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Ai-Chan's Arsenal | Godslayer: Surtr

Captain!~ Welcome to another episode of Ai-Chan's Arsenal! The Arsenal will be regularly sharing tips on weapon usage and proper equipment load-outs for your Valkyries.

Today we will be featuring the new greatsword released in the new Version: [Godslayer: Surtr].



Weapon Skills

★ Data mentioned below is all Lv.50 data.

[Aesirs' Bane]

When Burst ATKs hit enemies, the battlesuit gains 5% Total DMG Multiplier for 10s. This effect triggers 1 time per second. Stacks up to 4 times. Triggering this again resets the duration.

[The Burnt One]

Battlesuit gains 15% SP recovery, 15% Attack Speed, and 25% Total DMG Multiplier.



Skill Review

Unlike most greatswords, [Godslayer: Surtr] has no active skills. What's more, its Passive Skill increases SP recovery, so that the battlesuit will have ample SP to unleash Ultimate Skill.

The skill [Aesirs' Bane] complements Burst ATKs and needs Burst ATKs that last for a long duration to take effect. Himeko has more than a few battlesuits capable of unleashing Burst ATKs for a long duration. When hitting enemies with Burst ATKs, the battlesuit gains 5% Total DMG Multiplier per second that stacks up to 4 times, which could readily provide a 20% Total DMG Multiplier buff.

The skill [The Burnt One] provides 3 buffs: Battlesuit gains 15% SP recovery, 15% Attack Speed, and 25% Total DMG Multiplier.

The unconditional 25% Total DMG Multiplier buff is a powerful buff that could be very useful in various situations. This buff, combined with the buffs of 15% SP recovery and 15% faster Attack Speed, could enable any battlesuits of Himeko to be advantaged and gain SP more quickly to unleash Burst ATKs and activate the [Aesirs' Bane] buff.



Suitable for:

[Vermilion Knight: Eclipse]

[Thales (T)] + [Thales (M)] + [Fuxi (B)]

[Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] is the new battlesuit for Himeko with excellent mobility and rapid ATKs, bringing perfect handling experience. The battlesuit deals both Physical DMG and Fire DMG. Therefore, the Total DMG Multiplier buff of [Godslayer: Surtr] is perfect for [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse]: the battlesuit's Ultimate Skill deals Multi-stage DMG with rapid ATKs at low SP cost, which would make the most of the buff provided by [Aesirs' Bane], the weapon's Passive Skill.


[Blood Rose]

[Planck (T)] + [Nuwa (M)] + [Fuxi (B)]

As [Godslayer: Surtr] has no active skill, [Blood Rose] can spend all SP on Ultimate Skill. With the buffs of 15% SP recovery and 15% faster Attack Speed provided by the skill [The Burnt One], [Blood Rose] can quickly get 30 SP to unleash Ultimate Skill and activate [Blood Wrath] mode. With her Ultimate Skill activated and the buffs of up to 45% Total DMG Multiplier provided by [Aesirs' Bane] and [The Burnt One], [Blood Rose] will wield this flaming greatsword and deal tons of Physical & Elemental DMG.


[Scarlet Fusion]

[Otto (T)] + [Lier Scarlet (M)] + [Otto (B)]

[Scarlet Fusion]'s Ultimate Skill involves a Burst mode that lasts for long duration, which could make good use of the [Aesirs' Bane] buff. The SP needed to unleash the Ultimate can be fueled by [The Burnt One] buffs. As the buffs provided by [Godslayer: Surtr] are all Total DMG Multiplier buffs, [Scarlet Fusion]'s Lightning DMG can also be increased. So this weapon could be a handy piece for this battlesuit.