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Ai-Chan's Valhalla | Wilde

Welcome to another episode of Ai-Chan's Valhalla! The Valhalla will be regularly sharing tips on stigmata usage and proper combinations.

Today we will be featuring the new stigmata released in the new Version: Aestheticism set: [Wilde].


Stigmata Intro

★ Data introduced below is all Lv.50 data.

[Wilde (T)]
5★ HP:377 ATK:122 DEF:22

[Thrashing Thunderbolt] Gains 30% Physical DMG. When entering global Time Fracture, battlesuit gains 20% Attack Speed for 4s.

The top stigma provides a 30% Physical DMG buff at Lv.50, which is intermediate in terms of buff effects. However, it is an unconditional 30% Physical DMG buff for all types of ATKs including Basic ATKs, Charged ATKs, Combo ATKs and Burst mode.

In addition, when entering global Time Fracture, this stigma provides the battlesuit a buff of 20% faster Attack Speed, enabling higher DPS during Time Fracture.


[Wilde (M)]
5★ HP:473 DEF:177 CRI:12

[Contingency]: Activates when HP is below 20%. Heals battlesuit for 800 HP. CD: 30s.

At Lv.50, this middle stigma immediately heals battlesuit for 800 HP when battlesuit's HP goes below 20%. However, with such a long CD (30s), this skill is more like first aid rather than a guarantee for sustainability. The 800 HP recovery is usually enough for battlesuits to hold on until the next HP recovery, which would effectively boost survivability.


[Wilde (B)]
5★ HP:449 ATK:64 DEF:22 CRI:12

[Clawing Assault] Gain 10% Crit Rate. Charged ATKs bleed the target and nearby enemies in a small AOE to inflict 400 Physical DMG every 0.5s for 3s. CD: 9s.

At Lv.50, this bottom stigma provides a 10% Crit Rate buff for battlesuit, which works great for Physical DMG battlesuits who need Crit Rate. Although the AOE Bleed debuff of Charged ATKs against enemies does not deal much DMG, the [Bleed] debuff that it inflicts can be made good use of.


2-pc set bonus: [Potential Trigger]

If battlesuit takes DMG exceeding 15% Max HP within a short time, then enter Potential Mode and gain 30% Total DMG Multiplier for 5s. CD: 12s.

3-pc set bonus: [Warrior's Blood]

Gain 50% Crit DMG. Extends duration of Potential Mode by 2s.


The 2-pc set bonus makes it possible for the battlesuit to unleash massive DPS under right conditions. Perfect for battlesuits with skills that cost their own HP (such as [Umbral Rose] and [Blood Rose]).

The 3-pc set bonus extends the duration of Potential Mode by 2s. Combined with the 50% Critical DMG buff, the battlesuit will be fully fuelled to unleash massive DPS. Critical DMG relies on Crit Rate to take effect. The Crit Rate buff provided by the bottom stigma would serve as a perfect complement.



Recommended Usage

★ [Wilde (T)]

[Umbral Rose], [Knight Moonbeam] and [Night Squire]

The unconditional 30% Physical DMG buff, combined with the 20% faster Attack Speed buff under global Time Fracture, make this stigma a good choice for many battlesuits capable of triggering global Time Fracture. Moreover, the unconditional 30% Physical DMG buff is suitable for most Physical DMG battlesuits, which makes [Wilde (T)] a useful Physical stigma in various situations.


★ [Wilde (M)]

[Divine Prayer], [Valkyrie Ranger] and [Celestial Hymn]

As a stigma with HP recovery effect, it is usually recommended for support battlesuits. In hard, challenging battles such as Infinity Abyss, stigmata with HP recovery effect are usually needed. Support battlesuits wearing this stigma will have greater survivability in battles to better support the combat.


★ [Wilde (B)]

[Umbral Rose], [Luna Kindred] and [Violet Executer]

Provides an unconditional 10% Crit Rate buff, suitable for Physical DMG battlesuits. The Bleed debuff triggered upon Charged ATKs makes this stigma a great choice for battlesuits capable of dealing additional DMG against bleeding enemies.


★ Set usage

[Umbral Rose]

As this 2-pc set bonus can only be triggered upon HP loss of battlesuits, it is only applicable to limited situations. Currently, [Umbral Rose] is the only Physical DMG battlesuit capable of consuming HP on her own (Infinity Abyss could also induce HP loss though). So this 2-pc set bonus is perfect for [Umbral Rose].

The 3-pc set bonus (50% Critical DMG buff) is suitable for all Physical DMG battlesuits. But with the other buff of this 3-pc set being a further enhancement to the 2-pc set bonus, the 3-pc set still works best for [Umbral Rose].