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Briareus Ex Complete Guide - Hoshina





Greetings dear Captain(s), this is Captain Hoshina here and in this guide I will explain about the the function of the subjected weapon, and whether this weapon is worth to invest or not. 

Briareus Ex is a PRI-ARM weapon introduced in version 3.9. It is a 6* upgrade of weapon Briareus Pri. Briareus Pri was already available for grinding in the previous version from Foundry.


 Weapon Skills 
※All the stats below are based on Lv. 65



Below are the overview with the most important point you need to know before you start to use the cannon.


Here are the full explanation of the weapon skills in case you want to know more about the weapon:


•    Creates a 6s spacetime field to deal 8x450% ATK of Physical DMG against the enemies within the AOE, inflicting Time Slow and impairing them (DEF down by 65%) during the duration.
•    The impairing debuff lasts another 4s after the fields ends.
•    During the weapon active, the wielder remains invisible and can be switched out without interrupting the field channeling.
•    After the weapon active is cast, it cannot be cast again by other wielder(s) within the next 30s.
•    [SP: 0] [CD: 30s]


 Hundred Hands 

  • Performing certain attacks switches the weapon's attack mode, and every switch grants 1 stack of boosts for 40s (10 stacks max; subsequent procs refresh the duration).
  • Each stack grants Valkyrie 3% total DMG reduction, 2% bonus Crit Rate, and 2% bonus Move Speed.
  • HoR: triggered by Charged ATKs; switch order: Missiles, Cannon, and Laser; each which restores 2SP.
  • Black Nucleus: triggered by 3rd sequence Charged ATKs; switch order: Multiple Cluster Missiles, Multiple Cluster Missiles, and Special Laser; each switch restores 5SP.
  • Others: triggered by 3rd sequence Charged ATKs; switch order: Multiple Cluster Missiles, Autocannon, and Special Laser, each switch restores 5SP.
  • In case some of you might be confused about this skill, I put a GIF under this to show what it really means by switching the weapon's attack mode:


Herrscher Of Reason
1st charge - Missiles
2nd - Cannon
3rd - Laser


Black Nucleus
1st charge - Cluster Missiles
2nd - Cluster Missiles
3rd - Laser


1st charge - Cluster Missiles
2nd - Autocannon
3rd - Laser


 Fifty Heads 

  • Boosts Valkyrie Attack Speed by 25%.
  • This weapon is considered cannon, missile, and rapid fire for weapon type bonuses. Wielders of different types have different bonuses.
  • MECH: 16% bonus total DMG.
  • BIO: 20% bonus Physical DMG.
  • PSY: 20% bonus Attack Speed.


Note1 - Do note that when using the active skill, the wielder will be invisible, but that also means she could not move or attack whatsoever, that is why you need another valkyrie available so they can be switch.


Note2 - Please note that, in cases where they are more than one Briareus EX wielders on the team, after a Bri Ex wielder casts the weapon active, the skill cannot be cast again by other wielder(s) within the next 30s.


 Recommended Valkyrie 


If you already have a strong damage dealer Valkyrie that used 6* weapon, and you're looking for another 6* weapon equip Valkyrie that mainly for support, then the best choice is this one.

Drive Kometa (DK) | Yamabuki Armor (YA)

Beethoven Set

Beethoven (M) is a very very very useful stigmata for DK.

  • This stigma's skill; the team mates gain 15% Melee Physical DMG buff and take 20% less Physical DMG from enemy hits.


The Set Bonuses of this stigmata is also a very functional skills for the whole team:

  • Schicksalssinfonie 2 pieces: After casting the Ultimate, next team member switching in gains a 40% Melee Physical DMG buff for 10s.
  • First Viennese School 3 pieces: After casting the Ultimate, next team member switching in takes 30% less Total DMG for 10s and restores HP equal to 20% of the host's Max HP.


If you use the Strategy that I will explain later, I am pretty sure that these stigmatas is the best and can give the best support for the whole team.




Bri Ex is a suitable weapon that can replace Theresa's Celestial Hymn in case you do not have her (or already did it doesn't matter). This is because this weapon can use Impair and time-slowed field from its active skills. With the space-time field, you can easily trigger QTE with other Valkyries with it.


Basically, the best way to use this weapon is: 
Use Active Skill (Valkyrie 1) > Switch QTE to (Valkyrie 2) > ATK (Valkyrie 2) > Switch to (Valkyrie 1) > Use Active Skill again


Use the Active Skill which will cause Impair to the enemy, then switch to another valkyrie(any main DMG dealers) to do massive damage, and then switch back to the valkyrie that use this BRI EX to use its active skill again.


Note1- One thing to note, if you do not have enough resources or materials to level up this weapon then do not worry. The Impair in the lowest level is 53% and the field will still last for 6 second. So even if you do not have the fullest potential of the Impair at the highest level, you still have a high amount of Impair to use in the battlefield.


BriEx at the lowest level with 6s spacetime field and impair of 53%




In my opinion, upgrading Briareus Pri to 6* is very worth it because it is the second 6* cannon and there would probably not be another 6* cannon for awhile.


It is especially useful if you like to use Herrscher Of Reason(HoR) but you do not have the signature weapon 'Key Of Reason'. Of course, Briareus Ex could not bring the fullest potential of elemental DMG for HoR but it makes a very nice replacement for Key Of Reason as it is a very high-rank cannon with high ATK and CRI.


Another reason why you should aim for this weapon is if you are an F2P player. This weapon will definitely benefit you as it does not cost you any crystal and you can grind it in the Foundry.


All in all, this is my own opinion so you can freely choose whether you want to aim for this weapon or not. Thank you for reading this dear Captains, Hoshina out. 


 Fun Fact 


The original name of this weapon is Briareus Pri, after upgrade its Briareus Pri-Pri in the 3.9 Chinese Beta. Yes BRIAREUS PRI PRI. Anyone thinking about Puri Puri Prisoner from One Punch Man using this cannon? No? Me alone? Okay :')

(I don't know if they still keep that name in the Chinese server or not, but at least in our server it's Briareus Ex)