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Hler's Serenity Weapon Guide

Hler's Serenity Weapon Guide by Reinbex

Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new weapon Lance released in v3.9: Hler's Serenity.

Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 287; CRIT: 21

A unique Pantheon weapon made of mysterious Soulium with strange hues found in the depth of the sea. When Schicksal discovered this lump of Soulium, it was drifting soundlessly in the dark, silent Mariana Trench like an inhabitant of the deep sea. No one knows whether it was the absolute silence that gave birth to Souldium, or the other way around...

Weapon Skills

Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Fury of Aegir

[SP: 0] [CD: 25s] Launches a thrust attack, dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. If the thrust hits an enemy who is not in Invincibility or Iron Body state, Valkyrie unleashes Throw ATK, controlling the target and dealing 90%+1,200.0% ATK of Physical DMG. While an enemy is launching certain moves, the wielder can unleash a Throw counter unconditionally when the weapon skill button flashes to CC the enemy and deal 20%+700.0% ATK of Physical DMG. Throw Counter does not trigger weapon skill cooldown. In burst mode, Throws deal 500.0% ATK of Physical DMG. When equipped by Bright Knight: Excelsis, Retaliation grants 20% bonus self Crit Rate for 3s.


Waves of Cataclysm

The wielder's Crit Rate is boosted by 15.0%. Charged ATKs and Throws mark enemies, and the wielder deals 20.0% more Crit DMG against marked enemies. In Burst mode, a shockwave is emitted every 2.5s dealing 60.0% ATK of Physical DMG. Shockwaves are considered Ultimate attacks with 50% bonus Crit Rate that can mark enemies upon hit; the marks last 10s.


Skill Review

Fury of Aegir

Like all lance weapon skills, it's a free SP-cost Throw Attack that deals massive Physical damage and increases Crit Rate after Retaliation. It's a very straight forward weapon skill that's all about dealing with Physical DMG. The following above feature the lance Throw in 4 scenarios, including countering and if used in Burst Mode (left) by Bright Knight: Excelsis.


In addition, the new S-rank Bright Knight: Excelsis has a defense mechanism called Retaliation: when not moving and holding down her evasion button, she can momentarily put up a shield. When she is attacked while the shield is up, Durandal will attack back, hence Retaliation. It is when this reaction is invoked, Fury of Aegir will grant the wielder 3s of higher Crit Rate.

Waves of Cataclysm

The passive skill provides an increased Crit Rate and Crit DMG. It helps the wielder deal even more damage through charged and throw attacks that will now mark enemies. In addition, while in burst mode, the wielder will emit a recurring damaging aoe (does not damage shield) around her that also marks enemies for 10s. And marked enemies will receive more Crit DMG from the wielder. 


Recommended For

Bright Knight: Excelsis

Dante Set

Hler's Serenity is designed specifically for the use of Bianka's mecha S-rank battlesuit: Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE). BKE revolves around decimating her opponents' shields and health with the sheer amount of Physical and Critical DMG from her kit. Hler's Serenity is tailored specifically for BKE to increase the critical rate and critical damage of her strikes. There's no other valkyrie who is more suited with Hler's Serenity more than BKE.

The following below are showcases of BKE wielding Hler's Serenity in EX-Memorial 


EX-Memorial Arena Jizo - 31200

EX-Memorial Arena DXY - 30933

EX-Memorial Arena DXY - 30826