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Briareus EX Weapon Guide


Briareus EX is the only PRI-ARM weapon introduced in version 3.9. It is a 6* upgrade to the weapon Briareus PRI, which has been present since the game's very early days. In this guide, we will go over the function of the weapon, and whether it is worth the investment that PRI-ARM upgrades demand. Spoiler: It's worth it.




[SP: 0][CD: 30s] Creates a 6-second spacetime field to deal 8 x 450% ATK of Physical DMG over time, inflicting Time Slow to all enemies trapped within the field for 6 seconds and giving them a 65% DEF Impair for 10 seconds.

During the 6 seconds of weapon active duration, the wielder becomes invincible, cannot perform any other actions, and can be switched out without interrupting the field. If another wielder of Briareus EX is switched in, they cannot cast this skill again within 30s from the initial cast.

Compared to Briareus PRI's Time Trap, Gigantomachy now slows and impair enemies on a much wider range. Its SP cost has been reduced to 0, which is always welcome. However, it has turned into a pure support skill since the wielder will become immobilized after casting it.


Hundred Hands

Performing a full charge ATK switches the weapon's firing mode, and each switch grants 1 stack of boost for 40s (10 stacks max, subsequent procs refresh the duration). For each stack, the wielder gains 3% Total DMG Reduction, 2% bonus Crit Rate, and 2% bonus Move Speed.

The weapon's firing mode varies according to its user:
Herrscher of Reason: Cycles between Cluster Missiles, Cannon, and Laser; each switch restores 2 SP.

Black Nucleus: Cycles between Multiple Cluster Missiles, Multiple Cluster Missiles, and Laser; each switch restores 5 SP.

Other Bronya battlesuits: Cycles between Multiple Cluster Missiles, Auto Cannon, and Laser; each switch restores 5 SP.


Fifty Heads

Boosts the wielder's Attack Speed by 25%. This weapon is classified as all types of cannons for passive bonuses, including Missile, Cannon and Laser. Wielder of different types have different bonuses:
MECH: 16% bonus Total DMG.
BIO: 20% bonus Physical DMG.
PSY: 20% bonus Attack Speed.


Things to note regarding Weapon skills:

  • The Impair debuff inflicted by Gigantomachy cannot be extended via Time Fracture.
  • The number of pellets fired in Multiple Cluster Missiles (for all battlesuits minus HoR) is retained from Briareus PRI. As in, 3 for a Stage 1 Charge attack, 7 for Stage 2, and 15 for Stage 3.
  • Switching out, casting Weapon Skill or performing Ultimate will not reset the firing mode cycle. For example, if you performed a Charge ATK with Herrscher of Reason and it's a Cannon shot, the next charge will certainly be Laser.
  • Similarly, performing a Stage 2 Charge attack in Multiple Cluster Missiles will not switch the weapon's firing mode.



Thanks to its high base stats and a mix of offensive and supportive skills, almost every Bronya battlesuit will see improved performance when equipped with Briareus EX. Here are some prime examples:

This weapon has put Chariot's missile stacking strategy back on the map, thanks to its increased base stats and a whopping 45% ATK Speed increase.

This is not how you stack missiles, but a demonstration of when you should release the trigger.

The trick of performing Missile stacking with this weapon is to get as many missile shots as possible while avoiding switching the firing type. To pull this off, keep holding the ATK button for about 1 second after you see the second flash, and release it before the final flash. This way you'll get 15 missiles per Charged shot while keeping the firing type set to Cluster

Example of Chariot with Briareus EX versus Shadow Knight (31253 pts.):


While it doesn't have a dedicated Active Skill unlike Star Destroyer 19C-X, the increased Missile count, Attack speed and Physical DMG still makes Briareus EX a very comparable option for Black Nucleus.

Example of Black Nucleus with Briareus EX versus Assaka (31626 pts.):


Similarly, the increased base stats, Total DMG and SP gain also makes Briareus EX a viable option for Herrscher of Reason. While it still cannot beat Key of Reason in raw performance (see the chart below), it comes out pretty close and can serve as the best F2P alternative.


These Physical support battlesuits can greatly benefit from Gigantomachy serving as an instant Impair source. Depending on the situation, one can consider using stigmas like Siegfried M to reduce the weapon cooldown, allowing for smoother rotations.

Example of Drive Kometa with Briareus EX as a support versus Dark Jixuanyuan (31520 pts.)



Similar to every previous PRI-ARMs, the first and foremost requirement on crafting Briareus EX is having Briareus PRI in your Weapon library. To obtain Briareus PRI, you have several options:

  • Craft it in Bounty Mark (Recommended).
  • Try to fish for it from Focused Supply.
  • Buy it with 4000 Weapon Resonators in Exchange Shop.

Next, you need to sacrifice a Lv.50 Cannon that wasn't acquired from Events or with AE Imaginons. As such, weapons like Ranger's Cannon or Lurker are not applicable.

Finally, you need 3 different types of materials:

  • Einstein's Torus is the major bottleneck in the bunch. The fastest way to obtain them is to buy them with Weapon Resonators at a 10:1 Ratio. Alternatively, the Dorm Shop is selling 50 of them for a total of 5000 Work Points Cards.
  • Nanoceramic can be obtained through Weekday Events, or purchased from Asterite Shop.
  • SC Metal-H2 is available in Memorial Arena Rewards, or you can exchange for them with Work Points Cards, Asterites or Gold Pins.  

To obtain and max out Briareus EX, you will need 400 Einstein's Torus (Roughly 4000 Weapon Resonators), 150 Nanoceramic and 520 SC Metal-H2.



Briareus EX gets an easy recommendation from me, simply thanks to the range of applications it has. It can re-enable old strategies, serve as a strong F2P option, and might even open up new team compositions. Players at Lv.81+ will very likely receive some forms of performance improvements if they craft this weapon, or even multiple copies of it.

Thanks for reading!