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The One True Queen Guide

The One True Queen Guide by Stroke

Table of Content:

  1. Overview
  2. How to unlock
  3. Skills Analysis
  4. Gears
  5. Team Line- up and playstyle
    1. Abyss
    2. Memorial Arena


Our Goddess, Herrscher of the Void, who we will call God Kiana (GK) for the purposes of this guide, is the awaken form of the battlesuit Knight Moonbeam Kiana (KMB). Like KMB, it is also has creature typing, making it strong against psychic honkai beasts, and weak against mechanical enemies. Unlike KMB, being an awaken valkyrie means that it will take additional fragments to rank up each tier, and it will not be available in standard supply after GK's expansion supply event is over. In terms of what the valkyrie can do, it deals purely ranged physical damage and have access to strong crowd control and area of effect physical damage. When it comes to these aspects, it is currently unrivaled by any other valkyries; the only question that remains is the cost and that will be the first topic we cover as we go into how to unlock this top tier valkyrie.

2. How to Unlock

As we briefly went over in our overview, GK is an awakened battlesuit and will share the same fragment requirements as other awakened battlesuits:

To unlock: 100 fragments
To rank from S to SS: 250 fragments
To rank from SS to SSS: 600 fragments

Now that we know the numbers, let's see how much that might cost. I have calculated and shown below a table that shows the chance of getting GK in X amounts of pulls.

From the table above, we can read that as, from a personal example, I pulled 63 times to get GK. That means in 63 pulls total, there was a 77.54% chance of getting GK and it cost me 17,640 crystals. If you go 99 pulls without receiving GK, the 100th pull is guaranteed to give you GK. After claiming GK the first time, each additional GK card will give you 70 GK fragments. That means in order to get GK to SS rank, you will need 3-4 additional GK cards. In order to get from SS to SSS rank, you will need an additional 7-8 GK cards. The benefits of ranking up GK is for additional skills unlocked by each rank, and additional base ATK stat for your GK. I will let you decide on how to efficiently spend your crystals, but personally, for those of you with reasonable crystal budgets, the best option would be to keep GK to rank S.

3. Skill Analysis

Leader Skill- Team Gains 30%/35%/40% (Rank S/SS/SSS) Crit Dmg and 10%/13%/15% Crit rate. 
This is by far one of the strongest team skills available for physical damage teams. The only leader skill that comes close is KMB's own skill which total damage instead of crit rate, but with the restriction of needing three creature valkyries.

Team Skill- Useable when enemy is affected by Time Slow. Stops all enemies for 5 seconds then activate global Time Fracture for 5 seconds. For each enemy in Time Fracture, team gains 30% Crit Dmg. (Cooldown: 45) 

This team skill is another top tier ability. With the right team and proper communication, you can burst down a lot of enemies during this skill.


Herrscher Charge Bar- This is the valkyrie's bread and butter so I will go into detail about this first before anything else. The orange bar in the middle of your screen above your hp bar indicates your current Herrscher charge. A full two bars is equivalent to 480 charge. Any time you have past 240 charge, you can hold down your attack button and snap your finger to go into Herrscher mode. The finger snap deals 600% atk of AoE damage (1000% atk if you have 480 charge). 

After you are in Herrscher mode, your five combo attack turns into a three combo attack and your basic attacks do more damage. Your attacks are also faster, your move speed is also greatly increased  Herrscher mode also gives a lot of other benefits from skills that we will go into later. While you are in Herrscher mode, you will constantly lose 48 charge per second. This means at max, you can only stay in Herrscher mode for 10 seconds. You will lose 120 charge upon switching out. Needless to say, you need to be in Herrscher mode to capitalize on your damage output.

There are only a few ways to gain Herrscher Charge. Whenever a Space Core is summoned, you gain 60 charge. Space Core is summoned during the 3rd and 5th combo of your basic attacks. GK's "signature" weapon Keys of the Void's weapon skill also grants 120 charge. An successful ultimate evasion also gives 60 charge and will lead into the 3rd combo of basic attacks, allowing GK to gain three boosts of 60 charges in quick succession. When a QTE is performed, GK also gains 60 charge. Finally, after the end of GK's ulti, if you have unlocked the SS ranked linked skill Void Empowerment, Gk will gain 360 charge. 

Law of the Void - (REQUIRES SS RANK) -- By attacking the same target repetitively, you gain 1% crit rate per repeated attack, maxing out at +20% crit rate bonus. Very good against bosses for increased single target dps.

Deviant Energy -- Everytime a Space Core is summoned, GK takes 15% less indirect damage for 10s, stacking a max of three times. This means GK without any defensive stigmatas will take 45% less bleed overtime in the Abyss, provided she keeps attacking and summoning Space Cores.

Honkai Mark -- After GK snaps her fingers, the target will gain an additional damage multiplier of 5%/10%/15% (rank S/SS/SSS) for 10 seconds. Meaning an additional damage boost immediately following entering Herrscher Mode.


--- Ultimate Evasion ---

When performing an ultimate evasion, Gk summons a Space Core, and triggers an local Time Slow that stops enemies in a small aoe for 3 seconds. This is the strongest CC in the game, the same as VT's ultimate where even bosses have zero resistance to. It also skips the basic attack directly to the 3rd attack and onwards, allowing Space Cores and charge to accumulate in quick succession. 

Void Lock -- Can trigger ultimate evasion by dodging through enemies without evading an attack. Also reduces the cooldown of evasion from 20 to 17 seconds. This allows for easy on-demand time slow for GK.

Gegenstrom -- For every Time Slowed enemy, gain 10% physical damage, stacks up to 3 times. Allowing for a bonus of up to +30% physical damage.

Suspended Space --- (REQUIRES RANK SSS) -- Once the local Time Slow is finished, triggers global Time Fracture for 2 seconds. An amazing ability for Memorial Arena (MA) to slow the timer for a higher score.

---Basic Attack---

Weltraum Richter -- During Herrscher form, gain +30% Total Damage, and another +30% Total Damage against Mech-type enemies. 

Contortion Effect --- (Linked Skill) -- Space Cores deal 350% atk of physical damage instead of the default 100% atk while in Herrscher form. 

Dimension Overload -- During Herrscher form, the 3rd (last) hit of the basic combo vacuums the enemies within a 10 meter radius. Great in the Abyss where you want to gather your enemies together and keep them gathered.


The ultimate, Void Unleashed, deals between 2700%- 3600% atk of Physical damage and floats and time locks enemies for 3 seconds.

QTE: Angel of Destruction --- (Linked Skill) -- Triggered by Time Slow or shield break, applies Global Time Fracture, and deals 1000% atk of physical damage. 

Judgment -- Ultimate gains 30% crit rate for enemies above 50% hp and 50% total damage to enemies under 50% hp.

Void Empowerment --- (Linked Skill, REQUIRES RANK SS) -- Gains 360 Herrscher charge after using ultimate.

---Special Attack---

Rift Geyser --- (Linked Skill) -- Space Core gains 50% atk.

Distortion --- (Linked Skill) -- Finger Snap deals +60% Total damage to enemies with broken shields.

Dimension Warp -- QTE gives GK 60 Herrscher charge and +20% Attack Speed (aspd) for 10 seconds.

In conclusion, GK has A LOT of innate bonuses. At just the base S rank, GK has +30% Crit Damage, and +10% Crit rate from leader skill, +5% Total damage for finger snap target, +30% Physical damage from time slow, +30% Total damage, while also effectively negating the mecha type disadvantage with another +30%, in Herrscher form, and +20% aspd from QTE. Her ultimate is also subject to either +30% Crit rate or +50% Total damage.

With SS rank, aside from the base stat boost, she will also gain an additional +5% Total damage for finger snap target, +20% crit rate for single targets, and +360 Herrscher charge after Ultimates (or with SS rank KMB). 
With SSS rank, she will gain additional stats boost, another +5% Total damage for finger snap target, and Global Time Fracture after ultimate evasion.


4. Gears

By now, you are probably already convinced to start pulling for GK. However, pulling for GK is only half the battle. Having the right equipments is what allows her to ascend to godhood. We take a look at how much her expansion equipment supply might cost you, then we will break down GK's potential gears into two categories: Weapons, and Stigmatas. 

The chances:

NOTE: The table above assumes the first gear you pulled is the weapon, since its the highest chance of the four. Overall it just shows how your chance of pulling the 3rd and final stigmata is incredibly low without the 50th pity pull. For example, if I have the gun and 2 stigmatas and want the last one, if i have 13720 crystals, I only got a 51.53% chance of getting the final set piece. Make sure you have enough crystals before attempting it.



There are two optimal candidates when it comes to weapon choice. The age long debate between Tranquil Arias, and Keys of the Void.

Tranquil Arias -- 275 Atk, 26Crit--

Arias has two passive skills. The first passive gives an burst of 1,000 physical damage and 1,500 ice element damage when attacking a time slowed target every 5 seconds. These numbers are subject to multipliers and GK has access to a lot of physical damage and total damage multiplier. GK can also time slow groups with her evasion so triggering this passive is no issue.

Arias' second passive is what really puts this gun as a top contender. Arias gives +15% additional physical damage and a +50% total damage for five seconds upon switch in or ultimate. While five seconds sounds short, if you refer back to GK's skills, you will see that most of her damage boost buffs lasts only 10 seconds. You gain indirect damage reduction, total damage multipliers, physical damage multiplier, and +aspd buffs which all lasts 10 seconds. Herrscher mode, at most, lasts 10 seconds as well. Your rotation for GK should be to qte, evade, attack to max charge, snap fingers, ulti, attack a bit then switch out. All of this will be with an +50% total damage boost from Arias.


Keys of the Void -- 264 Atk, 37 Crit --

Weapon skill -- Sp cost 5, Cooldown 16 seconds --

Shoots a series of 3 shockwaves dealing 200% atk each and floats. At the sametime, it summons a Space Core dealing 300% atk. The Space Core is affected by GK's skills and regains another 60 charge (120 total). 

Passive - 

Increases physical damage by +20%, Crit damage by 30%. 

This gun isn't  limited by a short buff duration that Arias was. However, GK herself still is due to her many 10 seconds duration buffs. In most teams where you will constantly switch in and out valkyries to apply debuffs, such as impair, Newton B, Gustav, and others, Arias is better. However, teams where with back line supports like Divine Prayer, who can apply impair while undeployed, Keys of the Void will be preferred due to its extra staying power. Another benefit of Keys of the Void over Arias is quicker Herrscher charge regen with its low sp cost active. This could greatly benefit players without access to GK's SS rank skill.


Alternative options--

   ​   ​   ​

The two previously mentioned gun is the best of the best for GK. If you weren't lucky enough to get either, there are a few other options. 

Thunder Kikaku will always be a solid pick for any damage dealer with its passive providing a solid unrestricted +30% total damage multiplier. 
Mjolnir is another option, giving +15% crit rate and allowing GK her own source of impair that can be extended with GK's time slows. Much better in the hands of a support like DP/VR.

Jingwei's Wing is a f2p option for single target fights where it can provide +20% crit rate and +50% crit damage in prolonged fights. However, this requires GK to stay deployed for a long period of time and won't synergize with her normal switch heavy playstyle.

Judgement of Shamash is another great f2p option, boasting solid stats and can increase damage to enemies via its passive and active abilities.



   ​     ​


In our previous section we had a discussion regarding which was the best weapon for GK. There isn't any debate for which stigmatas are best for GK.

The answer is clear, Celine: Ascendant set is better by far than any alternatives we can come up with and is the main reason why GK is so much better than anything else. No other valkyrie has a stigmata set like Gk does. So, what does it do?


Celine Ascendant Top --

+20% physical damage, +30% additional physical damage in Herrscher mode. Remember, you are only going to dps when your Herrscher charge is ready to go into Herrscher mode so essentially this is +50% physical damage for one stig. You won't find anything close from any other stig top piece.

Celine Ascendant Middle ---

+30% crit damage and -20% ultimate evasion cooldown. You will already have a very solid crit rate with your leader skill, SS rank passive (if you have it), and on your ultimate ability when used on high hp targets. This means you will crit often and this additional crit damage will have a very noticeable impact on your dps. A lot of the times a crit damage boost this big either comes with restrictions or is part of 2/3 stig set bonuses. This is from a single stigmata and it still adds another -20% cooldown reduction on your evasion. Your evasion have a 17 second cooldown. With this, it goes to 13.6 seconds. Remember you can quickly gain 180 Herrscher charge whenever you evade then attack. Not only this, your evasion is the best CC in the game, of which no current boss have any resistance to. Finally, your evasion gives you a +10% physical damage buff per monster(max of 3) in the bubble for 10 seconds. This means you can constantly have +30% physical damage in the abyss with only a 3.6 second downtime.

Celine Ascendant Bottom ---

Grants a shield for 300 elemental damage. When shield is active, gains +20% aspd and +15% physical damage. On its own, this stigmata is already a great alternative choice for anyone that would want attack speed, NS comes to mind. On GK, this serves multiple purposes. We already know GK's dps is on a short timer. You need to unload all your damage while impair is up, while your still in Herrscher Mode, and while Arias' buff is active. If your GK is at 240 charge, to get to 480, you will have to qte in (60 charge), evade (60 charge), proceed to your 3rd and 5th combo (120 charge), then snap your finger. This will all happen while impair is active and you need every second of that debuff. It is also rare to see +atk% with +aspd on the same stigmata.

The biggest reasons why you are using all three, which are already strong on their own on GK, is for the 2 and 3 stig set bonus. With 2 pieces, you gain +12% total damage for (once again 10 seconds) every time a Space Core is summoned, up to 3 stacks. This means you will constantly have another +36% total damage. With all 3 pieces, you will gain another +50% crit damage and +15% crit rate in Herrscher mode. Overall, with all three pieces, you will have +65% physical damage, +36% total damage, +80% crit damage, +15% crit rate, +20% aspd, and -20% cooldown on evasion skill. No other stig set will ever come close.

But, alas, lets see the alternatives.


Top Stigmata Alternatives ---


When it comes to alternatives on a DPS valkyrie, the first f2p stigs that come to mind is Jingwei T or Picasso T, Elizabeth Bathory M, and Attila B. Jingwei T gives +31% Total damage while fighting bosses/single targets. Attila B gives +31% physical damage while over 30 hit counts. Eliz M gives +20% physical damage while having more than 80% hp. All three can be considered for GK. 

Other Stigmata Top choices you might have is Schrodinger T, Planck T, or Scarlet Lier T. S.Lier gives +36% Total damage, but this only works for her basic attacks. Do note that Herrscher mode is NOT burst and finger snap is a charged attack, so S.Lier will benefit Herrscher mode which is why this is on the list. However, the downsides are: -20% max hp and this will NOT affect GK's qte or ultimate. That makes S.Lier not ideal for GK. 

Similarly Schrodinger T suffers for the same reason. GK is burst damage but its burst damage over several seconds. By the time 6 seconds passed for Schro T to proc again, Arias' buff would of already been over and you would be half-way through your Herrscher mode and not doing big bursts but regular basic attacks. This means if you use Schrodinger T, you need to switch in, snap finger then switch out. Even then, finger snap is only 1000% atk if you have 480 Herrscher charge. Overall Schrodinger T is a pretty bad stigmata for GK in my opinion. Do not use it.

Planck T is nice since it is Total damage which affects everything from GK's basic attacks, to her qte, and ultimate. And in abyss, you are constantly losing hp. You can lose hp while building up your sp and Herrscher bar. Then after your ultimate you would of killed mobs that could drop hp packs and you repeat it again. It's a bit more complicated than others but it is nice.

Some great middle stigmata choices for GK would be Ekaterina M, Planck M, Pool Party Mei m, or Tesla M. Planck M gives a huge +51% damage. But, just like with S.Lier, it will not affect qte or ultimate. PPM gives +18% total damage and a debuff of +15% to a single mob. The numbers are a bit low compared to other choices but it is an option. Tesla M is only an option if you are running snowy sniper with GK. +51% total damage is huge but it only works against frozen targets. 
Perhaps the best alternative piece for GK is Eka M. It will give you +41% physical damage, provided that you have over 40 hit counts. Most people without GK's signature gear will try mich T/B, with Eka M or schro band T/B and Eka M. Or any way that fits in Eka M. 

Michaelangelo (Mich) is a great set for GK. Many people falsely believe that Herrscher mode is Burst, which its NOT. This means the Mich set, which is the king of non-burst physical dps sets do get a chance to shine here. Each of the piece of the set is great for GK. Top gives physical damage, middle gives Crit rate, and bottom gives Crit damage. GK will be constantly spamming her ranged attack both in and out of Herrscher mode allowing GK to retain the sets bonus consistently. The 2 set bonus also gives +15% total damage and another +15% total damage upon switch in, which GK will do a lot. The cooldown on the second bonus is 30 seconds which is longer than I'd like but you will still proc it multiple times in abyss. The 3 set bonus is underwhelming so don't feel the need to use all 3 pieces of mich if you got better stigmatas. 

Mich  is a good set but it has since been overshadowed by Schrodinger Band set. Schrodinger Band can be used by a variety of valkyries and GK is no different. The set greatly needs its 2 set bonus so I will assume two pieces while stating the next bit of numbers. Top piece gives GK +21% physical damage and +25% total damage, mid piece gives +21% crit rate and +15% all damage reduction (great for abyss bleed), and bottom gives +21% aspd and an extra 2sp/second regen. Just like ma, you want to use 2 pieces of this set if you have a better off-set third piece. 



Top Choice:

   ​     ​

Alternative Choices:

F2P Choices: 


5.1: Abyss

When it comes to Abyss, the most important detail to remember is that at higher temperatures, the mobs' physical/elemental defense and hp will increase to ridiculous levels. To combat this, the most crucial debuff is impair, which reduces the amount of defense an enemy has. The current DEF formula is 1/(1+(DEF/(300+20*ValkyrieLV))). This means the two main factors to doing the most damage is the DEF of the mobs and the Lv of your valkyrie. Since GK just came out, this means you should be getting her to max level as soon as possible. That aside, if you take an example with a mob of 1000 DEF, to your level 80 valkyrie, from DEF alone, your damage will be reduced by 34%. CH at maxed level can apply 75% impair. This brings the mob's DEF down to 250. Now GK's damage will only be reduced by 12%. That is an 34% increase in damage. I will insert a table on how much damage reduction DEF can account for in varying DEF and how much a 75% impair might help.

As you can see from the table above, CH's impair has a much higher percent Increase at higher defense than in lower tier abyss with lower defense.
But we were suppose to talk about teams for GK, not game mechanics. The previous point was just to really stress how important impair debuff will be for GK in high end abyss, which is where GK shines above her competition. For this, EVERY team will need a reliable source of impair and there are only two: Mjolnir and CH.


Team #1

GK, Valkyrie Ranger, and Dimension Breaker

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Valkyrie Ranger-- Mjolnir, Gustav T/Tesla Band T, Gustav M, and Newton B/Gustav B
Dimension Breaker -- Hand of Tyr, Schrodinger T, PPM/Planck M, and Newton B

The idea behind this team is to gather and impair with VR, switch in DB to time slow the mobs to extend the duration of impair, while also triggering GK's qte and using Tyr's active, break the shields of the elite mobs. This team has the advantage of being accessible to a "free" gathering ability, instead of relying on CH's high sp costing ultimate to gather. 


Team #2

GK, Celestial Hymn, Shadow Knight/Phoenix/Sixth Serenade

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn -- Judah/11th Relic, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Shadow Knight -- Nauda's Grief, Monet T, Nagamitsu M, Monet B OR
Phoenix -- Cinder Hawk, Higokumaru T, Nuwa M, Planck B/Higokumaru B OR
Sixth Serenade -- Tranquil Arias, Nohime T,M,B

This team is built around the idea that the temperature might be high, but it's not high enough to completely eliminate elemental damage teams. You can often use this in the lower floors of an abyss but switch to a more purely physical dps-centric team in the higher floors. The idea is to stall and gather sp until the 3rd wave, have GK nuke the floor and have SK, 6S or Ph mob up the leftovers, which will likely be elite mechas whom Ph/6S will benefit a typing advantage against and SK can break even with against. Ph would ideal for Passion themed abyss where you can trigger its qte on demand. 6S/GK teams have the benefit of easily triggering each other's qte. This team has the advantage of having a faster clear time on lower floors where the secondary dps can contribute.


Team #3

GK, Celestial Hymn, Dimension Breaker

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn --11th Relic, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Dimension Breaker -- Hand of Tyr, Schrodinger T, PPM/Planck M, and Newton B

This team is very similar to the first one, only replacing VR with CH. CH has the advantage of regening sp for the team, increasing crit damage, and increasing physical damage for the team. The plan is to wait until the 3rd wave, gather, switch in DB, use Tyr, then qte into GK and rinse and repeat.


Team #4

GK, Celestial Hymn, Snowy Sniper

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn -- 11th Relic, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Snowy Sniper -- Raider Missiles, Tesla Band T, Gustav M, and Newton B/Gustav B

This is the tried and true GK abyss team. This team replaces DB with SS as the second support. You lose a bit if dps from DB's tyr but in return you get more damage for your GK. SS' ultimate freezes all mobs and they will receive +30% extra physical damage. With Tesla Band and Gustav, you gain another +30% physical damage for your GK. Unlike DB, SS will have sp issues having to sustain a 75 sp ultimate. Raider Missiles is used here for its low sp cost active to proc Gustav, which is only 6. The downside to this team is that you lack an easy way to proc GK's qte. A way to remedy this is to prep an elite mob by hitting it until its shield is almost depleted. This way, CH's ultimate will break its shield while SS is setting up for GK. The strategy remains the same as before. You wait until the 3rd wave, CH gathers, SS uses ultimate and weapon skill, and GK qte in and kills everything, rinse and repeat.


Team #5

GK, Celestial Hymn, Divine Prayer

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn -- 11th Relic, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Divine Prayer -- Mjolnir, Tesla Band T, Gustav M, and Newton B

This is the go-to team for floors 10 and 20. DP's time slow and multiple sources of impair lets you alternate between dp and ch as the source for impair which is great for those who don't have vitality potions available. 

Team #6

GK, Celestial Hymn, Valkyrie Accipiter

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn -- 11th Relic, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Valkyrie Accipiter -- Grips of Tai Xuan, Tesla Band T, Gustav M, and Newton B

Another boss floor team, this one is geared towards floor 25. VA provides the team an extra 200% damage against shields which will be crucial for the last floor. The active of the raid glove also allows for GK to qte reliably.


Team #7

GK, Celestial Hymn, Valkyrie Triumph

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn -- 11th Relic, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Valkyrie Triumph -- I'd mostly through in the generic support stigmatas for her Tesla band, Gustav, Sloth or Newton B

I'm not entirely sure what's the optimal set up for VT. VT teams can be used in both boss and mob floors. They have the added benefit of being able to reliably trigger GK's qte with VT's ultimate, which also increases +50% physical damage, and heals for 151 hp/second and being a great top tier CC. The downside is VT's ultimate costs 125 sp. You can put Bronya Sloth B on VT but that also means its almost 60 seconds between ultimates not counting CH's sp regen and sp packs. Sloth would also mean you won't have a 3rd body to carry the burden of bleed. I'm also not sure of the ideal weapon. I'd think DXY sword and Tesla Band T, PPM, and Sloth would be a decent set up.


Team #8

GK, Celestial Hymn, Valkyrie Chariot

Ideal gear:
GK -- Tranquil Arias/Keys of the Void , Celine Ascendant T,M,B
Celestial Hymn -- Eliudnir, Kallen Hymn T,M,B
Valkyrie Chariot -- Raider Missiles, Tesla Band T, Gustav M, and Newton B/Gustav B

This team is completely geared towards Gluttony themed Abyss. For this team, Eliudnir is an must. In other teams, the 11th relic was optional, it gave an additional 10% Crit rate to GK but aside from that, it was not very necessary. Eliudnir gives +30% physical damage to stunned mobs for the team but it also sets up VC's qte which will aoe knockup mobs for Gluttony skill, and timeslow for GK's qte. Without Eliudnir, this team will not work. After VC qte in, she can ulti if needed for an additional +30% damage with SSS rank. 

As you can see, GK has given rise to quite a variety of viable Abyss teams. To decide which team to use depends on temperature, floor, abyss theme, and your own valkyrie and gear roster.


Overall Tips --

GK is a fairly simple character, fill her Herrscher bar, apply debuffs and buffs, snap finger and use ultimate. But that is an oversimplification and there are tricks in optimizing her damage output. When it comes to regening Herrscher charge, GK will regen 60 charge on every 3rd and 5th combo of her attack. There is a very noticeable delay after her 5th attack, where she stands around doing nothing. You should get into the habit of pressing dodge to cancel the backswing delay of her 5th combo, similar to how you dodge after firing on SS or VC to cancel their backswing. The key point is to dodge the moment you see multiple floating void spears. Not only will this increase dps, it will also increase GK's survivability in Abyss as her move speed is extremely slow out of Herrscher mode. Due to her slow move speed, completing her 5 combo attack can be dangerous in abyss. Her 4th and 5th attacks in particular can cause her to stand still way too long and allow the mobs she's kiting to catch up. For regening Herrscher charge and sp, it is far better to dodge after the 3rd combo and restart her combo. She is much more mobile in Herrscher mode but keeping in the habit of dodging after the 3rd combo, right as you see the Space Core is a good idea for survivability, specially if you're attempting the Conquest event where one hit = death.

Managing your Herrscher charge is crucial to her damage output so, it is important to note if you switch out while in Herrscher mode, you will lose 120 charge. Also, GK's ultimate lasts about three seconds which means it will drain 144 charge during its cast animation. Since CH's impair from her ultimate cannot be extended with time slow, you also want to make sure you use GK's ultimate quickly so her entire ultimate is covered by CH's impair debuff. 

Finally, always remember to enter Herrscher mode before using your ultimate. You also gain 10-30% physical damage from mobs inside your ultimate evasion. Always evade and snap her finger before using your ultimate, you will lose more than half your damage if you don't. Also keep in mind that qte and evasion both gives GK 60 charge. Evasion also chains to her 3rd combo hit. Which means you can go from 240-480 very quickly with qte > evade > hit hit hit. 

This is also why rank SS ultimate skill is so crucial. You ulti with max Herrscher charge, and by the time the ultimate ends, you will gain 360 charge which is more than enough to bring you back to max. This is also the same time when CH's impair and Arias' buff will end. After your ulti ended, it will also put the surviving mobs into time slow, triggering CH's qte. By switching back, your GK will have 360 Herrscher charge remaining, which will be regained by a quick evade > hit. So you regen and hit up packs with ch until Gk can be tagged in again and you rinse and repeat. Without the SS ranked skill, you will ultimate and you will have around 240 charge. If you switch out, you will be left with 120 charge which will make it impossible to tag in and have a full charge before snapping. To start regening Herrscher charge, you would need to wait for the charge to run out, then start attacking and regening which will drastically slow down your rotations. You really do need SS rank to play GK optimally in boss floors in abyss. 


5.2: Memorial Arena

Do not fear, this section will be a lot shorter than the last.

All in all, GK is way more geared towards abyss than MA. This is because GK requires quite a bit of set-up before she can dish out her insane damage output. She needs her Herrscher bar filled and she needs to use a combination of three different ultimates at once. Abyss gives you about 100 seconds to accumulate all the Herrscher charge and sp you might need before the 3rd wave spawns. On floors that don't, you have access to vitality potions to bypass this problem.

Memorial Arena do not offer any of this. Due to these shortcoming, GK is not used as the primary dps like in Abyss, for any top scoring teams. Instead, GK is exploited for having a very flexible qte that triggers on both shield break and time slow, Keys of the Void, which is a very low sp costing active with good shield breaking potential, be able to trigger other valkyrie's qte with time slow from her evasion or qte, and having a very strong physical dps enabling team skill.

Due to this, GK naturally fits in with VC teams, who needs valkyries to extend VC's time fracture with qte and dish out damage in between rotations. Her leader skill is also much better than SD's leader skill.

Another possible team is with BN, who needs a source of time slow to trigger her qte and like VC, BN is another physical damage team who can take advantage of GK's amazing leader skill.

Lastly, GK could also fit in the traditional KMB/CH/NS creature team if KMB is needed for other bosses. GK is a sub-par substitute because of a lack of innate global time fracture, but it can work.

In terms of gear, you will want Keys of the Void, and then stick your typical support stigmatas on her. Gustav T/M, Tesla Band T, PPM, and Newton B. Work with what you got. 

One of the challenges of the Memorial Arena is requiring players to build multiple powerful teams for different bosses. GK's versatility in the number of teams she can support makes her a valuable valkyrie to have.


Closing thoughts ---

God Kiana is a godsend for end game abyss. However, in order to capitalize on prowess, you really do need at the very least, CH, Rank SS kmb/gk, her signature stigmata set, and one of her top choice guns. If you are missing any of them, you will see a large drop in her effectiveness. This is not to say she would be bad without them. By looking at her skills alone, you can see her damage potential. She will still be stronger than a lot of the outdated and power creeped valkyries; she just won't be the game changer you are hoping for. For me, I am currently missing two of the requirements I just mentioned. I am working on getting my KMB to rank ss but still have a long way to go and I can tell you from experience, being able to get 360 Herrscher charge will make a huge difference in your rotations in floor 25 of Abyss. Second, I am missing her middle stigmata and I have no good replacements. I am using PPM as my middle stigmata and I trust me, the difference it makes against floor 25 is huge. However, despite my shortcomings, I can say GK is the reason why I can still retain red lotus. This is probably the best investment you can make. There will not be a stronger valkyrie for a long time. Long live the queen, long be her reign.