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Bright Knight: Excelsis - Stigmata Comparison [EPIC]

Hey, captains. So you pulled the new Durandal battlesuit Bright Knight: Excelsis (BK) but not sure if you should get the new Dante set for her? Perhaps you're curious how well BK performs with Dirac or Kafka set? Well, you've come to the right place. In this guide, I'll provide a comparison of BK's damage output with various stigmata combinations. Shuppatsu~~~

The damage test was done in the new 3.9 Beta training dummy stage using various stigmata combinations. Here is the finalized result.

As you can see, Dante gives the highest damage output for BK. DIrac set is the second best, but there is a signifcant difference between Dante and the rest of them. Let's analyze what makes Dante so good, and then briefly discuss some of the other combinations.

80% effort of this guide went to the test... 

 DANTE - Eloquent Poet Set 

DANTE SET is the best stigmata set for BK because it gives everything she needs - High TDM/Physical/Crit bonus, Evasion Skill CD Reduction, ATK Speed and 60% DEF Reduction (Impair). 

  • EVASION CD REDUCTION allows BK to perform three Charged ATKs every Burst Mode a lot easier (since Charged ATK depends on the Evasion Skill.) Without any Evasion CD Reduction, you need very strict timing to get three Charged ATKs. 
  • ATK SPEED helps BK to perform 5 ATK Sequence faster. More hits, more damage!
  • 60% DEF REDUCTION (Impair) - This is perhaps one of the most powerful parts of Dante. BK Burst Mode is 23s long, which is longer than the duration of most support Impairs in the game. (Her activation animation already shaves a few seconds away.) This 60% impair keeps BK's damage output high even after support impair expires. 

Here's a gameplay of BK with Dante clearing Abyss without any support.

  • This impair is also useful against multiple waves of enemies. For example, against Titan + Hierophant Abyss boss. (Watch the video below for reference.) After Titan dies, Dante impairs the Hierophant mobs, allowing BK to end the fight before Evadion expires. Without any DEF Reduction, the damage might not be enough and you are forced to do another rotation.


Dirac set is the second best set for BK due to its VERY HIGH TDM/Physical Bonus, and allows BK to apply 50% DEF Reduction impair with each attack. However, it lacks ATK Speed, Evasion CD Reduction, and its bonuses won't last for the entire Burst Mode. 

There's a big damage gap between Dante/Dirac to other stigmata combinations, mainly due to the lack of continuous impair. Don't worry! Just use what you have for now! Let's take a look at some of the combinations.

  1. Dirac M - Gives a huge 65.5% TDM bonus. It's so strong that you can put it in any combination.
  2. Kafka - High Physical, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate bonus. 2set gives a huge 45% TDM boost, but only for 12s.
  3. Allan Poe - Gives TDM bonus, ATK Speed and Evasion CD Reduction, but lacks Physical DMG bonus against single enemy. Best paired with Dirac M or Marco M.
  4. Zorro  - 3set reduces Enemy DEF by 50% for a short 5s (CD:10s). Zorro requires evasion for full effect, which doesn't really match BK's playstyle.
  5. Sirin Asc- The only bottom piece to give ATK Speed and Physical DMG. You hit faster and harder. Performance-wise, Sirin Asc B is almost equal to Pride B in most cases.


In case you were wondering how I did my experiment... One of the new features in 3.9 Beta is the improved test stage with DPS counter, making it easy for me to record the damage!

Here's a video showing how the test is conducted, with a little explanation~



Dante is the best set for Bright Knight: Excelsis as it gives everything she needs. There might be a better stigmata combinations for a specific situation, but for most fights, Dante is your go-to set. If you want to get the most out of your BK, you definitely have to get Dante set.

If you have any feedback/question, you may find me at Honkai Discord or Youtube~

Finally, thanks to Ai-chan team for this opportunity to participate in the beta.