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Ai-Chan's Valhalla | Thales

Captain!~ Welcome to another episode of Ai-Chan's Valhalla! The Valhalla will be regularly sharing tips on stigmata usage and proper combinations.

Today we will be featuring the new stigmata released in the new Version: Eclipse Prophet set: [Thales].



Stigmata Intro

★ Skills introduced below are the data of Lv.50 stigmata.

[Thales (T)]
5★ HP:382 ATK:113 DEF:77

[Sun Glare]: Gain 25% Total DMG Multiplier. For every Combo Hit Count, battlesuit gains 1.5% Fire DMG. Stacks up to 10 times.


[Thales (M)]
5★ HP:507 DEF:186 CRI:8

[Sun Spots]: Gain 20% Total DMG Multiplier. Every hit (CD: 0.3s) on the enemy will cause it to take 2% more Fire DMG from the battlesuit for 3s. Stacks up to 10 times. Each stack gained resets the duration.


[Thales (B)]
5★ HP:396 ATK:72 DEF:77 CRI:10

[Corona]: Gain 15% Attack Speed. For every Combo Hit Count, battlesuit receives 1.5% less Physical DMG from hits taken. Stacks up to 10 times.


2-pc set bonus: [Scorching Rhythm]

Gains 1 charge every 10s. For the next Charged ATK and a short duration thereafter, gain 50% Total DMG Multiplier, then enter Blazer Mode for 5s. In Blazer Mode, battlesuit's Ultimate attacks gain 30% Total DMG Multiplier.


3-pc set bonus: [Nova]

In Blazer Mode, battlesuit gains Ignore Interrupt and 15% Total DMG Reduction from hits taken from the enemy, and heals self for 50 HP/s.



Recommended Usage

★ [Thales (T)]

[Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] [Blood Rose] [Sakuno Rondo]

[Thales (T)] provides a 25% Total DMG Multiplier buff and a conditional 15% Fire DMG buff, which could be a good choice for [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] who has powerful Fire DMG buffs and [Blood Rose] who has both Fire DMG & Physical DMG buffs. Although this stigma is not as good as [Higokumaru (T)] numerically in terms of Fire DMG buff, for battlesuits who deal both Physical & Elemental DMG, its Total DMG Multiplier buff is actually better.


★ [Thales (M)]

[Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] [Blood Rose]

[Thales (M)] is not very powerful in terms of DMG Multiplier buffs. It looks a bit inferior compared with powerful middle stigmata such as [Nuwa (M)] and [Shakespeare (M)]. [Thales (M)] can provide up to 20% Total DMG Multiplier buffs and inflict 20% Fire Vulnerability debuff on enemies. Put set bonuses aside, this stigma is more like a [Mei: Beach Party (M)] with lasting effects: it stands out for its lasting Fire Vulnerability debuff.


★ [Thales (B)]

General purpose stigma

[Thales (B)] does not really stand out in terms of DPS. However, though the 15% faster Attack Speed buff and the 15% Physical DMG Reduction buff do not make up a powerful attack-type stigma, [Thales (B)]'s buffs could benefit any battlesuits, melee or ranged, with Elemental or Physical DPS.


★ Set usage

[Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] [Blood Rose] [Sakuno Rondo]

The 2-pc set bonus is only effective for Charged ATK. So they must be used on battlesuits capable of unleashing Charged ATKs. In Blazer Mode, the buffs for Ultimate ATKs are perfect for the 3 battlesuits in terms of DPS unleashing: [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse]'s powerful Charged ATKs, [Blood Rose]'s Burst Charged ATKs and [Sakuno Rondo]'s ATKs could all make the best of the 2-pc set bonus of [Thales].


The 3-pc set bonus greatly enhances Ignore Interrupt in Blazer Mode. Meanwhile, the 15% Total DMG Reduction buff, combined with the 15% Physical DMG Reduction buff provided by the bottom stigma, would greatly enhance the battlesuit's survivability. In addition, in Blazer Mode, the buff that battlesuit heals self for 50 HP/s further enhances the battlesuit's survivability.