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Hler's Serenity Weapon Guide - Hoshina



Hello Captains, welcome to another guide by Captain Hoshina. Today we will talk about the new lance released in v3.9: Hler's Serenity.


 Weapon Intro 


5★ ATK:287 ; CRIT:21



 Weapon Skill 

★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.


 Fury Of Aegir 

[SP:0] [CD:25s] Launches a thrust attack, dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. If the thrust hits an enemy who is not in Invisibility or Iron Body state, Valkyrie unleashes Throw ATK, controlling the target and dealing 90%+1200% ATK of Physical DMG. While an enemy is launching certain moves, the wielder can unleash a Throw Counter unconditionally when the weapon skill button flashes to CC the enemy and deal 20%+700% ATK of Physical DMG. Throw Counter does not trigger weapon skill cooldown. In burst mode, Throw deal 500% ATK of Physical DMG. When equipped by Bright Knight: Excelsis, Retaliation grants 20% bonus self Crit Rate for 3s.


 Waves of Cataclysm 

The wielder's Crit Rate is boosted by 15%. Charged ATKs and Throws mark enemies, and the wielder deals 20% more Crit DMG against marked enemies. In Burst mode, a shockwave is emitted every 2.5s dealing 60% ATK of Physical DMG. Shockwaves are considered Ultimate attacks with 50% bonus Crit Rate that can mark enemies upon hit; the marks last 10s.


 Skill Review  


 Fury of Aegir 

An SP-free skill that launch a thrust attack (1) dealing a massive amount of physical damage toward the enemies. Meanwhile if the enemies do not have any buff such as invisibility or iron body, the host will launch throw attack (2) that is even more devastating damage than the first one (1).


This weapon also has another skill that allow the host to do another throw attack (3) to counter an enemy's attack when they launch a certain move and this skill is as powerful as the main throw attack (2). Let's not forget that the animation for this skill is vary depending on the size of the impaled target.


It is recommended to be wary towards the cooldown of this skill as you can constantly use it after the cooldown ended, use it as much as you can because with this skill you can control the enemy. Even if you can only control the enemy for a short time, it gives you a few second to deal damage to them while they try to get up on their feet and those few second is a game-changer.



(1) Thrust enemies > (2) Throw em     (3) Bling-bling button > Counterthrow


 Waves of Catalysm 

For the passive skill, the wielder got a free-of-charge and permanent boosted of critical rate (1). This skill also let the host mark the enemies by doing charged attacks and throw attacks, then the host will deal a bonus of critical damage when attack the marked enemies (2).


While in burst mode, the host will automatically emit a powerful shockwave that deals a ton of physical damage and considered as ultimate attack by how strong it is (3). It is highly recommended to constantly use the charged and throw attacks to mark the enemies as the host will deal even more damage towards them and finish the battle faster.


 Recommended For 


Bright Knight Excelsis


Dante Full Set


No other weapon works better on Bright Knight Excelsis than Hler's Serenity. The weapon's active skill deals a massive physical damage that greatly compliment the battlesuit core strength. Also the passive skill that greatly boost the critical rate and critical damage. BKE's charged and throw attacks also benefit nicely from the weapon's passive, which mark the enemies and deals more critical damage towards them.


With Dante 2-pc bonus by her side, she will get another extra 20% critical damage and another 30% physical damage in burst mode. Not to mention each of Dante pieces provide many strong buffs; attack speed, physical damage and critical rate. If added all the stigmatas' bonus and the the weapon passive skills, Bright Knight Excelsis will be unstoppable if utilized correctly in the battlefield.




We are now at the end of the guide, congratulations and thank you for reading it. This is Captain Hoshina and we will meet again in the next guide. Have a nice day dear Captains.