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Bright Knight: Excelsis Guide

Bright Knight: Excelsis (only applies to S rank)

Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE) is a burst type physical mech dps Valkyrie whose true potential is hiding behind 100 SP. Her main attraction is her unique gameplay that involves retaliation and throwing lance. Knowing her two main mechanics is essential to playing her right. The lance that she wields create a unique situation where you can throw away an enemy or at least interrupting their attack while putting some considerable amount of damage to the enemy. However, at the moment, her overall damage output isn’t the best in her class even when her potential damage in the burst mode is mind bogglingly massive. That claim has been made because she is pretty hard to bring into your usual physical team rotation and also, the biggest bottle neck is the 100 sp requirement to get into the burst mode. In short, BKE is potentially one of the strongest bursts physical dps Valkyrie in the game.

Special mechanics:

  1. Paragon stack
  • Every single time BKE received hit she gets one stack.
  • Every stack buffs her damage.
  • 10 stacks will buff her damage even further.

  1. Javelin
  • Unique mechanic of lance throwing for her.
  • Sp recovery + more damage towards shielded enemy.
  • Can be triggered after 5th sequence of basic attack or retaliation.

  1. Phantom Cleave
  • The main reason why her damage is astronomically high.
  • She uses her stands.

Specific skill run down:

  1. Leader – Horns of Jericho

  • 20% physical damage and Crit DMG to the team.
  1. Special Attack – Kontos Equites


Situation no. 1: After ultimate evasion or successful retaliation triggers Focus EX.

  • The attack made in Focus EX will pull in all nearby enemy to a single point where the attack will land.
  • Non-burst mode: tapping the attack button will trigger Javelin EX that will deal 4*260%.
  • Burst mode: tapping the attack button will trigger Phantom Cleave that will deal 1550% physical dmg + 150.0% Physical DMG.

 Situation no. 2: standard evasion and retaliation or failing to get into the Focus EX.

  • Non-burst mode: tapping atk button once will trigger Javelin skill that deals 4*100% physical dmg. Can be done by holding atk button after 5th basic attack sequence.
  • Burst mode: if focus EX fails to trigger, it will do Phantom blade that deals 650% phys DMG.


  • 4th sequence of basic atk can be started after triggering Javelin or Javelin EX.
  • Both Javelin and Javelin EX deal 20% more dmg against shield while recovers 1.4 and 2.0 sp respectfully.
  1. Ultimate – Sceptrum Regalis

  • Enters burst mode after sacrificing 100 sp and will last 23 seconds.
  • Evade forward to enter turbojet mode. If evasion CD is at 0, hitting an enemy with evasion after entering turbojet mode will trigger Focus EX.
  • BKE gets an Iron Body status while in burst mode.
  • Burst mode boost her physical damage by 20% towards shielded enemy and 30% towards shieldless enemy. Also, burst mode buffs her dealt TDM by 50%.
  1. Basic Attack – Gladius Milites

  • There are 5 sequence of basic attack.
  • 4th and 5th sequence gain anti interrupt status.
  • 4th sequence hits 4 times while recovering 1.7 sp per hit.
  • QTE:
    • Triggered by time slowed enemy.
    • Delas 5*40% + 800% physical dmg.
    • Grants 2 stacks of Paragon.
    • Holding attack button in QTE will immediately triggers Javelin skill.
  1. Evasion – Scutum Divinitas

  • There are two types of evasion, normal directional evasion and stationary evasion.
  • Directional evasion is an evasion that incorporates joystick movement.
  • Stationary evasion is a type of evasion that gets into blocking mode without moving the joystick. This evasion can be called Retaliation.
  • Tapping attack button after retaliation will nullify the attack while returning 50% dmg received by BKE back to the enemy.
  • Retaliation will return 3 stacks of Paragon. 2 is from the Retaliation skill + 1 from a hit taken at that moment.
  • Both ultimate evasion and retaliation at CD 0 will trigger time fracture ~2 sec.
  • Retaliation recovers 10% max HP and buffs her damage by 50% phys dmg. Also, giving her 30% self TDM reduction.
  1. Passive Skill

Maintaining paragon stacks at maximum level is essential to get the best out of her. How are you going to maintain Paragon stacking? Easy, just get hit by any means. The best of getting hit is doing a retaliation continuously. However, this is easier said than done as most of the players are pretty much used to evade while moving their analog. Thankfully Paragon stack can be gain by many ways. Thus, you can maintain 10 stacks pretty much all the time without even realizing it.

  • BKE will recover 1 stack of Paragon after receiving a hit.
  • Maximum 10 stacks of Paragon.
  • Every stack gives her 3.0% self TDM reduction. MAX: 30%.
  • Every stack boost her dmg by 4.0% TDM for 40s. MAX 40%.



  • Weapon: Hler’s Serenity
    • Active – Fury of Aegir (SP: 0; CD: 25 secs)
      • Thrust attack deals 50% Phys DMG.
      • Hitting and enemy that does not have invincibility or iron body status will throw them and deals 90% + 1200% phys dmg.
      • A throw counter can be done without considering cd status of active skill. This skill can be unleashed when an enemy does a specific type of move which can be seen by their marking.
      • Throw counter deals 20% + 700% phys dmg.
      • Burst mode bonus: throw does 500% more phys dmg.
      • BKE special effect: Retaliation gives 20% crit rate for 3 secs.
  • Passive:
    • 15% Crit rate.
    • Charged and Throws will mark enemy that got hit.
    • Attack towards marked enemies will get more 20% Crit DMG.
    • Burst mode: shock wave per 2.5 secs deals 60% phys Atk. The shock wave can mark enemy that got hit.
    • Marks will lasts 10 secs.


    • Stigmata: Dante set

Unique mechanism of Dante set is that they will have their maximum potential after ultimate evasion or retaliation. Getting either both of evasion mechanics will grant perfect mantle. However, getting a hit will grant a bonus called mantle. Perfect mantle will replace mantle if triggered. Mantle buff will last 10s with CD 10 secs as well. Perfect mantle effect lasts 10 sec without CD.

    • Dante T:
      • Gains 15% crit rate. Mantle: 8% phys dmg. Perfect Mantle: 16% phys dmg.
    • Dante M:
      • Gains 30% phys dmg. Mantle: 15% crit DMG. Perfect Mantle 30% Crit DMG. 
    • Dante B:
      • Gains 15% aspd. Mantle: 10% TDM. Perfect Mantle: 20% TDM.
  • Set Effect:
    • 2 Set: 20% crit DMG. 30% phys dmg for 10 seconds triggered by entering burst mode or charged attack in burst mode; however, the duration can be reset after re-triggering the effect.
    • 3 Set: Burst mode deals 30% more damage to shield, charged attack in burst mode will impair any unimpaired enemies by 60%.

Best set overview:

Active Weapon Skill with High End Team and Equipment.

Active Weapon Skill

This is by far the best set for her no matter how you look at it.  The combination of crit rate, physical damage and TDM made her potential damage 528.00% physical dmg (that is if it crits) on stigmata alone. Impairing the enemy by 60% that hasn’t been impaired already on charged atk in burst mode, enables BKE to decimate her opponents in her phantom cleave skill. Which is essentially her most powerful attack in her skill.

Hler’s Serenity combination of passive + active is crucial to further obliterate enemy’s HP bar. Also, after discussing with IAM and Milks SV, we have come into conclusion that she needs atk affix the most to maximize Hler’s Serenity’s throw damage.

Attack speed given by Dante B is pretty crucial as well to let her gather sp as much as she can. We all know that she is by far gated by her innate sp recovery skill. If we compare it with TP, she is slower by a considerable margin in terms of sp regeneration. Thus, creating a situation where she usually finds herself lacking by a little bit of sp to get into burst mode. After all the supports in the team setting up a situation for her to dps freely.

In conclusion, this equipment set is pretty much essential to her for general purposes. Although I know that 31200 Jizo strat needs to swap Dante B in favor of Newton B, there must be at least one lien of sp regen affix somewhere in the three stigmata that she equipped.

Beginner set:

Weapon: lucia – best f2p lance so far.

Stigmata set: Marco polo TMB: assortments of Phys DMG, crit dmg, crit rate, and a small amount of sp recovery.


Memorial Arena Gameplay VS Jizou:

Guide Video: