skill effects. With SA's QTE that enables the player to decide when to trigger the stigmata effects, the player can now decide when they wish to apply JST's field as well. 


Theresa: Origins Set

The Theresa: Origins set is a very safe choice for f2p players. It can strengthen the host and as well as boost ally basic attacks' Physical DMG by 15%. Keep in mind that burst mode does not include basic attacks.

Theresa: Gluttony T + Musician MB

Musician's 2set effect provides the team 10s of 10% TDM bonus after the host exits while Gluttony T has a 10% chance of dropping a candy that gives the eater an 18% TDM boost for 5s. This set is a good f2p choice for the more skilled f2p players who are used to quickly dealing big bursts of damage.


Musician TM + Ogier B

In addition to Musician's 2set effect, Ogier B is the f2p version of Tesla Band T. It gives the team a 5% Physical DMG boost for the entire duration of the battle after the host switches out just once. This set is also another safe set that the player can use if they are lacking in gear.

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Recommended Teams

Starlit Astrologos supports teams with DPS who have Burst Mode and Charged Attacks (Crit Rate boost). Therefore, the few valkyries who have been having a difficult time 

Starlit Astrologos (SA) - Drive Kometa (DK) - Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE)

You could say SA was created solely for BKE since they synergize spectacularly. BKE has a powerful yet long lasting ultimate. She can easily build Hexagon Stacks for SA's QTE. Both SA and DK are there to provide the physical support that BKE needs to truly push it beyond the limits.

EX-Memorial - Shadow Knight - 31093

EX-Memorial - Hephaestus - 30720

EX-Memorial - Bright Knight: Excelsis - 30400

Quantum Sea (Myriad 416 Eh) - Titans and Zombie Waves - 773

Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) - Drive Kometa (DK) - Starlit Astrologos (SA)

And just like BKE, SP also has a Burst Mode as well as perform Charged Attacks. This makes SA an ideal support for SP in her endeavors for a high score.

EX-Memorial - Tonatiuh - 30453


Herrscher of Reason (HoR) - Wolf's Dawn (WD) - Starlit Astrologos (SA)

Just because SA is designed for Physical does not mean that she cannot support Elemental Teams. In this one, HoR has a long burst mode. However, with SA's QTE, the player can avoid using JST B and replace it with Newton B. Also, despite HoR being an elemental who does not benefit from an increased Crit Rate from SA's Leader Skill, HoR can still gain Hexagon stacks quite quickly and easily. And on the side note, WD can also be replaced with Azure Empyrea (AE) due to her long lasting buffs.

EX-Memorial - Hellmaru - 30613

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How to Obtain

After the release of 4.0, there will be various ways for you to obtain SA. Keep in mind that as an SP battlesuit, SA requires a lot of fragments to rank up.

To unlock A-rank Battlesuit 40 Fragments
A into S 60 Fragments
S into SS 200 Fragments
SS into SSS 400 Fragments

SP Supply

A temporary supply that costs 120 crystals per pull.

Event Shop

With Orchid Pins, obtained from the event The Day You Vanished with the Stars, you can purchase 10, 20, and 20 times, or a grand total of 50 purchases (100 fragments) from the event shop.

Battle Arsenal

Every week, you can purchase SA fragments for up to 10 times (20 fragments).

Asterite Shop

Each week, you can purchase 30 fragments from the Asterite Shop.

Fragment Shop

If you have any Blank Fragment pieces, dropped from SP supplies, you can exchange them for SA fragments in the Fragment shop. You can purchase from both options each up to 99 times daily.

Much like Darkbolt Jonin, SA Fragments will be obtainable in OW missions.

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Conclusion - Thoughts on Starlit Astrologos

I think Starlit Astrologos will be and is a meta-defining Valkyrie. She can provide a vast variety of buffs ranging from Physical DMG boost, Physical DMG intake debuff, Total Damage Multiplier Buffs, and much more. She's designed to help the valkyries who have a powerful Burst Mode but that lasts too long. Sa's kit enables Burst Mode DPS valkyries, and they do enjoy the long lasting benefits that SA brings into the game. It's extremely recommended that SA you get SA to at least SS rank to bring out 90% of her potential. SA can make use of many different stigmatas. With her own skills, she already can support her team a lot, but for her to truly make a drastic impact, she needs a lot of gacha gear; making her rather unfriendly to f2ps in my evaluation. So what should you do? I suggest you should pull for her gear (her cross at the very least), and farm her steadily. You have reached the end of my guide, and I hope you enjoyed it! If you wish to visit me, my Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and its Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. Please don't hesitate to come say hi!

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